TALES OF DERRING DO, our pulp rules that cover 1700-now and beyond are doing rather nicely, thank you.

The New Victrix Crossbowmen and Fallschirmjager are being shipped now

We still have a few GET AWAY FROM HER YOU B**TCH, the ALIENS game supplement left, plus the odd other box from the series

We have had more of the Team Yankee - Nordic range arrive this week and a Re-supply of the superb DUNGEONS & LASERS figures, Dragons and Terrain.

MARTINSTAAT 1744: A Detailed Wargame Campaign Set In A Fictitious World/Hyde, Henry 104p large format hardback all colour illus. A completely imaginary campaign set in an imaginary world, fought by two imaginary countries over the territory of a third. Henry Hyde is well-known in the wargaming world for picking up the threads of such greats as Charles Grant and Brigadier Peter Young. Wargamers have coined the term "imagi-nations" for such forays into not-quite-history, and hundreds of gamers around the world now collect armies that bear a resemblance to those of the European powers during the eighteenth century, playing games ranging from small skirmishes to huge, pitched battles. £32.50 (also available in paperback)

Armies of the South American Caudillos 1825-1865

Esposito, G. The book covers a total of ten countries: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. The historical period between 1825 and 1865 was a critical era for South America, marked by the outbreak of several wars that significantly influenced the continent's political map and led to the development of diverse uniform trends. This work is fully illustrated in color, featuring original uniform plates and contemporary pictures showcasing the attire of the South American military forces from 1825 to 1865. £19.50

Victrix Games German Fallschirmjaeger 12mm Figures

This 196 figure set features many different poses and weapon types. As well as standard Fallschirmjaeger armed with rifles and SMGs it also includes a plethora of support weapons such as MG42 MMGs. anti tank weapons, 50mm and 81mm mortars. £26.50


In issue 485 of Miniature Wargames we have another great selection of rules, scenarios, painting guides and scratch builds for the wargaming enthusiast of all periods. Don't miss 3 ECW articles. Solitary England, In The Buff (Painting) & Middleton Cheney Plus TMWWBK Abyssinia, WW2, ACW, WW1 Senussi + news and reviews couple spare only £6.99

SCALES & ALES TAVERN: 28mm Dungeons & Lasers Hard Plastic

A massive, multi-storey building, complete with a basement, balconies, and a roof! Length: 485mm (19") / Width: 300mm (11,8") / Height: 250mm (9,8"). - 27x long floor - 31x regular floor - 27x long wall - 54x regular wall - 23x doorways - 119x trims - 10x regular roof piece - 2x concave roof piece - 10x convex roof piece - 4x fill wall - 5x long ballustrade - 10x regular ballustrade - 2x stone stairs - 4x wooden stairs - 144x various clips - 256x pegs Weighs a ton- post free to UK, ask if overseas. £122.50

Trees Pack: 28mm Dungeons & Lasers Hard Plastic-10 trees, including one Tree of Spirits in clear plastic, to bring a magic atmosphere to your tabletop! £49.00

KALMAR WAR 1611-1613 Gustavus Adolphus's First War/Fredholm von Essen, M. 332p 129 b/w illustrations, 26 pages colour plates & photos, 10 b/w maps, 18 tables. The book describes and analyses the Kalmar War of 1611-1613 between Sweden and Denmark-Norway. Since Denmark controlled the Straits between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, Sweden sought an alternative trade route through the sparsely populated Arctic Lapland - an option enabled by the 1595 Treaty of Teusina (Tyavzino) with Muscovy. £23.50

Next to Wellington : General Sir George Murray. The Story of a Scottish Soldier and Statesman, Wellington's Quartermaster General /Harding-Edgar. 410 pages 24 colour ills, 41 b/w ills, 9 maps. Based on previously-unpublished personal letters and military records, this biography provides a unique insight into the life, ambitions, opinions, and actions of Wellington’s most trusted, professional, and thoughtful staff officer, described as ‘the only man received into the unlimited confidence of Lord Wellington’. It is a full and frank story of one of the most respected and admired soldiers of his generation, his service in the Low Countries, Ireland, West Indies, and Egypt, and his importance in the Peninsular War. £22.50

BATTLE OF MEGIDDO PALESTINE 1918 Combined Arms and the Last Great Cavalry Charge/Eric W Osborne. Pages : 118 Images : 2 maps. The Battle of Megiddo was not only the last large cavalry offensive in world history, but also a tribute to combined arms operations fostered over the course of the First World War. Fought between 19-25 September 1918, it was the final Allied offensive of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign. £17.50

