Yes, it's been a three year wait, but at long last the Russian army for the Great War is now available.

The requests for these chaps arrived pretty much from the first day of our releasing the first figures for 1914.   I know that it's taken some time, but the wait will be well worth it.   We've got some lovely figures on offer.  You can see the HQ set (complete with Orthodox priest in attendance) above.   I've already previewed the infantry and these are joined by the mounted arm.

and some excellent artillery pieces and crew.


We've also created a Division and Corps HQ packs for the brilliant Great War Spearhead rules set.

You can find out all the details and order here

We've a few more bits and pieces still to come for the Russians and these will be added in due course.   The next army in the pipeline is the Austro-Hungarians and these have already been sculpted, as have the Serbian infantry.   We'll be rounding out the Eastern Front later in the year with the addition of the Italians.

We've still got loads more releases in other periods to come over the next few days, so keep looking for the announcements.

Finally for today, this is a VERY important announcement if you going to be attending the rescheduled Hammerhead show on 28th April.   We've just got back from Salute where our shelves and stock were savagely depleted.  For the next couple of weeks we will be concentrating on mail orders and will NOT be restocking.   This makes it really important that you get collect orders into us if you know what you are after - even if it is ony one pack.    Unless you do this, our conversation at Newark will sound a bit like this:

Customer:   'Have you got?...'

Me: (interrupting)  'Probably not.'

Customer:   'Perhaps I should have emailed you beforehand...'.


More new goodies to come very soon...