Hi to all I’m here to show you a new project which is near to the completion.

Spoils of Kadath is a new range and a new skirmish wargame based in an eldritch underworld Lovecraftian city. In the game you must fight for the treasure of the city with other expeditions but you must also survive the city traps and monsters.
The project was born in 2016 from the collaboration of Grimforge Miniatures and tartar miniatures and will be a huge work: a staff of 3 sculptors, 3 concept artists and 5 painters plus many play-testers for 45 miniatures one rulebook, 100 cards, accessories and much more! The game will be released also in the dungeon crawler variant with the support of dungeonext (dungeonext.strikingly.com) for the deluxe modular dungeon set (the normal set will include classic tiles map)
The range will include eldritch monsters (inspired from Lovecraftian world) and fantasy adventurers with different races and skills.

You can see some miniatures on the following pages:

Facebook and download the demo rules here