Good Ground Miniatures is proud to announce our two latest additions to the growing range of 10mm ACW artillery I call Gourmet Guns. They are the work of Toby Barrett. Samson is the little 12Lb Pack Howitzer pictured above while Goliath is the Heavy Field Carriage shown below. It comes with the 20Lb Parrott and 24Lb Howitzer Barrels. I have just received the 24Lbr, but shall have pictures of the Heavy Field Carriage with this barrel by the weekend. It is superb, and Toby created the early version with dolphins!

12Lb Pack Howitzer

Heavy Field Carriage as 20Lb Parrott Rifle

Heavy Field Carriage shown here with 24Lb Heavy Howitzer barrel unpainted until I have a chance to paint one of these little gems.