Here's the list of this week's releases you have all been eagerly awaiting:

H26585 WARGAMES FOUNDRY COMPENDIUM & PAINTING GUIDE Volume 1) / - near mint large format paperback. nearly all colour photos . NOT the volume with pirates etc (we have that too!) £49.50

H26586 SONS OF MARS : RULES FOR GLADIATORIAL COMBAT / - large format full colour paperback. combat system in Sons of Mars aims to take the fighting beyond simple dice rolling and leans toward a more tactical approach. With a combination of 13 different actions and 30+ abilities the players, not the dice gods, will have the most control over how the battles on the sands of the arena unfold£19.50

H26587 Dietrich's Ghosts - geab16 - flames of war / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES Post free world wide. new release all shipping now £44.50

H26588 122mm Artillery Battery (SBX49) - flames of war / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES post free worldwide £21.50

H26589 M3 Stuart Tank Company (SBX43) - flames of war / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES post free worldwide £26.50

H26590 M3 Lee Tank Company (SBX42)- flames of war / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES Post free worldwide £26.50

H26591 Valentine Tank Company (SBX41)- flames of war / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES Post free world wide £26.50

H26592 EVOLUTION OF THE TANK: A RECORD OF ROYAL NAVAL SERVICE CATERPILLAR EXPERIMENTS / Sueter, Rear Admiral Sir Murray Mint paperback reprint of a 1941 publication. 452pp. : Admiral Murray Sueter played a personal role in the development of the tank, and for that reason is a little partisan in parts of this account. However the advantage to the reader lies in the story of the development of armoured fighting vehicles from the point of view of a participant. The book tells of the birth of the idea through to use in battle. A further important factor is that is this edition covers tank development up to the Second World War, and the author has expanded his original to include comments on foreign tanks and anti-tank methods£39.50

H26593 French Foreign Légionnaire vs Viet Minh Insurgent / Windrow, Martin Osprey CBT 36 SHIPPING NOW £11.50

H26594 ETRUSCANS 9th?"2nd Centuries BC / - Osprey Elite 223 SHIPPING NOW £11.50

H26595 British Ironclads 1860?"75 HMS Warrior and the Royal Navy's 'Black Battlefleet / Konstam, Angus Osprey NVG 262 - SHIPPING NOW £10.00

H26596 LUGER / Grant, Neill OSPREY WPN 64 Shipping now £10.00

H26597 Operation Linebacker II 1972 : The B-52s are sent to Hanoi / - Osprey AIr Campaign SHIPPING NOW £12.99

H26598 LEIPZIG, Narrative of the Most Remarkable Events which Occurred In and Near / Shoberl, Frederickk F SHOBERL. 110p. pbk facsimile reprint 0f 1814 ENglish edition.. FEW ONLY, may have slight she;f wear £8.50

H26599 HISTORY OF THE 1800 CAMPAIGN : Marengo and the war in Italy / Duke de Valmy 113p. large format paperback. maps. The Only English translation. The author was the son of General Kellerman and grandson of the Duke who took his name from his victorious battle £25.00

H26600 1811 BRITISH INVASION OF JAVA / Saxe-Weimer-Eisenach, Duke & Thorn, Maj w 60p large format pbk. maps. Only Eglish edition translation. The British capture of Java from French Dutch and Native Troops. The editor makes a good case for this being largely based on Thorn's scarce English account £15.00


47107 WAR OF 1812: A CAMPAIGN GUIDE TO THE WAR WITH AMERICA 1812-1814 / Asquith 200p. MInt hardback with very slight knock. All colour ilus inc uniform plates by Bob Marrios £29.50

47108 Great Tank Scandal: Part 1: British Armour in the Second World War / Fletcher, David near fine but faded spine 140p. large foremat pbk. v well ilus. Important and scarce study £50.00

47109 Redcoats: The British Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars / Haythornthwaite 200p MInt harback £5.00

47110 Wellington's Redjackets: The 45th (Nottinghamshire) Regiment on Campaign in South America and the Peninsula, 1805-14 / Brown, Steve new hardback 295p. illus £9.25

