Hello, all!
Our trade sales manager, Elton, has written a game. It's called Goblin Civil War (GCW for short). It's a alternative-history game, inspired by the politics and mid-war tech of the Spanish Civil War, but it's fought out by Goblins.

Scaled for platoon play, with lots of tactical trade offs in the army list contractions and built into the game-play.

This is a collaboration of three companies: us at Scotia Grendel provide the moulding and casting, Elton has written the game and sculpted 99% of the models (minus the dogs, which are by Arron Howdle at Iron Hammer who has also provided all the very cool artwork), and Chris Abbey Sally 4th is providing the vital help of publishing/promotion and huge reams of experience running successful Kickstarters.

So if this interests you, please click the links below to register interest and be kept abreast of the game as it develops, and who knows, there might be early register-only figures and competitions.

FB Group
Scotia Grendel Website