It's time for yet more new releases.
We released the latest Napoleonic French releases at the Castle Donnington show and by the end of the weekend the fixture had been picked clean, so I think that there are one or two of you waiting for this latest batch which consists of:

French Grenadiers in Greatcoat, formed

and skirmishing... well as some splendid Guard Artillery, both Foot

and Horse.

You can see all the details and order some to swell your ranks if you CLICK HERE

There's more to come for the French, but before that we'll have some exciting news about our Great War ranges, so stay watching the News site over the next few days.

Finally and somewhat inevitably given the time of year, we have shows coming thick and fast, notably Fiasco at Leeds and Crisis at Antwerp.
If any of you have any orders for collection at these events, can you please get them into us as soon as you can so that we can cast them in good time.