The evolution of the Painting Station Light continues. This new version features two strips of lights and is about 4" taller than the original Painting Station lights. If you have a GCmini Portable Painting Station, you really need to get this add on. The light it provides you when painting is very helpful. The extra 4" in height does not sound like a lot, but it's a real game changer. Having a little extra working room under the light makes a difference you will notice right away.


Check out the new Painting Station Light by clicking here

The new WWII Air Combat game Blood Red Skies is released and in stock at GCmini.

Blood Red Skies is the new World War II mass air combat game from Warlord Games, written by renowned game developer Andy Chambers. Packed with everything you need to play this fast paced air combat game, the Blood Red Skies starter set does what it says on the tin.

To check out the entire line of Blood Red Skies, including all of the expansion packs, click here.