We have a bumper crop of new stuff this week and a very special offer on advance copies of Refighting History 9!

Grant, Charles S. We shall be producing an Advanced Run, very limited Special Edition, signed by Charles personally to you (or the person of your choice) There will be a few more pages of unique content and will be shipped 2-3 weeks in advance of the standard edition . ORDERS FOR THE SPECIAL WILL CLOSE MAY 31st - LET US KNOW WHAT NAME YOU WANT CHARLES TO WRITE. Note that the regular will be advertised later £49.50


Team Yankee - Battlefront Contains 4 Kanonenjagdpanzer Self-propelled Guns and 1 Unit Card. 15mm Scale

In Stock for £25.00


Team Yankee - Battlefront Contains 2 UH-1 Huey Transport Helicopters, 2 Flight Stands, 8 Rare-earth Magnets and 1 Unit Card. 15mm Scale IIn Stock for £17.00

PANZERGRENADIER ZUG TGR703 Team Yankee - Battlefront

Contains 1 G3 Rifle team, 4 MG3 teams with Panzerfaust 44 anti-tank rockets, 3 Milan missile teams, 1 Carl Gustav team and 8 Unit Cards 15mm Scale In Stock for £7.20

Human Cavalry Oathmark Northstar Figures 28mm Scale - This box set contains enough parts for you to build 15 Light Cavalrymen. There is enough weapon options to make them all spearmen, all hand weapon and shield, all archers or any combination of the three. Only £23.50

Black Powder - Epic Battles American Civil War Cavalry Brigade

The Cavalry Brigade box contains three cavalry regiments to supplement your Union or Confederate forces as you clash across the American continent. In Stock for £34 post free world wide

Black Powder - Epic Battles American Civil War The Iron Brigade

The Iron Brigade (or black hats) was an infantry brigade in the Union Army of the Potomac, formed of regiments of three now Midwest states. Known for their strong fighting prowess and distinctive uniform, the Iron Brigade suffered the highest casualties of any formation during the Civil War. £34.00 Post free world wide

HOT MEAT PIES: Food & Cookery in ELIZABTEHAN & STUART ENGLAND 52) Illustrated pbk. Recipes from original sources. Includes some great talking points for Living Historians interacting with the Public. and tasty too!

Only 9.50


All This For Just £48.50

FOR A PARLIAMENT FREELY CHOSEN: The Rebellion of Sir George Booth, 1659 Abram, Andy 204p | 40 b/w illus. Challenges the view that the rebellion was local in nature, and poorly led, planned, and executed. Stress is placed on identifying and reconstructing the background, contacts and actions of Booth and the forces under their command, while re-assessing the military aspects of the revolt in Cheshire and its adjacent counties £19.99

WATERLOO ARCHIVE VOLUME XIV: British Sources An eclectic mixture of reports, letters, and memoirs, including Lt. Benson Hill who served with the siege artillery supporting the Prussian sieges, accounts from three other ranks, the notes of Lt. William Elliot, a poignant letter from Lt. Gordon of the 92nd, etc £25.00

NAPOLEONIC ARCHIVE VOLUME 1: British Line Infantry Memoirs

Glover, G. 270p, hbK. This volume contains the memoirs of: Lt-Col. Sir John Cameron, 1/9th Foot, 1808-1814; Private Adam Reed, 47th (Lancashire) Foot, 1806-1817; Ensign William Gavin, 71st Highlanders, 1806-1815; and Captain Peter Bowlby, 4th Foot (1791-1877). All are significant memoirs covering The Peninsula War, Walcheren, and South America.£25.00

12th HITLERJUGEND: SS Panzer Division in Normandy

By Richard Hone, Tim Saunders. Written with the advantage of new materials from archives in the former Eastern Bloc, this book is no whitewash of a Waffen SS division and it does not shy away from confronting unpalatable facts or controversies Only 21.50

H29302 JAGER ZUG - TEAM YANKEE - TGR712 / BATTLEFRONT Spend over £30 (£5 Europe until Mid 2021)- get Free post World wide £9.95




H29310 WOODEN SUBMARINES OF THE EARLY C17th: Diving beneath the waves in a Stuart Submarine / Davies, J Mint pamphlet. V. well illus Inc Construction and voyage of a Replica machine £3.25

