H28885 A las Barricadas! 2nd Edition / - Medium complexity, Medium solitaire SPANISH CIVIL WAR tactical Hex boardgame. Upgraded 2nd edition £74.50

H28886 CALIVER BOOKS/ MINIFIGS ETC GIFT VOUCHERS / - ANY amount you like. Posted or email to wherever ever you want £0.00
H28887 WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 396: Riverine warfare / - - £5.25
H28888 WARGAMER's ANNUAL 2021: LOCKDOWN BUMPER SPECIAL / Grant, C S et AL. 104 pages of full colour wargaming Goodness from Brigadier CS Grant and his army of authors. Includes: Siege of Aligarth; How to write an Osprey Book: C17th Polish Hussars: El-Teb; Dark Age Challenge; Berg Lancers: Lamdsknechts; Palestine 1917: How to make Rocks; Sudan; Interplanetary Campaign; 3d printing etc etc £17.50
H28889 October Triumph: Napoleon's Invasion of Germany, 1806 . Jena & Auerstadt / Arnold, James 400p. mint hardback. Latest in this superb series. NB_ may not arrive in time for us to get to you by Xmas 2020 £55.00
H28891 Maneuver and Battle in the Mexican Revolution: Volume 1 Tactics, operations, and strategy. / Jansen 790p. mint pbk. The best military study of the Revolution: Belies the common conception of it as essentially a guerrilla conflict £29.99
49635 Mexican War: A History of Its Origin, and a Detailed Account of the Victories which Terminated in the Surrender of the Capital; with the Official Dispatches of the Generals / Mansfield 1890. large format near mint pbk. Re-set, clear to read reprint of this 1860 book £15.00
49636 MIGUELITE WAR: Portugal 1833-34 / De Saint Pardpoux -100p. l,arge format pbk. Only English translation of this campiagn history by a French officer £35.00
49637 UNIFORM PAINTING GUIDE TO THE MEXICAN/AMERICAN WAR 1846-48 / - near fine large format pbk. Full colour schematics of uniforms £15.00
49638 Swiss Regiments in the Service of France 1798-1815: Uniforms, Organization, Campaigns / Ede-Borrett 160p. near mint obk. v wel illus inc colour £7.50
49639 SWEDEN's LAST GREAT WAR : THE NAPOLEONIC WARS AND THE LOSS OF FINLAND 1808-1809 / - near mint pbk. - 50p. Brief account of the Russo-Swedish War well ill in colour Some uniforms, weapons et £5.00
49640 PRUSSIAN ARMY 1808-1815 / Nash pbk. v well illus inc colour. Clear tape to spine and centre of book. A SCarce copy £25.00
49641 No Sideshow: The British Contribution to the Allied Victory in the Balkans, September 1918 / - 190. VGC pbk £4.00
49642 Gettysburg in Miniature: A Battle Overview with Model Soldiers and Dioramas (2nd edition) / Mingus, S 150p. v well ill. with colour maps and photos of over 200 28mm & Larger figures £15.00
49643 CONTINENTAL ARMY / Wright 440p. Good condition pbk, sunning to spine Final part in the series piblished by the US army. Useful Campaign and Regimental history £38.50
49644 Collapse of the Anglo-French Alliance, 1727-1731 / Black 200p. VGC hardback. A study in failed foreign policy £18.50
49645 Chickamauga 1863: The River of Death / - Osprey hardback version of te CAMPAIGN series £4.50
49646 Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A.D / Webster 330p. VGC illue Hardback £4.50
49647 Rally Once Again: Battle Tactics of the American Civil War / Griffith, Paddy 240p. near fine HBK. Essential study £5.00
49648 Korean War: Uncertain Victory v.2: Uncertain Victory Vol 2 / Knox 500p. illus near fine HBK Superb oral military history of the Korean war from the UN perspective £12.50
49649 LOUIS VIX / Bluche 700p. near mint HBK. English translation of this major study £15.00
49650 Shield of Empire / Henry, CT P.back.Publ.1998. 46 pages. Fully illustrated throughout. Cond. like new. £3.31
49651 PERSIA/IRAN / ABBOTT, Peter. P.back. unknown armies vol.2. 42 pages. Illustrated in bl. and wh.Condition. Like new £12.00
49652 Moltke and his Generals: A Study in Leadership / Barry, Quintin H.cover. Publ.2015. H.cover. Publ.2015. 304 pages. Cond. new £21.82
49653 MELEES GLORIOSUS Rules for miniature warfare 2500BC-500AD- With free CD . / - large format near mint pbk . Land Naval & Siege rules £10.00