December New Releases

• ACPBS09 ILR Special Assault Troop £30 GBP
An 8 figure unit box set.
ILR Special Assault troops are highly trained and are equipped with the latest weapon systems and tactical battle armour.
The Squad Consists of:
1 x Squad Leader armed with MP 197 Machine Pistol
1 x MG 189/2 Light Machine Gun
1 x R 201 Support Rifle
1 x AW 191 with under-slung Grenade Launcher
4 x AW 201 Assault Rifles

• ACPC05 ILR Character Captain Tasta £6 GBP
Character model of influential Intel Analyst, Captain Tasta of the ILR
• ACP25 ILR Special Assault Reinforcements £12 GBP(3 Miniatures)
• ACP 24 EDF Automatic Grenade Launcher & Operator £8 GBP

The EDF's tripod mounted automatic grenade launcher brings heavy support to the front line.
The miniature range has been digitally sculpted, and the figures are supplied as multi-piece metal castings to allow a wide variety of troop type to be depicted. The miniatures have been designed to overcome many of the problems associated with multi-piece metal castings. Heads are cast with a neck that finishes in a pin that locates in a hole in the body; where possible pairs of arms are cast as a pair holding a weapon with pins at tops of arms that locate into holes in shoulders. This ensures that components align perfectly and are easy to glue together. Figures supplied with 25mm plastic slotta-base.