REFIGHTING HISTORY 10) THE SAXON ARMY AT PIRNA IN 1756; A series of "What If" scenarios/ Grant, C S. 19op Hardback. Fully illustrated in Colour. Uses this campaign as a basis for any SYW series of games, and indeed the scenarios can be used for any period to the end of the Horse & Musket period . Includes details of the Saxon army plus the usual sumptuous photos of the games, plus some unusual vignettes. £37.50


Rocco , K & Dawson, A. VERY LIMITED EDITION Extra-spanky version. (standard one in stock as well) The same brown mock leather gold tooled binding etc as others in the series SHIPPING NOW £275.00

BAD ROADS AND POOR RATIONS: Scenarios for Wargaming the War of 1812/Adrian Mandzy. Winged Hussar Publishing. large format full colour paperback 225p. 59 wargame land and sea scenarios covering North America in the War of 1812. Covers battles large and small. £37.50

COMBAT ! 2: From D-Day to V-E Day Campaign Expansion

Combat! 2 is an add-on module. You must have Combat! to play * Elite Enemies in the form of the SS  12 new stand-alone scenarios£119.50

BILLS BOWS & BLOODSHED: Wargames rules for the Medieval Period/Slemmings, B. Large format pbk. for 6mm-28mm figures. on the popular basing sizes. Battle level rules. Inc Wars of the Roses etc army lists, livery details. £10.00

CAMP AT DRESDEN 1812-1813/Sauerweid. Large format 2-volume boxed set - 244p. Eyewitness French uniform illustrations by Alexander Sauerweid before Napoleon's last victory in Germany in the summer of 1813. These plates have been known to collectors, but until now they were not published as a single collection. Commentary by uniform experts and authors Alfred Umhey and Yves Martin £150.00

Battle of Gettysburg 1863 (1) THE FIRST DAY/Osprey CAMPAIGN 374 Shipping now. This volume, the first of three to cover the battle in depth, includes the morning cavalry skirmish, the morning clash at the Herbst's Woodlot and at the railroad cut, the afternoon clash at Oak Ridge, the afternoon fight at the Edward McPherson farm, the afternoon rout of the 11th Corps, the last stand of the 1st Corps at Seminary Ridge, the Union retreat through town, and the positions of the armies at nightfall. £14.50

Dark Age Picts -+ GBP35: Dark Age Welsh - 28mm Plastic. Inside you will find parts to assemble 25 Dark Age Welsh warriors, enough to form a large warband in the Swordpoint game system. These figures represent the unarmoured majority of warriors in Welsh armies and raiding forces from early times to the Middle Ages. £16.00 each

FRENCH MIDDLE AND OLD GUARD - Black Powder Epic Battles

312002004: Epic Battles: French Middle & Old Guard - Contents: 3 x Guard Battalions of 80 Men each – with optional head options to represent poorer uniformed Middle Guard, 3 x Mounted Brigade Commanders, Marines of the Guard (30 Men), Engineers of the Guard (30 Men), 3 x Foot Artillery 12-pdrs & 1 x Full-colour Napoleonic French flag leaflet. £19.25


312001004: Epic Battles: British Highlanders & Riflemen - Contents: 3 x Highlander Regiments of 80 Men each, 3 x Mounted Brigade Commanders, 24 x Skirmishing 95th Rifles, 3 x Royal Artillery 5.5" Howitzers & 1 x Full-colour Napoleonic British flag leaflet. £19.25

Gale Force Nine / Battlefront Miniatures Small Summer Woods

BB542 - Contains nine small Summer Trees, two Tripple Tree Stands, one Single Tree Stand, one painted Forrest Base and two packets of GF9 Static Grass. £18.00

Gale Force Nine / Battlefront Miniatures Small Summer Woods


H29885 VERY FINE REGIMENT: The 47th Foot during the American War of Independence, 1773-1783 / knight 220p. illus inc colour. Operational history of a unit that served throughout the conflict £21.50