H29311 ART OF SHOOTING IN GREAT ORDNANCE: A Tudor Artillery manual 1572 / Bourne, William Mint . pamphlet. Well illus summary and commentary £5.25

H29313 SUPPLY CHAIN: Food and Cookery in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England Vol. 46 / - Food & Drink distribution. Well ill £9.50

H29314 COLD MEAT PIES & PASTRY RECIPES : Food & Cookery in Elizabethan & Early Stuart England 51) / - Illustrated pbk. Recipes from original sources. Includes some great talking points for Living Historians interacting with the Public. and tasty too! £9.50

H29316 HOT FISH & FOWL PIES & NON MEAT PIES : Food & Cookery in ELIZABTEHAN & STUART ENGLAND 53) / - Illustrated pbk. Recipes from original sources. Includes some great talking points for Living Historians interacting with the Public and tasty too! £9.50

H29317 TARTS , FLORENTINES & KICKSHAWS: Food & Cookery in ELIZABTEHAN & STUART ENGLAND 54) / - Illustrated pbk! £9.50

H29318 CAKES, CHEESECAKES & PANCAKES : Food & Cookery in ELIZABTEHAN & STUART ENGLAND 55 / - Illustrated pbk! £9.50

H29320 BREAD: Food & Cookery in ELIZABTEHAN & STUART ENGLAND 50 / - Illus. Bread types and recipes £9.50


H29326 WATERLOO ARCHIVE VOLUME XIII: British Sources / Glover, G Another fine collection of memoirs, including four serving soldiers from the ranks, such as Second Captain Walcott from the RHA, Captain Drake of the Horse Guards, and Lieutenant Colonel Gomm and Captain Macleod of the Quarter Master General staff. Also includes parts of other memoirs to provide a wide spectrum of information. £25.00

H29329 NAPOLEONIC ARCHIVE VOLUME 2: Coldstream Guards in the Peninsula / - memoirs of Ensign John Drummond of the 1st Bn Coldstream Guards in the Peninsula 1812-1814 and the letters of Captain George Bowles, Coldstream Guards (1807-1819) in the Peninsula and at Waterloo. £25.00

We also have some recent additions to our second hand list

50477 O kawalerii polskiej XX wieku( Polish cavalry of the 20th century / - 460p. Very large format Near fine HBK in damaged wrapper. Exceptionally well illus inc colour POLIST TEXT £37.50

50478 War in Italy: the Second Italian War of Independence, 1859 / Bossoli mint HBK facsmile. B&W illus. (Note we publish a full size full colour version- see main catalogue) £13.50

50479 RAMILLES : Marlborough's masterpiece / Litten 230p. illus inc colour Partizan Press hardback. mint but shelf wear £14.50

50480 Those Dark Places : INDUSTRIAL SCIENCE FICTION ROLEPLAYING / - mint hardback £9.95

50481 Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1807-1814: Volume 1: High Command, Line and Light Infantry / Wilson MInt but bound upside down Perfectly serviceble, full colour large format pbk £12.50

50482 Over the Battlefield: Operation EPSOM / Daglish, Ian. Hardback. Publ.2007. 272 pages.Some bl. and wh. illustrations. New book.Slight shelf edge wear. £10.50

50483 Organisation and Order of Battle in World War II: Volume V - Book B Union of Soviet Socialist Republics / Pettibone, Charles D. Paperback. Publ.2009.1018 p.Cond.new book. Light crease to front cover. £14.00

50484 PANZER-KRAFTWAGEN: ARMOURED CARS of THE GERMAN ARMY AND FREIKORPS / Strasheim, Rainer Paperback. Publ.2012.96 p.Illustr. in bl. and wh. throughout.Cond. new. £8.11

50485 United States Order of Battle, 7 December 1941: US Army : Corps Areas, Continental Commands and Overseas Commands / Niehorster, Leo W G. P.back.Publ. 2005. 88 pages.Very good. Light surface marks to front cover £42.50

50486 ORDER OF BATTLE OF THE SOVIET ARMED FORCES "THE SLEEPING BEAR" VOL. 1 22 JUNE 1941 / Crofoot, Craig. Paperback, pub. 2001, 127 pages. Very good, light shelf wear. £25.00

50487 Panther Variants in Color / Trojca 90p. Large format 40 full page full colour illustrations near fine pbk £20.00

50488 Pfalz Aircraft of World War I (Great War Aircraft in Profile 4) (Flying Machines Press) / Herris, Jack. Paperback.New in sealed wrapper. Unopened. £48.00

