This is a Fire Giant, it stands approx 90mm, feet to top of head.

The model comes with two different heads (with and without helmet), and you can optionally attach the two handed sword to his back, this means that with just the one STL file you can print several different giants by simply swapping the heads and weapons and accessories.

The models are designed for 25-28mm scale gaming, but can of course be used in just about any scale.

The model is supplied in 11 parts, all are keyed to fit together, apart from the Hammer, Two Handed Sword and shield which are fitted as required.

Head with helmet
Head without helmet
Left Leg
Right leg
Right arm
Left arm
War Hammer
War Hammer with hand dents
Two handed sword
Shield with attached sword

This bundle includes all five Fire Giants poses in one massive download. Each giant has two head options – giving you double the variants, additionally several of the giants come with different weapons and accessories giving you even more variety in your printed models.