DESTRUCTION OF THE IMPERIAL ARMY 1 ) The Opening Engagements of the Franco-German War 1870-71/Bird. 608 pages 36 b/w illustrations, 41 b/w photos, 9 colour illustrations,78 colour photos, 16 colour maps. This work, the first in a four volume series, takes a fresh and in depth look at the events of the opening months of the Franco-German War between Napoleon's Imperial Army and King Wilhelm's German armies when within the space of four weeks in summer 1870 the established order was overthrown and Prussia laid the foundations for a military and political hegemony in Europe which led directly or indirectly to two World Wars. £37.50

RAW GENERALS AND GREEN SOLDIERS Catholic Armies in Ireland 1641-43/Lenihan, P. 186 pages 20 b/w illustrations, 9 b/w photos, 8 colour illustrations, 14 maps, 1 diagram, 14 tables. The eleven years of conflict that engulfed Ireland (1641-53) can be seen as a drama in three acts, each of which drew Ireland into progressively closer alignment with the Civil Wars (1642-52) in the other two Stuart kingdoms, Scotland and England. The first act in the Wars of Religion in Ireland (1641-53) began in October 1641 with a rising in Ulster and shuddered to a halt in September 1643 when the insurgents, now embodied as the Confederate Catholics, agreed a ceasefire with Charles I’s representative in Ireland.£23.50

TUDOR ARTE OF WARRE VOLUME 2 The conduct of war in the reign of Elizabeth I, 1558-1603: Diplomacy, Strategy, Campaigns and Battles/Davies, J. 310 pages 31 b/w illustrations, 11 colour illustrations, 9 colour photos, 22 maps, 1 table. The Elizabethan army has been disregarded, denigrated or derided: Shakespeare's portrayal of Falstaff and Fluellen bear more responsibility for this than any accurate assessment of its role in Elizabeth’s reign. This book aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of the part that the English army, in its various guises, played in her long and increasingly troubled reign. £24.50

Star Trek Away Teams Starter Set: Wolf 359 -STA001: Figures are 40mm included in the starter are Riker’s Away Team of the Federation, and Locutus’s Unimatrix of the Borg.

In Star Trek: Away Missions, players will lead their own landing parties to complete missions, conduct espionage, fight in glorious battle, or assimilate distinctiveness. The objective is to score points by completing missions over the three rounds. Each completed mission earns you points. Score the most points to win the game! A tactical arena combat game that includes Deck Building to customise how your Away Team performs. Multiple avenues to win by being sneaky and scoring your missions, or by setting your phasers to kill and trying to eliminate the opposing team. £42.50

Star Trek Away Missions TNG Romulan Away Team: Sela's Infiltrators Expansion. -STA002 Sela +4 figures and cards 40mm Scale. The Romulans are always after more Intel on their foes, learning their strengths and weaknesses and how to defeat them.

While doing so they will be running plots within plots, planning assassinations and devious stratagems to derail their opponent’s plans. Expand your collection with new expansion teams and cards to build the best team possible. £17.00

H30946 Martinstaat 1744: A Detailed Wargame Campaign Set In A Fictitious World / Hyde, Henry 104p PAPERBACK £26.00

H30947 Cimbrian War 11-;101 BC The Rise of Caius Marius / - Osprey CAMPAIGN 393 Shipping now £15.99

H30948 Ottoman Armies 1820-1914 / - Osprey MAA 551 shipping now £11.99

H30949 Spitfire Photo-Recce Units of World War 2 / - Osprey COMBAT AIRCRAFT 150 SHIPPING NOW £15.99

We have as always some second-hand and shop soiled Books and Rules-Please contact us if you have trouble finding the books you want.

54404 Warriors of Christendom : Charlemagne; El Cid; Barbarossa; Richard Lionheart / - Near new hardback , v well illus in colour £6.50

54405 ROAD TO STALINGRAD / Erickson 600p. VGC pbk. now classic account of the Russian war £6.50

54406 WARHAMMER 40K CITY RUIN BATTLE MAT / - New in box. Counts as 2 Books for postage. UK only- ask for price if outside (In general section of 2nd hand) £52.50

54407 OSPREY ELITE SOLDIERS OF THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR Vols 1 & 2) / Tincey & roberts VGC pbks but fading to spine. Counts and one lot of postage £11.50

54408 VICTRIX PERISAN ARMOURED ARCHERS / - New in bag, no header card £19.50