50489 Panzer Lehr Division 1944-45 (Helion WWII German Military Studies) / Steinhardt, Dr Frederick. 350p. Near fine hardback illus. Slieght shelf edge wear. £58.00

50490 Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics / Larsen, Christopher E. Paperback. Publ.2008.128p.Illustr. in col. throughout.Cond. like new. £8.50

50491 Other Norfolk Admirals : Myngs Narbrough and Shovell / Harris, Simon. Hardback. Publ.2017. 275 pages.Bl. and wh. illustrations. Mint unread.Biographies of these three admirals into a single compelling account. But this books is much more than a biography of three admirals, it is a history of the navy from the time of Cromwell to the reign of Queen Anne £9.50

50492 Once a Warrior King. Memories of an Officer in Vietnam. / Donovan. David H. back. Publ. 2004.399 pages. Cond. Like new £12.50

50493 On the Road with Wellington: Diary of a War Commissary (Napoleonic Library) / Schaumann, August Ludolf Friedrich. Hardback. Publ.1999 416 pages.New book. Ex. display.Light surface wear. Unread. £23.50

50495 1000 Heraldic Designs (Dover Electronic Clip Art) with CD rom.For Macintosh and windows. / Thomas Robson, Paperback. Publ.2006.48 p.Illustr. in bl. and wh. throughout.Cond. like new. £20.00

50496 Norse Warfare: Unconventional Battle Strategies of the Ancient Vikings / Sprague, Martina Hardback. Publ.2007. 300 pages.New book. Mint unread. £70.00

50497 Ranger: North American Frontier Soldier / Wulff, Matt. Paperback. Publ.2008.161 p.Illustr. in bl. and wh. Cond. new. Ex. display. £9.00

50498 Military Transport of World War I: Including Vintage and Post-war Vehicles - Mechanised Warfare in Colour / Bishop, D. Hardback. Publ.1976.185 p.Illustr. in colour throughout.Cond.very good. £4.95

50499 Once I Had a Comrade: Karl Roth and the Combat History of the 36th Panzer Regiment, 1939-45 / Byrd, R. W. Hdbk, pub. 2006, 207 pages, b&w photographs.New. mint. £39.50

50500 AMERICAN CIVIL WAR SCENARIOS: 2) ONTO RICHMOND + 3) FRONTIER / - Near mint large format pbk. Peninsula & the 7 Days campaign & Early Trans-Missippi. Designed for GUNS AT GETTYSBURG - ideal for PICKETTs CHARGE: JOHNNY REB; BRIGADE FIRE & FURY etc 4 in series on website £27.50

50501 ON THE BLOODY ROAD TO BERLIN: FRONTLINE ACCOUNTS FROM NORTH-WEST EUROPE AND THE EASTERN FRONT, 1944-45 / Rogers & Williams Hdbk, pub. 2005, 281 pages, some b&w photographs.New, mint. £7.00

50502 Nobles, Knights and Men-at-Arms in the Middle Ages / Keen, Maurice Hdbk, pub. 1996, 268 pages.New book. Mint. £65.00

50503 ON TO ATLANTA: THE CIVIL WAR DIARIES OF JOHN HILL FERGUSON, ILLINOIS TENTH REGIMENT OF VOLUNTEERS. / Ferguson, John Hill Hardback, published 2001,161 pages. Like new. £15.95

50504 PETER THE GREAT'S REVENGE. THE RUSSIAN SIEGE OF NARVA IN 1704 / Megorsky, Boris 252p. near fine pbk v well illus inc colour £5.95

50505 Plassey 1757: Clive of India's Finest Hour (Praeger Illustrated Military History) / Harrington, Peter. Hardback. Publ.1994. 96 pages.Bl, &wh. & col. illustrations. Cond. near fine. £12.99

50506 Newark on Trent: the Civil War Siegeworks, / Royal commission on historical monuments. P.back.Publ. 1964.Ex. library.Cover loose from binding but book complete. Reading copy. Internally pages are clean and good £60.00

50507 Nottinghamshire Village in War and Peace: The Accounts of the Constables of Upton, 1640-1666 / Bennett, M 165p. near mint. pbk. Annotated lists of the wide variety of military and civil payments made by the Constables during the ECW £25.00

