Big news on the Western Front!

Firstly, we've completed the first stage of the French and German ranges with the release of Uhlans

and Chasseurs

For the two nations. These come in both mounted and dismounted versions.

Also for the French, they finally get an HQ (Chateau not provided). This is a wonderfully quirky little set featuring a staff officer taking his leisure in a very large armchair and, for the first time in any Baccus range, a carrier pigeon!

This is a very important stage for the range as it now enables us to produce packages covering larger formations. But to enable us to do that we have had to opt for a set of rules on which to base organisations. The answer was very simple - only one set met all our criteria so we are very pleased to announce our first Division Packs designed for use with Great War Spearhead II.

We've worked close with the author, Shawn Taylor, on the contents of our ranges and the compositions of our packs. We're also delighted to say that Shawn has agreed to us selling his rules in our ever-popular Rules Onna Stick format.

The rules have been tweaked to give real functionality for those of you using tablets or smartphones with cross referencing and easy movement between the reference sheets and the body of the rules. These represent great value at £15.50 including VAT.
And following from this we can now offer the first on our series of Division packs for the period. Currently these include early war British,

French and German, but more will be added as the Great War range expands. All of this means that we can now offer a Great War Boxed Starter set

which gives you all you need to start wargaming in the period in a single box! You can find out all the details of the new codes, GWSHII rules, Divisional packs and Boxed starter sets if you just click HERE

We'll have all of these at Fiasco in Leeds and Crisis at Antwerp, but if you are going to one of these shows, why not make sure you get what you want and get a pre-order in to us? You know it makes sense!