We have some creepy, crawly and slimy things in our 15mm Sci-fi range today.

Definitely in the crawly category are a pack of giant beetles on 40mm bases. These are one piece resin castings, and you get two different bases per pack.

More on the slimy side we have a pack of giant slugs. These are metal castings and come in packs of nine, three each of three sculpts. You may not think that they’re all that scary – well, read ‘Cibola Burn’ in the Expanse series…

Finally, and a bit less slimy and somewhat more feathery, is a pack of Thaeyax, giant flightless birds. These are native to Eta Odin IV, home of the Tolero, who domesticate the creatures and use them as riding mounts and general beasts of burden. Classified as Titanus Etanodinia by xeno-biologists, many wild sub-species still roam the planet and these can be dangerous to unprepared travellers.

Don’t forget that we’re at our local show, Broadside in Gillingham tomorrow. Run by the Milton Hundred Wargames Club, it’s the perfect example of a well run smaller show. Find us on stand T16, where we can sell you these and many other goodies.

SF15-022 – Giant Beetles (x2) – £2.50
SF15-023 – Giant Slugs (x9) – £2.50
SF15-055 – Thaeyax (x8) – £3.00