H26289 Handbook for the 1.59 in. breech loading Vickers' Q.F. gun (Mark II) / - 17x11cm., Pagination: 17 leaves, 8 folding leaves of plates : colour . ill.,. February 1918 issue. original copy. in a period foloder. Stamped RAF MUSEUM LIBRARY £75.00

H26293 Rangliste der Königlich Preußischen Armee und des XIII. (Königlich Württembergischen) Armeekorps für 1904 / - 1 only 1904 printing. rebound in brown cloth. German Fractur. complete Prussian & Wurttembnerg army list £50.00

H26294 Saatylaispuku suomessa vanhemmalla Vaasa-Ajalla, 1550-1620. The costume of the nobility, lergy and burghers in the earlier Vasa period, 1550-1620) / Pylkkanen 510p. Good condition large paperback. v well illus FINNISH TEXT!. 1 only £50.00

H26295 Macariæ excidium, or the destruction of Cyprus; being a secret history of the war of the revolution in Ireland. / COl. O'Kelly & J O'Callaghan 580p. 1850 printing. Large format Shaken copy lacking spine., in need of a re-bind. The History of the Williamite wars written up as ancient history £75.00

H26296 JOURNALL, OR A TRUE AND EXACT RELATION OF THE EACH DAYES PASSAGE OF THE EARLE OF MANCHESTER's ARMY... from the 1st of August to the end of the same month...1644 / - 14pages. ORIGINAL ECW PAMPHLET. Bound in full leather, GIlt tooling with the FAIRFAX CREST on the front cover. Ex-LIBRIS FAIRFAX OF CAMERON. Covers the taking of Sheffield, Tutbury and BOLSOVER Castle £495.00

H26298 FARM ANIMALS : Warlord 28mm plastic / - SINGLE SPRUE OF ANIMALS - Donkey, cows, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens etc £8.00

H26300 Attack and defence of fortified places. .1757 / Muller 313p. 1757 2nd edition of this classic manual . v well illus. sympathetically re-set so more readable than many facsimiles. With notes. £16.50

H26301 TACTICKS OF AELIAN, or, Art of embattailing an army after ye Grecian manner (1616) / AELIANUS & JOHN BINGHAM 160p. Very large format hardback with pull out diagrams of formations etc. A Scarce Theatrum Orbus Terrarum Da Capo edition. near fine printed on quality paper 1 only £95.00

H26303 Russo-Japanese War Fully Illustrated: volume 1) Apr. 1904- Original bok / - good condition only. 142 , v well illus inc full colour plates 1 only £35.00

H26304 GERMAN DEFENCES IN FRANCE 1940-1944 / - Mint paperback reprint. 84pp. German source documents. The signs of impending danger. There is a complete copy of FM von Rundstedt's report on the defences and the divisions stationed in France in October 1943 and Hitler's Directive No. 51. It also covers Rommel and his arrival on the scene in France, together with the tactical aspects of coastal defence, estimates of enemy intentions, methods of defence available and the West Wall, and is completed with intelligence reports from Fremde Heere West (Foreign Armies West). This is the first part of our two-part publication on the German side of D-Day. The other publication is D-Day: German Operations. £15.00

H26305 ROUSSELOT PLATES 1) CHEVAU LEGERS LANCIERS 1811-1815 / - 1965 printing Near Mint small stamp marked DON HAGGER COLLECTION- Inc usual accompanying printed notes in ENglish £25.00

H26306 ROUSSELOT PLATES 2) CARABINIERS 1810-1815 / 1965 printing Near Mint small stamp marked DON HAGGER COLLECTION- Inc usual accompanying printed notes in ENglish £25.00

H26307 BATTLE OF THE WHITE MOUNTAIN 1620 AND THE BOHEMIAN REVOLT / Spring, Laurence 164p. Pbk illus + 8 plates of colour. The Battle of the White Mountain and the Bohemian Revolt, 1618-1622 looks not only at the battle of the White Mountain, but also the campaigns and events leading up to the battle, such as the Bohemian Army’s march on Vienna, the sieges of Pilsen and Bautzen and the battle of Zablat £22.50

H26308 DEUTSCHE UNIFORMEN ALBUM III) 1864-1914 vol 1) / - Original STurm cigarette card album and notes. 240 colour cards produced in 1933 stuck into the album. Marked BOb Marrion collection £50.00
H26309 DEUTSCHE UNIFORMEN ALBUM IV)) 1864-1914 vol 2) / - Original STURM cigarette card album. 240 colour cards produced in 1933 stuck into the album. Marked BOb Marrion collection £50.00

H26311 TCBX02 : M113 PLATOON / - POst free worldwide £26.50

H26314 By His Majesty's Command. Adjutant General's Office, 1st December, 1796. Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry / - 1 only MINt hardback with gilt tooled spine. large format facsimile high quality reprint. Near mint 105p £39.95

46801 Reminiscences of William Verner (1782-1871: An account of service in the 7th Hussars, including the Battle of Waterloo, / verner Ex-lib good condition pbl. ARmy Historical research society £10.00

