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Perry Miniatures - Allied Cavalry-Prussian and Russian Napoleonic Dragoons 1812-15 -  RPN 100 28mm Hard Plastic. PRE-ORDER price- buy 2 get them post free world wide!  This set allows you to build not only Prussian and Russian Dragoon but also Russian Mounted Jäger regiments plus detachments of Prussian Mounted Volunteer Jäger. The Prussian regiments can be represented in either Kollet or in the campaign Litewka. There are a large variety of options for poses; charging/ attacking as well as shouldered swords for all. Box contains: 14 cavalrymen, full painting guide and bases. £19.50

BATTLE IN THE BALTIC: The Royal Navy and the Fight to Save Estonia and Latvia, 1918-1920- Steve R. Dunn. 300p. mint pbk. Illustrations: 35 black & white. Combat on sea and land against The Reds, Whites and German FreiKorps. . £11.50

FORGOTTEN BATTLES :The West Wall - September 1944 to February 1945- Large format illus pbk. Latest in the series. covers the World War Two attempts by the Americans and British forces to break through the German ‘West Wall’, known by the Allies as ‘The Siegfried Line’ from September 1944 to February 1945, which included the hell of the Hurtgen Forest battles. This book is aimed at providing WW2 gamers with a series of scenarios which cover a range of types of engagements, unit size and variety of opposing forces, and including new rules for demolitions, assaults on armoured targets and panzerfausts as infantry artillery weapons, as well as new troop types and armoured vehicles. There are 20 scenarios as well as detailed historical accounts with the scenarios designed to be used with any rules set, down to company and even platoon level. This book is of interest to anyone interested in World War 2, not just wargamers. £21.50

Sniping Rifles in World War I Osprey WEAPON 83-Shipping now

While Germany and Austria-Hungary were well-equipped with sniping rifles in 1914, their Allied opponents were not. This highly illustrated volume tells the inside story of the rifles carried by snipers of all the major powers during World War I. £13.99


Osprey NEW VANGUARD 306 -Shipping now. This fully illustrated study details Germany and Italy's failed development of World War II aircraft carriers, and the naval aviation ships that the two Axis powers sent into action in their place. £11.50

SIEGE OF BUDAPEST 1944-45 The Brutal Battle For The Pearl Of The Danube Campaign 377- Shipping now. A gripping and detailed study of the brutal urban battle for Budapest, which saw German and Hungarian troops struggling to halt the joint Soviet-Romanian offensive to take the key city on the Danube. £14.50

Barents Sea 1942 THE BATTLE FOR RUSSIA'S ARCTIC LIFELINE Osprey CAMPAIGN 376-Shipping now. A gripping examination of the Battle of the Barents Sea, fought in the near darkness and icy cold of the northern winter, in which the Kriegsmarine sought to sever the crucial Allied Arctic Convoy route once and for all. £14.00

NO WANT OF COURAGE: The British Army in Flanders, 1793-1795

R.N.W. Thomas. 330p. 11 b/w ills, 16 colour ills, 4 maps, 47 tables. Important study that considers the impact of the rapid increase in size of the British Military on this period. Excellent chapter on artillery and engineering service, often overlooked. £25.00

Bulge: German Forces on the Western Front, 1944-45

Battlefront Miniatures. Includes Background on German Army and Waffen-SS forces on the Western Front from September 1944 to February 1945. Instructions on how to build a Panther (late) Brigade Tank Company, Panzer IV Brigade Tank Company, Brigade Armoured Assault Company, Brigade Armoured Panzergrenadier Company, Brigade Panzergrenadier Company, Tiger II SS Tank Company, Panther (late) SS Tank Company, Armoured SS £69.99

German Heavy Tank-Hunter Kampfgruppe - Flames of War.

GEAB21 Plastic 15mm. Contains: 3x Jagpanthers (8.8cm) Tank-hunters, 2x Hornisse (8.8cm) Tank-hunters, 2x Ostwind (3.7cm) Tanks, 1x Armoured Panzergrenadier Platoon, 4x Sd Kfz 251 Half-tracks, 3x Panzer IV (7.5cm) Tanks, 3x Hummel (15cm) SP Guns, 2x Puma (5cm) Armoured Cars, 1x Complete A5 Rulebook, 1x German "Start Here" Booklet, 2x Decal Sheets and 10x Unit Cards  POST FREE WORLD WIDE  £72.50

H30041 Prince Eugene of Savoy: A Genius for War Against Louis XIV and the Ottoman Empire / Falkner 240p. mint HBK £22.50

H30061 Bulge: Germans Command Cards (66x Cards) - flames of war - fw271c / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £8.75

H30062 Bulge: Germans Unit Cards (105x Cards) - flames of war - fw271u / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £14.00

H30063 Fallschirmjager Gaming Set (x20 Tokens, x2 Objectives, x16 Dice) - flames of war - TD042 / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £15.80

H30064 Iron Cross Gaming Set (x20 Tokens, x2 Objectives, x16 Dice) - flames of war - TD047 / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £15.80

H30049 Italian Colonial Troops 1882-1960 / - Osprey MEN-AT-ARMS 544 Shipping now £11.50

