Today we have the Firedrake, our tribute to the late author of the Hammer’s Slammers stories. The prototype on which it is based appears in the last ever Slammers story, ‘Save What You Can’ from the Onward, Drake compendium.

The Firedrake is a massive 12-wheeled tank destroyer that utilises energy stored in a huge flywheel (don’t ask us how that works…) to fire its massive gun. We’ve given it a small twin point-defence turret to dissuade infantry from getting too close and also for knocking down incoming missiles. Overall we’ve given ita very Germanic look, hence the 3-colour ambush camouflage scheme.

And as an added bonus, £1 from each model sold will be donated to the Blackhorse Trust, the charity nominated on David Drake’s website.

You’ll find it listed in the website under the Republic of Bessarabia. And yes, we’re using the Blackhorse Cavalry logo for them until the background for the Bessies is further fleshed out.

HS15-5001 – M-22FW Firedrake – £12.00