Three new factions have joined the fight for Terra Nova in Heavy Gear Blitz! Three new army boxes filled with 1/144th scale plastic miniatures, each providing a deadly force of Heavy Gears or Armigers and Drones.

The Peace River Army Box contains 18 of the finest Gears from Paxton Arms—Terra Nova’s premier arms company and the power behind Peace River. They represent the premier power in the Badlands, carving out their territory between the Northern and Southern superpowers.

The NuCoal Army Box represents the army of the New Coalition, a series of smaller Badlands states that have banded together for protection from their Peace River neighbours and the Northern and Southern polar superpowers. It also contains 18 miniatures with plenty of options to build the army of choice.

The Utopia Army Box has very different contents to the other two new armies and a very different playing style. Rather than 18 Gear-sized miniatures, there are 12 full-size Armigers (the Utopian’s versions of Gears) and 24 smaller Drones, all individually based. The Utopians have come to Terra Nova as allies of Earth’s Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF). They intend to help pacify the nations of Terra Nova and prove their worth as allies to the government of Earth.

Check out the full range of Heavy Gear Army Boxes in our webstore, including these new sets and the four Army Boxes already available—the Northern CNCS, the Southern AST, Caprice and Earth’s Colonial Expeditionary Force. Alternatively, to purchase from your Local Games Store, direct them to, where we also supply retailers.