Rebel Minis is proud to announce our second round of new rulesets in collaboration with Origins Award Winning Ed Teixeira and the crew at Two Hour Wargames. The New Releases are:

Muskets and Shakos
Muskets and Shakos is a unit based game where units are composed of 2 to 20 figures. In Muskets and Shakos you can choose from two sides, with a total of seven factions.

Morale Napoleon
Morale Napoleon is Regimental size based game that allows for Solo, Co-op and Head to head gaming. It also has a campaign system.

Relive the glory that was Rome with this fast paced chariot racing game. You can be a Patron, the head of a chariot racing Faction, whose goal is to win Fame and Fortune, Or perhaps you prefer the danger of being a Charioteer, earning your keep on the racing oval. In either case you must learn your trade on the Fringe of the Empire and work your way to your ultimate goal!

Captains and Kings
Captains and Kings is Warband combat in the High Medieval Ages. You start in command of one unit buy if you succeed in battle, raise your Social Standing and gather more men, you can rise from Captain to King?

As you know, some of these will line up with our current miniature lines, so we will also be offering starter packs and box sets for some of the titles.

You can check out the new division on the Rebel Minis website HERE