We have ALMOST finished listing Duncan’s books. There were more than a few (!) and has swamped us a bit, so to make a bit of space for the inevitable collections we’ll be offered in the New Year, we have reduced the price of all the books and rules in our 2nd hand section.

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SILVER BAYONET DEAL: MAIN RULES & One Official North Star starter pack of your choice

Pick any of the Northstar starter packs and get the rules as well. (TSB001, TSB002, TSB003, TSB004, TSB005, TSB006) Please note which you require. Only £39.50

UNDAUNTED: REINFORCEMENTS - Expansion To The Board Game Geek Award-Winning WWII Deckbuilding Game . £24.50

THIRTY YEARS WAR : LUTTER & WITTSTOCK : STRATEGY & TACTICS 332/ Magazine plus free hex board wargame. Updated SPI 30YW Quad system, battles of Lutter (1626) & Wittstock (1636). Thirty Years War Battles is a grand tactical two player system for simulating battles in Europe during the first half of the 17th century. Each game in the system is based on one of the major battles of the 30 Years War. Each battle has its own map, special rules and counters representing the military formations which participated in the original action. Contains One 22" x 34" map & 176 counters. £28.50


Author : Igor Nebolsin. 544pages 373 b/w photos, 24 colour maps, 56 tables. This new study by Igor Nebolsin covers, in remarkable detail, a number of forgotten and overlooked armoured engagements on the Eastern Front during the final year of the war, based firmly on Soviet and German archival records. £31.50

REBELLION INVASION AND OCCUPATION The British Army in Ireland, 1793-1815/Wayne Stack. 202p. Pbk 15 b/w ills, 9 colour ills, 8pp colour plates, 1 figure, 10 maps. The intention of this book is to provide an analysis of the military history of Ireland during this time, focusing on the influences, experiences, and reputations of the various elements that comprised the Irish military forces. The militia, yeomanry, fencible, and regular regiments are assessed in relation to their intended purpose within Britain's strategy. £19.95

SAARBRUCK TO SEDAN: THE FRANCO-GERMAN WAR 1870-1871 VOLUME 1 Uniforms, Organisation and Weapons of the Armies of the Imperial Phase of the War /Weaver, Ralph. Pbk. , 20pp colour plates, 3 maps, 6 tables. Many books have been written on the campaigns and battles of the war, this is the first to centre on the armies themselves: how they were organised, how they were armed, what uniforms they were dressed in and how they were supplied with the essentials of war. £19.95

FORGOTTEN BATTLES IN RUSSIA 1942: Volume 1. The Year of Indecision/ Large format pbk. Across the whole front there is the information you need to get an idea of what was happening in the East. There are 19 detailed scenarios from Company to Battalion level which can be used with any set of WW2 Wargames rules, with unit organisation charts, vehicle and unit stats and new rules for 'The War on the Ground' Rules. Only £21.50

First Polish Armoured Division 1938-47/
McGilvray. 360p. MInt HBk 160+ illus This detailed history, supported by dozens of archive photos, concludes by looking at the often-poor treatment of Maczek and his men after the war. £27.50

Perdiccas Years, 323-320 BC : Alexander's Successors at war/

Hughes. mint HBk 400p. 80 + illus inc colour.What followed was an extraordinary time for military campaigns. Powerful warlords and warrior queens attempted to assert their authority throughout the length and breadth of Alexander the Great's former empire; from Afghanistan to Athens, from Africa to Asia powerful armies decided matters by the spear. This first book covers the initial years of the conflict and several major campaigns that immediately seized the kingdom. £22.50

Battles of Antiochus the Great: The failure of combined arms at Magnesia that handed the world to Rome /Wrightson. 196p. Mint Hbk illus. Through an analysis of the Seleucid army, the inherited standard tactics of Macedonian-style armies reliant on the sarissa phalanx, and a detailed examination of the three main battles of Antiochus III, this book will show how it was his failure to utilise combined arms at its fullest realization that led to such a world-changing defeat at Magnesia. 16 black and white illustrations £18.50

Tiger vs Churchill NORTH-WEST EUROPE, 1944-45/Osprey DUEL 118 Shipping now. £13.99