46802 Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814 / Malcomsom 410p. near mint HBK £20.00
46803 Storm of Spears: Understanding the Greek Hoplite in Action / - Mint Hardback £11.50

46807 Les guerres sous Louis XV 1715-1774: 6) / Pajol 440p. near fine pbk. FRENCH TEXT Corsica; Canada, Poland, Sweden, iNDIA and English attacks on the French coast £10.00

46808 BY FIRE AND SWORD : EASTERN RENAISSANCE RULES / - near mint 1st edition. A Joy to read in it's own right- Massive HBK tome £25.00

46809 French Army of Louis XV: In the War of the Austrian Succession and Seven Years War / - Large format pbk 135p. 1st English Translation Inc 50 full colour plates of uniform schematics and flags . Damage to cover amd some internal pages, effecting a small amount of text. Colour plates not effected, £45.00

46811 ROAD TO CORUNNA / Grant., C.S 160p pages Print on demand paperback. ,Plates came out a bit dark . HARDBACK LITHO PRINTED EDITION AVAILABLE _ see website./ 40 colour plates, most by Bob Marrion. The latest in the Peninsula Campaign series from Partizan Press. Uniforms, battle orbats maps etc etc. £11.00

Prince of Wales's Volunteers: The Reminiscences of an Officer of Hm 82nd Foot During the Peninsular War / Wood mint Ken TRotman hardback facsimile. numbered limted edition £15.00

46814 Journal of Isaac Senter, physican and surgeon to the troops detached from the American army encamped at Cambridge, Mass., on a secret expedition against quebec... of Col. Benedict Arnold, in September, 1775 / - near fine hardback facsimile £6.50


46816 FURIA FRANCESA : rules for the Franco-Austrian war / McLeod large format pbk. 10mm-28. VGC £5.00

46817 Tragedy of the Faithful: 3rd SS Panzer Corps / Teke 480p. near mint HBK v well illus £46.00

46818 Yours To Reason Why : Decision In Battle / Seymour -340p. near fine HBK. Still a very interetsing read Analyses 10 battles and campaigns 1066- Anzio from the commander's viewpoint, posing you questions and asking for yoru decisions. v well illus with maps. £6.50

46819 Roman Army: Wars of the Empire / Sumner, Graham 140p. large format near fine condition hardback. v well illus inc full colour plates. Brassey Uniforms series £19.50
46820 FIRE TEAM VIETNAM : Wargames rules for company size actions / Buck SURDU 15-28mm figures. Skimish rules from a prolific author. near mint £15.00

46821 Wellington and Waterloo / Griffiths 280p. late format HBK . 1898 printing. V well illustrated with C19th military prints. Fairly scarce. Very shaken copy £25.00

46822 ROAD TO VERDUN / Ousby 304. ills. near mint pbk. Excellent account £4.50

46823 In the Name of Rome: The Men Who Won the Roman Empire / Goldsworthy 420p. near mint hbk £11.00

46825 British Drill Booklet circa 1703-1753(Nosworthy's Tactical Study Series) / NOSWORTHY, BRENT near fine pbk £20.00

46826 RICHARD III AND THE BOSWORTH CAMPAIGN / Hammond mint Hardback. Illus. £9.50

46827 Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689: The Story of Some Famous Battlefields in Ulster / WItherow 395p. hardback. 1885 printing, 2nd edition blue cloth, gilt lettering and image on front board. . Account of the Williamite campaigns £35.00

46828 WATERLOO WARRIORS / BOb Marrion large format hardback. Near mint 55 A4 size, colour plates of Waterloo uniforms £19.50
46831 HIS MAJESTY'S REGULATIONS 1828, Series of Figures Shewing All the Motions in the Manual and Platoon Exercises, and the Different Firings, According to His Majesty's Regulations 1828 / Mitchell, Maj v wel illus facsimile pamplet £7.50

46832 AN OFFICER'S GUIDE TO RECREATED BRITISH REGIMENTS OF FOOT IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION / - 1 only 360+ pages, pbk a few pages loose at the front. A very interesting re-enactor's guide. Includes fascimile sections of several contemporary important drill manuals. plus handy hints on all aspects of portraying a Late C18th officer £36.50
46833 Wehrmacht and SS: Caucasian, Muslim and Asian Troops / Borsarello & Palinckx large format well illus HBK. MINT in shrink warp. Dual French/ENglish text £25.00

46834 Kübelwagen/Schwimmwagen: A Visual History of the German Army's Multi-Purpose Vehicle (Visual History Series) / Dyle mint in shrink wrap. v wel ill inc colour £11.50

46835 History Of The Peninsula War Vol5 + 6 / Napier 2 volumes near mint hbks. The Constable Gold series, one the the best recent reprints. 1 postage price £14.50

46836 MANUAL OF DRIVING AND MAINTENANCE FOR MECHANICAL VEHICLES : WHEELED 1937. / - 560p. v well illus. VGC HBK original war office publication £15.00