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Things from the Basement, LLC is a manufacturer of highly detailed laser-cut HDF kits for 28mm, 20mm and 15mm figures. My name is Joerg Bender and I am the owner and designer.

As pictures tell more than words here are a few examples of my most popular ranges:

The Legend of Riverfield


Mediterranean Village

Russian Village



Feudal Japan


Border Reivers


Historic American Buildings



And lots, lots more!

In addition to that you will find complementary products from different companies. Mostly from Europe and not always easy to find in the US, such as:

- 28mm Pin-Up Girls
- Bartek's Pin-Up Card Sets
- Gamer's Grass
- Stoessi's Heroes
- Heer 46 (special order only)
- Tiny Tales Studio

Things from the Basement is located in the USA.

Here is how we handle international orders:
Please send us an email containing the items you would like to order. We will then check the available shipping options and email you a shipping quote. After you have received this quote you decide if you want to place an order.

As shipping of heavy HDF kits outside the US can get expensive very quickly, here is some good news:

Things from the Basement has partnered up with 4Ground as one of their Indie Designers!Some of the kits are available via 4Ground or retailers who stock their products. As a bonus these kits come pre-painted 4Ground style!
See what’s available HERE