ZOMBIE SPECIAL: 1 Box of PROJECT Z Survivors, 1 Box of Zombies, plus set of Glossy 50 page Zombie rules/ Post Free World Wide. Contains 1 box of Warlord games Project Z Survivors and 1 Box of Zombies, Also has the Partizan Press rules the Quick and the Undead. £39.95

CLASH OF SPEARS : RISE OF EAGLES Supplement/ This book expands the forces available in the core book adding 13 new lists. The lists include the Late Republican Army ( post Marian Reform ), the Early Imperial Army and enemies that fought against these armies such as Thracians, Germans, Britons, Dacians, Parthians, Spartacus Slave revolt, etc. We have also included the eastern enemies that Rome fought during the times of the Republic such as the armies of the successors of Alexander the Great or the Pontic kingdom. £20

H29715 BATTLE VALOR : FANTASY. 15mm wargame rules / - - £25.00

H29716 DEVELOPMENT OF THE BRITISH LIGHT INFANTRY : Continental and North American influences 1740-1765 / McIntyre 112p. compact pbk. mint £11.50

H29718 Yugoslav Armies 1941-45 / - Osprey MEN-AT-ARMS 542. Shipping Now £11.50

H29719 Armies of the Iran-Iraq War 1980-88 / - Osprey ELITE 239 Shipping now £12.99

H29720 USN Submarine vs IJN Antisubmarine Escort : THE PACIFIC, 1941-45 / - Osprey DUEL 117 Shipping now £13.50

H29721 F3D/EF-10 Skyknight Units of the Korean and Vietnam Wars / - Osprey COMBAT AIRCRAFT 143 Shipping now £14.50

H29722 Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945 WESTERN FRONT / - Osprey NEW VANGUARD 302 Shipping now £11.50

H29723 Seminole Warrior vs US Soldier SECOND SEMINOLE WAR 1835-42 / - Osprey COMBAT 61 Shipping now £13.99

H29724 Tiger vs Churchill NORTH-WEST EUROPE, 1944-45 / - Osprey DUEL 118 Shipping now £13.99

H29725 RAF Tornado Units in Combat 1992-2019 / - Osprey COMBAT AIRCRAFT 142 Shipping now £14.50

H29726 Hannibal's Army / Stephenson, Ian. Hd.back. 122 colour and bl. and wh..Cond. new.Mint. £7.50

H29727 Swedish Army of the Great Northern War, 1700-1721: 26 (Century of the Soldier) / Wolke,Lars Ericson P.back . 101 pages.Illustr. in full colour & bl. & wh. Cond. new. Mint. £15.50

H29728 Napoleon and Berlin: The Franco-Prussian War in North Germany, 1813 (Campaigns and Commanders Series) / Leggiere, Michael V. Hd.back.Still in unoped shrink wrap. Mint. £16.46

H29738 Bulgarian Order Of Battle World War II by George F. Nafziger (1995-02-20) / - - £60.00

The list below includes some of the Duncan Macfarlane Book Collection, with proceeds going to the Gurkha Welfare Trust. If you need anything, just email us.

52719 MINIATURE WARGAMES: Napolenic rules / Candler 112p. illus Classiuc rules from 1964. In original green loose leaf binder as published. Inc nanavl rules £20.00

52720 HAIL CAESAR ARMY LISTS- BIBLICAL to CLASSICAL / - MInt but neat cut to back page £17.50

52721 SHARPE PRACTICE RULES / - MInt but slight damage to foredge £18.50

52722 ARMIA AUSTRO-WEGIERSKA 1908-1918 / Nowakowski 112p. V well illus inc 20 colour plates. POLISH Text with English Captions and plate descriptions £25.00

52723 LA GUERRE DANS L'OUEST AFRICAIN (Togo August 1914 - Cameroon 1914-1916). / Gorges, General 190p. VGC Pbk FRENCH TEXT orignal 1933 edition £29.50

52724 Circled With Stone: Exeter's City Walls, 1485-1660 / SToyle 220p. large format well illus inc colour HBK. Detailed studied of the evolution of the defnces £32.50

52725 FIFTY YEARS OF SLINGSHOT 1965-2020 / - CD rom with all the issues of the Society of Ancient magazine from these years £9.50

