New listings in our ebay store are Mantic Dreadball & Deadzone minis, Mythical Dungeons fantasy ruins, Lord of the Rings Battlegames magazines, White Dwarf magazines with included freebies; Star Wars, Dune, Battlestar Galactica jigsaws, lots of the White Dwarf Magazines free inserts - Aeronautica, Warcry, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus etc cards, supplement books, manual, WH AoS spellflux spire, and lots of magazines - Tabletop Insider (german language), Wargames Soldier & Strategy, Breaking War (spanish language), Battlegames, Military Illustrated, Airfix Model World, Practical Wargamer and Miniature Wargames. Dont forget we have 100s of items in stock including our own ranges of Fantasy Wild West Orcs, Goblins, Dwarfs, our WW2 desert rat inspired Orcs In Shorts and our newest Robyns Hoodies and the Sheriffs Henchmen minis. A few pics below and the link to the store