1st Corps
25mm Ancient Skythian Light Cavalry Command

Latest release towards our 25mm Ancient Skythian / Early Sarmatian or Saka range is the Light Cavalry Command.

SCY15 Light Cavalry Command £10.00

Supplied unpainted.

For the complete range so far…

Scythians & Early Sarmatians 700-150 BC

4 mounted figures £10.00

SCY01 Noble Cavalry I, Lance.
SCY02 Noble Cavalry I, Lance Half Barded Horse.
SCY03 Noble Cavalry I, Hand Weapon.
SCY04 Noble Cavalry I, Hand Weapon Half Barded Horse.
SCY05 Noble Cavalry Command I.
SCY06 Noble Cav Command I, Half Barded Horse.
SCY07 Noble Cavalry II, Lance Un Barded Horse.
SCY08 Noble Cavalry II, Lance Half Barded Horse.
SCY09 Noble Cavalry II, Hand Weapon Un Barded Horse.
SCY10 Noble Cavalry II, Hand Weapon Half Barded Horse.
SCY11 Noble Cavalry Command II.
SCY12 Noble Cav Command II, Half Barded Horse.
SCY13 Horse Archers Firing.
SCY14 Horse Archers Loading
SCY15 Light Cavalry Command NEW
SCY16 Levy Archers (8) £8.00