52726 BATTLE OF CRETE: Hitler's Airborne Gamble / Biank, Major 96p. Strategic study £9.50

52727 Battle Weapons of the American Revolution / Neumann, George C. large format P.back . 393 pages. Bl. & wh. illustrations throughout. Like new £38.00

52729 Angriff The German Attack on Stalingrad in Photos / Mark Jason D. large format Hd.back.361 pages v well bl. and wh. throughout. Cond. new. Slight damage to back cover edge. 1 only. £65.00

52730 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars: An Expert, In-Depth Reference to the Officers and Soldiers of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Period, 1792-1815 / Smith, Digby. Hd.back. 256 full colour throughout. Cond. new. £15.50

52731 Light Infantry Officer: The Experiences of an Officer of the 43rd Light Infantry in America During the War of 1812 / Cooke, John H. P.back . 174 pages. £5.50

52732 Home and Away: The British Experience of War 1618-1721: Proceedings of the 2017 Helion and Company 'Century of the Soldier' Conference / ed. Jones, Serena. Hd.back. 216 pages. Some bl. & wh. illustr. Cond. new. Mint. £11.80

52733 Sieges of the '45: Siege Warfare during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-1746 (Reason to Revolution) / Oates, Jonathan D. P.back . 196 pages. Illustr. in colour & bl. & wh. Like new £14.99

52734 Wild Goose and the Eagle: A Life of Marshal von Browne 1705-1757 / Duffy, Christopher. Hd.back. 219 bl. and wh. Cond. new. Mint. £16.00

52735 Les Artilleries du Premier Empire de la Revolution et du Premier Empire. / Letrun, Ludovic Hardbackd. back. French edition. 240 pages. very well illus in full colour on almost every page. Cond. new. Mint. £29.50

52736 WARGAMES ATLANTIC 28mm SKELETONS WARRIORS : 32 plastic / - Contents perfect, boxes campaign weary (on 2nd hand site site under GENERAL category £19.50

52737 Hey for Old Robin!: The Campaigns And Armies Of The Earl Of Essex During The First Civil War, 1642-44 (Century of the Soldier) / - P.back . 240 pages. Cond. like new. £6.00

52738 Napoleon's Imperial Guard: Organization, Uniforms and Weapons / Esposito, Gabriele Hd.back. 143 full colour throughout. Cond. new. £11.00

52739 Napoleon's Military Machine (Haynes Manuals) / Mcnab, Chris Hd.back. 172 full colour throughout. Cond. new. Mint. £11.75

52740 British Defeat of the French in Pennsylvania, 1758: A Military History of the Forbes Campaign Against Fort Duquesne / Cubbison, Douglas R. P.back . 241 pages. Illustr. in bl. & wh. Cond. new. Mint. £37.50

52741 British Military Respirators and Anti-Gas Equipment of the Two World Wars (Europa Militaria): EM38 / Maguire & Baker P.back . 64 pages. Illustr. in colour & bl. & wh. throughout.Cond. new. Mint. £5.50

52742 Bloody Road to Catania: A History of XIII Corps in Sicily, 1943 / Barnes, Barrie S. P.back . 244 pages. Bl. & wh. illusstr. Cond. new. Mint. £15.95

52743 GUNPOWER 26: CHURCHILL VOL.I / Moczulski, Leszek P.back . 176 pages. Illustr. in col. & bl. & wh. throughout. Cond. new. Mint. £28.00

52744 British Post-War Jungle Webbing: Europa Militaria Series / Howlett, Simon. P.back . 64 pages. Illustr. in colour throughout. Cond. new. Mint. £6.00

52745 Berlin 1945: The Collapse of the "thousand-Year" Reich (In Action Color) / Shumate, Aulette & Hadoulas P.back . 127 pages. Illustr. in col. & bl. & wh. Cond. new. Mint. £23.50

52746 Chancellorsville 1863: Jackson's Lightning Strike / Smith, Carl. Hd.back. 96 colour and bl. and wh. Like new £12.00