50508 Objective: the Caucasus!: The Luftwaffe Operations in the Southern Sector of the Eastern Front: May - August, 1942 (Air Battles) / Marek Murawski Paperback. Publ.2011.72 p.Illustr. in bl. and wh.and colour throughout.Cond. V. good. £48.00

50510 North Africa: Flames of War :Complete Intelligence Handbook for For in the Mediterranean 1942-1943 / Flames of War. Hd.back.New book. Ex. display. Slight knock to corner. £16.95

50511 North Fights the Civil War: The Home Front (American Ways Series) / Gallman, J. Matthew Hdbk, pub. 1994, 211 pages. Like new. £21.00

50512 Nothing Remains But to Fight: Defence of Rorke's Drift, 1879 / Knight, Ian Hardback, published 1993, 167 pages, b&w illustrations throughout. Very good condition, owners mark to flyleaf. £5.50

50513 No Sideshow: The British Contribution to the Allied Victory in the Balkans, September 1918 / Birch, Nigel. P.back.Like new. £5.00

50514 On the Road With Wellington: Diary of a War Commissary in the Peninsular Campaign (Napoleonic Library) / Schaumann, August Ludolf Friedrich. Hardback. Publ.2015. 416 pages. Mint unread. £8.50

50515 OF SORTS FOR PROVINCIALS -American Weapons of the French and Indian War / Mullins, Jim. Very well illustrated in colour. 180 pages. Largely fireams but includes bayonets and swords £49.50

50516 WAR GAME COMPANION / Grant, Charles S Mint pbk but crease to rear cover, Companion to the C18th wargames rules: Campaign system, scenarios etc £19.50

50517 HEART & THE ROSE : THE Battle of Linlithgow Bridge 1526 / Cooper, J 112p. well illus near fine pbk £9.95

50518 ROUGH STUFF FOR HOME GUARDS AND MEMBERS OF HM FORCES / Duffield & Elliot ORIGINAL 1942 PRINTING., Cover loose and Mug stain to cover but internally very sound. Bayonet training; what to do when you catch a 5th columnist; etc £20.00

50519 NAVAL WAR OF 1812 / Gardiner Robert Hardback. Publ.1998. 192 pages.Bl. and wh. illustrations throughout. Mint unread. £9.99

50520 Naval History of Great Britain : During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars Vol. 1 1793-1796 / James, W.M. Hd.back.549 pages.Slight external mark on page edges. Otherwise book looks new and unread. £48.00

50521 Naval Battles of the Russo Japanese War / Togo, Captain. Reprint of 1907 original Very gd. cond. £7.85

50522 Nation on Trial. American Civil War Mianiatures Rules.JRG 001. / Dietz, Jim. Paperback. Cond. like new. £21.83

50523 NAVY IN INDIA 1763-1783 / Richmond, Admiral Sir H.W. Paperback. Publ.2008.Print on demand reprint.432 pages. Ex. display.New book.Slight shelf edge wear. £35.00

50524 Nightmare Years 1930-1940 [paperback] Shirer, William L. [Nov 19, 2001]… / William L Shirer P.back. Publ. 1984.654 pages.Some bl. & wh. illustrations.Condition like new. slight shelf wear to fore edges. £25.00

50525 The New Zealanders at Gallipoli (Official history of New Zealand's effort in the Great War) / Waite, Major Fred Hardback. Publ.1919.Ist ed. 330 pages.Some bl. and wh. illustrations.Pull out map. Cond. good. £35.00

50526 NO MAN'S LAND: Rules for tactical combat 1914-1918 / Goodlett Near fine Pbk. Battalion level rules - 5mm- 25mm, though primarily 15mm Inc artillery barrage rules etc £15.00

50527 Never Retreat: The Memoirs of an Uncompromising Alpine Soldier / Ruffano, Antonio Ferrante di. Paperback. published 2011, 188 pages, b&w illustrations. Like New, near mint. £9.20

50528 NEW HIGHLAND MILITARY DISCIPLINE OF 1757 (HISTORICAL ARMS SERIES No.10 / Grant, George Paperback, published 1967, 32 pages, illustrated in b&w. Very Good condition. £12.00

50529 NEW HISTORY OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR VOLUME 1: POWER AND POLITICS (1754-1757) / Smith, Digby. Hdbk, pub. 2016, 298 pages, b&w illustrations. Like new. £35.51