ARMIES OF THE CARLIST WARS 1833-1876/Esposito, G. Mint hardback 160p Illustrations on nearly every page, mostly in colour. A detailed description of the armies, their uniforms and equipment. £32.50

WHAT A COWBOY BUNDLE: Rules & Cards & FREE KNUCKLEDUSTER PEWTER MINIATURE-Includes rules, cards and a knuckleduster miniature. What a Cowboy is a set of fun wargames rules for gunfight in the Wild West, ideally between four and ten figures a side. Card set includes both the Game Deck and the Desperado Deck with sufficient cards for ten characters a side and all the Desperado cards needed to play. £34.50

SILVER BAYONET: The Carpathians: Castle Fier-Recruit new soldiers, face new foes, and explore the mysteries of the Carpathian Mountains in two new campaigns. Pre- order Price £13.50

SILVER BAYONET: Carpathians Bundle_ Supplement Plus 28mm Classic HIghwayman figure..  £14.35

GUNFIGHT ROYALE : Metal Figure edition- This game is essentially Gunfighter's Ball in a boardgame format with plastic cartoon figures. game includes: 20 x 20-inch Gameboard (508 x 508 mm), 13 metal playing pieces (12 gunfighters and one rider), 188 cards (characters, weapons and items, dirty tricks, scenarios, wounds, and reference), 6 Punch boards for tokens and wound chips, s £79.50

DEVIL BOATS: PT Boats In The Solomons-Compass Games. a tactical-level solitaire tabletop wargame that allows players to command a squadron of US Navy PT boats, fighting Japanese naval forces in the Solomon Islands during the second half of 1943. Includes a variety of IJN barges, destroyers, and aircraft, plus detailed weather, sea state, and PT boat damage modelling. High replay value. £68.50

FORGING THE LIGHTS: Development of British Light Infantry 1740-1782/McIntyre. 112p. Mint HBK. illus. This updated edition examines the development of light infantry in North America from their antecedents in the Hungarian irregular troops to the plains of North America where tactics were learned, forgotten, and renewed in the burgeoning Continental forces. This volume not only contains the history of light infantry, but some valuable documents that were used in its growth as a military formation. £25.00

We have as always some second-hand  Books and Rules

54054 Don Troiani's Gettysburg: 34 Masterful Paintings and Riveting History of the Civil War's Epic Battle / - 132pl near new large format all colour pbk £15.00

54055 Medieval Warfare: Rules for Medieval Battles 450–1515 Ad / Gore, Terry large format full colour Foundry hardback. near new with 2 laminated QRFS £50.00

54056 PANZER JAGER: GERMAN ANTI TANK BATTALIONS OF WWII / Davies 50p. VGC larger format pbk. Scarce Almark publication £29.50

54057 WAR GAMES RULES 3000BC-1485AD / - Good condition with WRF 3rd edition. 1971 £10.00

54058 HISTORY of Ireland: From the earliest period of the Irish annals, to the present time Volume 1 - 1543 / Wright 380p. Large format. Steel engravings. Half mock leather binding with marbled boards Wear to spine, internally excellent. Published Circa 1900 £45.00

54059 HISTORY of Ireland: From the earliest period of the Irish annals, to the present time Volume 2 - 1543- 1641 / Wright 380p. Large format. Steel engravings. Half mock leather binding with marbled boards Wear to spine, internally excellent. Published Circa 1900 £45.00

54060 Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066: organisation, tactics, dress and weapons / Heath, Ian first edition. VGC pbk £14.00

54061 UNIT ORGANIZATIONS OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR / Zimmermann VGC pbk 70- inc orbats for 6 major battles £16.00

54062 VIVAT HUSSAT 6) Souvenirs et Reflexions d'un Hussard Francais 1914-1918 / Marcel Chanoir FRENCH TEXT 220p. VGC pbk. Some photos. Revue de l'Association des ames du Musee International de Hussars is the Journal that has reprinted these unpublished memoirs £25.00

54063 DUTCH TROOPS OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY AND NAPOLEONIC WARS 1793-1810 / Street, G 320p. Near new original printing (with dust jacket), All colour illus £35.00

54064 ENSIGNES OF THE ENGLISH CIVIL WARS / Ede-Borrett, S 95p, GVC pbk. some colour illus £10.00

54065 DANISH AND NORWEGIAN ARMIES OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS / Street, George Near new original printing (Dust jacket). 200p. 16 Colour plates by Bob Marrion, 18 full colour Flags by Nick Buxey. Comprehensive study of te organisation and Uniforms of the armies £30.00

54066 CHARGE! OR HOW TO PLAY WARGAMES 🙁 C18th rules) / Young & Lawford Scarce US printing and cover £25.00

54067 J.E.B : Rules for the ACW / Bowden, Scotty VGC pbk. Scarce set of rules published by Minifigs USA. Includes some interesting notes £20.00

54068 WILLIAM DOBSON 1611-46 / - 100p. vgc pbk. well illus, some colour., Exhibition catalogue for this painter of ECW Royalist commanders £19.50

54069 CAMILLO RICCHIARDI, ITALIAN BOER WAR HERO. / - limited edition large format . number 309 near mint in worn slipcase £45.00

54070 General chronicle and literary magazine 1811 2) May- August / - 580p. ORIGINAL 1811 printing. Half leather, marbled boards (Front loose). Contains reports from Portugal, Military life of General Graham, extracts from despatches from around the Napoleonic wars plus a lot of interesting domestic snippets. Fascinating £49.50

54071 Guns in the Desert: General Jean-Pierre Doguereau's Journal of Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition / General Jean-Pierre Doguereaus & Brindle( 200p. new new hardback £59.50

54072 "Pro aris et focis" Considerations of the reasons that exist for reviving the use of the long bow with the pike in aid of the measures brought forward ... of the country by Richd. Oswald Mason Esqr / Mason hardback quality facsimile reprint of this 1798 classic. Incl pull out plates showing Tarleton-headed, armoured, half pike & Bow wielding soldier £15.00