Over the last few months we have responded to customers requests to expand our extensive range of storage accessories designed to work with Really Useful Boxes. The driver behind this product range is allowing hobbyists to store the maximum amount of miniatures in the minimum amount of space using the ever popular really useful box plastic boxes.

The range consists of trays that are available in 35mm, 50mm, 70mm and 100mm heights.

Inserts for every bases size and shape imaginable and if we don't stock the insert for your base size we always add it to our catalogue on request.

Accessories such as self adhesive steel vinyl to work with magnetic bases, variable dividers, component trays, paint pot and bottle inserts, index card boxes and complete storage solutions for games like Zombicide, Shadespire, Conan, Sails of Glory, Wings of Glory, X-Wing and many more.

This month we have added trays and inserts to fit the huge UK / European 20 Litre Under Bed RUB and the US 8 Litre, 8.1 Litre and 14 Litre RUB.