A few weeks back we previewed our new 15mm Research Base buildings. The models are now all ready to go and are available from the website today. I’ve painted up a set in bright orange colours as an Arctic base, but the models could equally be used as a base in any other setting – jungle, mountain, desert etc. The buildings would also make a good Nissen Hut replacement for airbases or barracks.


The Research Base set includes a command centre, two accommodation blocks, a garage block and storage shed, along with some clutter pieces such as a small container and storage boxes. The four buildings are also available individually.


We don’t have any suitable civilian vehicles to go with the base, so for these photos I painted up an unarmed Neo-Soviet Laska tankette as a small tracked explorer vehicle.



Although for space reasons we won’t be bringing the rest of the 15mm buildings range, we’ll have some stock of these at Cavalier on Sunday. We will also have some of the new 6mm PacFed and Polish infantry, as well as all of our other new releases from this year.


As an added extra, we’ll have limited numbers of some Angel Barracks 6mm figures, in particular the new 30-figure character set.