52747 Fluxes, Fevers and Fighting Men: War and Disease in Ancien Regime Europe 1648-1789 / Lenihan 200p. near mint HBK. Camps, sieges, and marches. £19.50

52748 RUBICON FLAKPANZER IV WIRBELWIND 28mm kit / - Contents perfection, bashed box £17.50

52749 FLAMES OF WAR AFRIKA KORPS PAINT SET: 5 paints (gold bullet topped set) / - MInt in campaign damaged box ( CWP112) £5.00

52750 NAPOLEONIC WARS : THE ART OF A EZHOV / - Large format near fine HBK. 130p 50 full colour plates of modern multi figure action paintings from Junot at Nazareth to the Old Guard at Waterloo £45.00

52751 PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS OF THE WATERLOO CAMPAIGN / - PATTISON, Lt F.H., Lt in the 33rd Regiment of Foot. 50p. ill. pbk. near fine pbk £5.00

52752 WAR OF ROGER & FANNY: From the departure of the army from England in April 1854, to the fall of Sebastopol / - Duberly, F Near mint pbk 112p. Journal of the Crimean war illustrated with colourised versions of Roger Fenton's photos £11.50

52753 PLAY THE SEVEN YEARS WAR 1 : PRUSSIAN, BRITISH & HANOVERIAN & Volume 2 : Austrian French Russian and Allied Armies - / - Near mint set of 2 books 100p 25mm full colour cut out units, including scenery. Basic games rules and Orbats for Rossbach & Kunesdorf £35.00

52754 Medieval Castle Manual: Design - Construction - Daily Life (Haynes Manuals) / Phillips, Charles full colour and bl. and wh.Cond. very good. £14.25

52755 John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence / McMurry, Richard M. P.back . Still in unopened shrink wrap. Mint. £18.00

52756 LA CAMPAGNE DE 1805 : AUSTERLITZ / - Large format near fine pbk FRENCH TEXT V well illus in colour inc uniform schematics & illus, , flags & Maps . £10.00

52757 German Tactics in Western Europe 1943-1945 / Nafziger, George F. P.back . Approx. 160 pages. Cond. new. Ex. display.Slight external wear. £39.50

52759 Camouflaged Uniforms of the Wehrmacht / Borsarello & Lassus P.back . Approx. pages. Colour illustrations throughout, with some photographs of very rare camouflage. Cond. new. £10.50

52760 Bulgarian Order of Battle World War II. An organizational History of the Bulgarian Army in World War II. / George F. Nafziger P.back . Approx. 80 pages. Cond. new. £60.00

52761 Medieval Fighting Man: Costume and Equipment 800-1500 (Europa Militaria Special / Hill & Freiberg. P.back . 96 pages. all colour illus on every page LIke new £7.50

52762 Marathon 490 BC - Op/HS: Athens Crushes the Persian Might / Belezos, Dimitris,Kotoulas, Ioannis,Giannopo P.back . 104 pages. Cond. new. £13.16

52763 Making Pictures of War: Realia et Imaginaria in the Iconology of the Ancient Near East: 1 (Archaeopress Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology) / ed. Battini, Laura. P.back . 88 pages. Bl. & wh. illustr. throughout. Cond. new. £18.29

52764 Billy Pitt Had Them Built: The Napoleonic Towers on Ireland [ / Clements, Bill. P.back . 128 pages. Bl. & wh. illustr. throughout. Cond. new. £22.50


52766 British Army Uniforms of the American Revolution 1751 - 1783: Including the Seven Years' War and the American War of Independence / Franklin, Carl. P.back . 375 pages.Superb full colour illustrations and detail throughout. Cond. new. £13.50

52767 Frederick's Orders: Frederick the Greats Orders to His Generals and His Way of War / Hohenzollern, Frederick. P.back . 322 pages. Cond. new book. Slight knock to corner of spine. £6.50

52768 Life and Campaigns of Alexander Leslie, First Earl of Leven / Sanford, Terry, Charles. P.back . 520 pages. Facsimile reprint. Cond. new. Mint. £23.95

52769 King's Irish: The Royalist Anglo-Irish Foot of the English Civil War, 1643-1646 / Barratt, John P.back . 207 pages. welkl illus inc colour Nearly new £16.50