Five packs released into our classic 25mm / 28mm fantasy range by Alternative Armies 28mm High Fantasy Orcs. We are nearing the end of the OH line for releases and this time it is all of the core infantry for the Orcs to go alongside all of the Goblins, Hob Goblins, Mountain Orcs and more already on the website. These are OH08 Orc Desecrators (4 Orcs), OH09 Orc Command (3 Orcs), OH10 Orc Archers (4 Orcs), OH11 Orc Fanatics (4 Orcs) and OH12 Orc Elites (4 Orcs). There are now a total of twenty four different packs to choose from in the OH series. Read on for full details and remember a free Liche Lord in every November order! Thanks. GBS