H29893 ENGLISH GARRISON OF TANGIER : Charles II's Colonial Venture in the Mediterranean, 1661-1684 / Abram, A mint pbk. 382p 43 b/w ills, 4 b/w photos, 9 maps, 53 tables. a focused, and modern assessment of the raising, equipping and composition of the standing army of Charles II, and the role played by the garrison of Tangier between 1661 and 1684 £29.95

H29894 DARKEST YEAR The British Army on the Western Front 1917 / Spencer Jones Hardback. 514p 87 b/w photos, 21 maps. The fourth of a five-volume series, The Darkest Year brings together leading First World War scholars to examine the British Army in 1917. It includes essays which consider grand strategy, tactical development and training, maintenance of morale and the importance of intelligence gathering. It also includes insightful studies of crucial battles and engagements such as the advance to the Hindenburg Line, Third Battle of the Scarpe and the dreadful struggle for Bourlon Wood. £29.95

H29896 B-36 'Peacemaker' Units of the Cold War / - Osprey COMBAT AIRCRAFT 144 SHIPPING NOW £14.50

H29898 F4U Corsair versus A6M Zero-sen RABAUL AND THE SOLOMONS 1943-44 / - OSPREY DUEL 119 SHIPPING NOW £13.50

H29899 British Gunboats of Victoria's Empire / Konstam, Angus Osprey NEW VANGUARD 304 Shipping now £10.75

H29900 Soldiers of Fortune MERCENARIES AND MILITARY ADVENTURERS, 1960-2020 / - Osprey ELITE 244 Shipping now. highly illustrated title traces the development of mercenary soldiering from individuals and small units in the African wars of the 1960s-90s to today's state-employed corporate military contractors. £12.95

H29901 HENRY HOTSPUR PERCY & THE BATTLE OF OTTERBURN 1388 / Sadler, John 82p. Illus in colour. The Battle and the Battlefield £14.95

H29902 Armoured Warfare in the British Army, 1914-1939 (Find, Fix and Strike) / Taylor, Lt. Col Shipping now. mint illus HBK. evolution of the tank and armoured cars in response to the specific conditions created by trench warfare, the history of the use of tanks during the war, as well as the critical period between the wars in which the tank was both refined and neglected. He also looks in detail at the amalgamations and mechanization of the horsed cavalry which led to the formation of the Royal Armoured Corps in 1939. £22.50

As always, we have a bunch of 2nd hand and shop-soiled stock newly available.

52941 ARMIES AND ENEMIES OF IMPERIAL ROME / Barker 1st edition 1972 VGC £11.50

52942 ARMIES AND ENEMIES OF IMPERIAL ROME / Barker GC revised third edition £11.50

52943 HISTORY OF THE BRITISH ARMY VOLUME I - to the close of the Seven years war / FORTESCUE 1899 Red cloth 1st edition VGC for age without the usual sunning to spne £25.00

52944 Wagram: At the Heyday of the Empire (Great Battles of the First Empire) / Hourtoulle, F.G. Hd.back. 120 full colour throughout. Cond. like new. £62.50

52945 Luftwaffe Over Germany: The Defense of the Reich / Caldwell & Muller Hd.back.336 bl. and wh. No dust cover.Ex.library. Good clean copy. £18.00

52946 Napoleon's Marshals / ed. Chandler, David Hd.back. 560 pages.Illustr. in bl. and wh. Cond. very good. Light shelf edge wear only. An excellent copy. £14.95

52947 War of the Three Gods: Romans, Persians and the Rise of Islam / Crawford, Peter Hd.back. 256 bl. and wh..Cond. like new. Light shelf edge wear. £21.50

52948 Atlas of the Peninsular War / Robertson 140p. near fine hardback. all colour maps £29.50

52949 NAPOLEONIC WARS / Rothenberg 220p near mint full colour hardback CASSELLS MIlitary series £5.00

52950 Armoured Operations Of The Second World War Vol 1: Volume 1 / Garcia 190p. near fine hardback. V well illus in colour Cammo schemes and pull outs. POland; Franced; Barbarossa; Villers Bocage & Cobra etc etc £30.00