H30050 Macchi C.202/C.205V Units in Combat / - Osprey COMBAT AIRCRAFT 145 Shipping now £13.99

H30051 German and Italian Aircraft Carriers of World War II / - Osprey NEW VANGUARD 306 Shipping now £11.50

H30052 Medieval Indian Armies (1) HINDU, BUDDHIST AND JAIN MEN-AT-ARMS 545 / Nicolle Osprey MEN-AT-ARMS 545 Shipping now £11.50

H30044 Wars of the Revolution V) Neerwinden and the Defection of Dumouriez 1793 / Chuquet 160p. pbk large format English translation 1 only £45.00

H30045 Wars of the Revolution: v. 6: Custine's Invasion of Germany / Chuquet 160p. Large format English Translation 1 only £40.00

H30055 Les Trésors de l'Empéri : L'armée de Napoléon, La collection Raoul et Jean Brunon, édition bilingue français-anglais / Bourgeot 280p. near mint large format. All colour uniforms and accoutrements on every page. 1 only £275.00

H30056 History of the British Expedition to Egypt; to which is subjoined, a Sketch of the Present State of that Country and its Means of Defence / Wilson, Robert Original 1802 printing. 400p.larger format . Hand coloured pull out maps, plus charts. Full leather binding, wear to spine., Front board Loose. wilson served under General Abercromby during the campaign £250.00

H30057 Napoleon et l Angleterre: Vingt-deux ans d affrontements sur terre et sur mer 1793-1815 / Tranie & Carmigniani 280p. large format v well illus near fine HBK . French text One of the scarcer of his well known series 1 only £175.00

H30058 LA GARDE IMPERIALE 1804-1815 / Fallou 380p. Very large format HBK. French Text 470+ illus. Facsimile of 1901 edition. Near mint in plastic jacket . Counts as 2 books for postage £125.00

As always, we have a selection of shop-soiled and 2nd Hand Books, Rules & Figures

53060 WARS OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION 9) 19th June 1798 - 13 Match 1799 / - 160p Large format pbk. Maps, Only English translation - near fine - rest of series we have in the main catalogue Covers Egyot, Toulon Etc £29.50

53061 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War I: An Expert Guide to the Uniforms of Britain, France, Russia, America, Germany and ... Italy, Serbia, the Ottomans, Japan and More / - 260p. large format near fine HBk. 700+ colour images £13.50

53062 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars: An Expert, In-Depth Reference to the Officers and Soldiers of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Period, 1792-1815 by Digby Smith | 20 Apr 2016 / DIgby smoth 260p Large format hbk VGC. 600+ colour images, 50+ tables of regimental distinctions £39.50

53063 FLAGS & UNIFORMS OF THE FRENCH ARMY UNDER LOUIS XIV 1688-1714 / Hall & Boeri Hall & Boeri. Near mint Large format Hardback 119 pages of text and 30 pages of colour plates, this work provides supplementary information to previous publications on the French Army of Louis XIV . £67.50

53064 WARGAMING IN HISTORY 8 ) The Austro-Prussian War of 1866: The Opening Battles / Drewienkiewicz & Brentnall near fine hbk. original round spine printing £30.00

53065 GRANDE BATAILLE< GRANDE VICTOIRE: European land warfare rules 1853-1871 / - near fine pbk. any scale, one figure = 60 men £14.50

53066 Battle for Angola: The End of the Cold War in Africa c 1975-89 Battle for Angola: The End of the Cold War in Africa c 1975-89 / Venter mint pbk £21.00

53067 WORLD ON FIRE: 1919 AND THE BATTLE WITH BOLSHEVISM / Read near mint HBK 380p. This absorbing and revelatory book chronicles and examines the running battle with Bolshevism, insurgency and fear £6.50

53068 La batalla del Jarama, febrero 1937 / Ramirez SPANISH TEXT. 320p. v well illus with B&W photos Mint pbk £17.50

53069 CAMPAIGN IN EGYPT 1798-1801 3 volume set (GLOIRE ET EMPIRE) / - A4 Glossy French Text Magazine series. 366 page total. 500+ Colour uniform plates, paintings, maps plus many B&W. Each volume inc a large pull out colour poster on an unrelated Napoleonic battle scene £58.50

53070 Bloody Crucible of Courage: Fighting Methods and Combat Experience of the Civil War / Nosworthy 750p. near fine pbk. Essential part of of any ACW library £19.50

53071 Culloden: The History and Archaeology of the Last Clan Battle / Pillard, Tony (ed) 280p. near mint pbk. . Latest important vresearch on the battle. Very interesting essays £19.50

53072 HAMMER'S SLAMMERS : THE CRUCIBLE / Treadway & Drake mint hardback., bumps to corner. Consolidation, with vehicle updates, of all the Slammers rules to date. Essential beautifuly produced set of rules £30.00

53073 DE BELLIS VELITUM / Barker, Phil near mint pbk. Ancient/ Medieval skirmish rules £6.00

53074 Waterloo: in the Footsteps of the Commanders / Gillespie nar mint pbk. v well illus. Battle Field guide £1.95