47111 Adventures of Serjeant Benjamin Miller: Whilst Serving in the 4th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Artillery 1796 to 1815 / Miller, B near mint 40p interesting detail. served in Egypt £7.50

47112 Jena Campaign: 1806-The Twin Battles of Jena & Auerstadt Between Napoleon's French and the Prussian Army / Maude, Col FN mint hardback. 190p £6.50

47113 Small Unit Action in Vietnam, Summer 1966 / West, Cpt. USMCR Good condition hardback 140p. great source for scenarios £6.50

47114 WARGAMING NINETEENTH CENTURY EUROPE 1815-1878 / Thomas, Neil 185p. Mint but with slight crease to back of jacket £16.50

47115 French Infantry Flags from 1786 to the end of the First Empire / Letrun 190p. large format all colour mint hardback £16.50

47116 English Civil War, 1642-1651: An Illustrated Military History / Haythornthwaite large format VGC Hardback. well ill in colour. Still essential ECW reading £5.00

47117 FIELD OF GLORY Rules 1ST EDITION / - near fine Hardback £12.50

47118 PRUSSIAN Fusiliers of the War of the War of Austrian Succession and Seven Years War: Uniforms, Organisation and Equipment / Summerfield, Dr S MINT original printing but with damage to rear of jacket £35.00

47119 Samurai Armour: Volume I: The Japanese Cuirass / Absolon near mint very large format hardback. 350p. largely full colour illus £26.50

47120 Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars: Soldiers, Strategies, Armaments, Movements and Battles / Chandler, David 560p. Very good condition hardback£18.50

47121 Weapons and Equipment of the Napoleonic Wars / Haythornthwaite near mint hbk 190p. v well ill £6.00

47122 Siege Warfare: the Fortress in the Early Modern World, 1494-1660 / Duffy, Christopher 290p. large format hardback. near fine . v well illus £9.50


47124 Art of the Toy Soldier / Kurtz & Ehrlich 330p. Very very large format near mint hardback. Colour photos of pre-war Toy soldiers on nearly every page. British and EUropean Manufacturers. NOTE- DOUBLE USUAL FLAT RATE POSTAGE £19.50

47125 NAVAL WAR OF 1812 / Roosevelt, Theodore reprint in 2 large format pbk volumes. 250p near mint. il £9.50

47126 ANGLIA REDIVIVA: Being the History of the Motions, Actions and Successes of the Army under the conduct of Sir Thomas Fairfax / Sprigge Paperback facsimile reprint in five volumes, 1994.Original publication date 1854. Near mint£12.50

47127 Moltke and his Generals: A Study in Leadership / Barry 230p mint hardback £13.50

47128 VOICE FROM WATERLOO: A French Officer's account of the campaign / - near fine pbk. 20pages of small text. AUthor unknown but was a high ranking officer in the Bourbon army in 1918 £5.00

47129 FIRST BRITISH ARMY 1624-28 / Spring, Laurence Near mint hardback. The Duke of Buckingham's army . 290p £13.50

47130 Culloden: Scotland's Last Battle and the Forging of the British Empire / Royle, T 400p. near mint HBK. illus £5.00

47131 UTTOXETER IN THE CIVIL WAR / Cooper, D 108p near fine large format paperback. illus inc colour £13.50

47132 Napoleonic Armies - Wargamer's Campaign Directory, 1805-1815 / Johnson near mint 150p. HBK orbats, battles etc £23.50

47133 In the Legions of Napoleon: The Memoirs of a Polish Officer in Spain and Russian 1808-1813 / Brandt, H Von mint hardback £9.50

47135 SOLDATS NAPOLEONIENS 2nd series issue 8 / - large fornat all colour uniform plates, photos of uniforms. FRENCH TEXT magazine. several articles but the main one is on FRENCH PONTOONIERS £15.00

47136 SOLDATS NAPOLEONIENS 1st series issue 23 / - mint in shrtink wrap. FRench text all colour illus etc. various article, this issue concenrating on Bavarian Cavalry £19.50