New magnetic storage materials from Tiny Tin Troops

Following on from discussions on this and other forums we have assembled our new range of magnetic storage materials and they are now available for purchase on our website.



To the range of sheets we have been selling for some years (Magnetic and Flex-o-Metal) we have added a heavier & better iron impregnated sheet (Ferrosheet) and increased the range of pre-cut sizes we offer from one to three.

Due to a lucky sale at our suppliers we are actually LOWERING PRICES for the Flex-o-Metal and Ferrosheet products and adding bulk packs with even lower prices.

We now sell Flex-o-metal in the original size of 250x175mm (2 sheets fit any box file) only but both Magnetic and Ferrometal sheets come in that size plus A4 (295x205mm) and RUB (Really Useful Box 4 litre & 9 litre - 335x205mm). These proved to be the most requested sizes in our rather unscientific survey.

Prices start at £4 for two 250x175mm Ferrosheet and 8 sheets of RUB size will still only cost you £15. As with all our basing products, prices include shipping.


Tony of TTT