NEW RULES BOOKS AND FIGURES: We also have a translation of one of our rule books into Spanish this week!
Note that EU items are getting through without charge or problems.

Flags of War - Flags 1900 to 2000
A range of flags covering conflicts from across the 20th Century including plenty from the SCW all in 28mm. Not all are up on our site yet so email us if you don;' see the ones you want

NAPOLEON'S IMPERIAL GUARD: Organization, Uniforms and Weapons Esposito 160p. Mint Hardback illustrated including colour. The author describes how this large military body evolved from the Consular Guard created by Bonaparte as early as 1799 and how this came to include dozens of different military units belonging to each branch of service (infantry, cavalry, artillery, specialist corps). £18.50

ATLANTA IS OURS: Grand Tactical ACW scenarios
Wagman 140p. large format pbk. 18 Scenarios, colour maps and Orbats for use with ALTAR OF FREEDOM or other large scale ACW rules £37.50

Six Texas Rangers; five "lonesome" ones, and one who's still "searching." Contemporary (large) 28mm scale. Matches today's more generously-proportioned "28mm" figures . £23.99

FRONTERAS DE SANGRE : WARGAME EN LA GUERRA DE PARAGUAY 1864-1870 Barone, Victor. TEXTO EN ESPAÑOL !!!!. 90 páginas. Tapa blanda de gran formato. Todas las ilustraciones en color con guías de pintura de Alan Perry. Incluye escenarios
Only £21.95

RED STAR VERSUS THE RISING SUN Volume 1: The Conquest of Manchuria, 1931-1938 Adrien Fontanellaz, Mint pbk 80 pages 100 b/w photos/illus. Volume 1 of the Red Star versus the Rising Sun mini-series examines the origins of the rapidly modernising Imperial Japanese Army and its expansion, largely unfettered by civilian political constraints, into mainland Asia from the late 19th century up until 1938. It examines the culture, structure and equipment of the IJA and its campaigns in warlord-era China, along with an overview of the purge-ravaged Red Army of the same period. This volume culminates in a detailed description of the major clash of the Soviet and Japanese armies at Lake Khasan in 1938. £13.50

QUARANTINE 37 - STARGRAVE SUPPLEMENT - PRE ORDER , DUE MID SEPTEMBER - SPECIAL PRE ORDER PRICE OSPREY GAMES. Joseph A. McCullough. 96 Pages. Quarantine 37 is a supplement for Stargrave in which players lead their crews into an abandoned space station, hunting for lost technology, unique research, and forgotten experiments. Compete with your opponents for these valuable resources across two competitive mini-campaigns, or venture into the vast maze of corridors and laboratories alone in the first Stargrave solo campaign. Only 16.00

H29490 NEATH FORTUNA'S WHEEL: The Military campaigns of Imperial Rome from Constantius II ti Valens AD 350-378 / Brown, JW 270p. large format HBK. 21 maps £59.50

H29495 OPERATION GOODWOOD: BAOR TOUR / - 74p Facsimile reprint of typescript army tour for 1992 . Large format inc some maps, Inc operations, fire plan, vehicle casualties etc £17.50