Simurgh is now entering what scholars will one day call the Middle Period.
A time of growth and prosperity, the catalyst of which was the removal of the persistent bandit threat.
With this threat now removed, the old trade route across the Eastern Desert has started to re-open and merchants such as Ali Durust can ply their wares and take days off the old journey time which went around the desert edges.

With this increased trade comes wealth and growth, more buildings are being built and more cultures are being introduced and integrated.

Of course this also means more exotic goods, and one of the things so called civilisations use to prosper is a cheap workforce.
Ali has here some slaves from all over the continent for your pleasure.

Ali is no fool and knows that slaves will on occasion try to escape, so he also offers a Thrall Cart.
(You will have to provide your own method of pulling it, though of course, you did just buy some slaves yes?)