Both are young ladies. Thorrun is keen to prove her worth, although too keen, which means she seems to often put herself and her friends in danger. She needs some lessons from Brynhildr, who is much calmer with her huge axe, but more deadly.
Jarl Letty is the the most fearsome Warlor- WarLADY in the North. Foreigners may mock the hordes led by a “tiny girl”, but they aren’t laughing when her cunning and natural flair for warfare has them begging for their lives. Whilst her peers are playing in the mud and chasing chickens, Letty prefers the company of the ale swilling warriors, though she herself quietly sips goat’s milk and prepares for her next raid.
Both out now, go get em ...cowboys?

All sculpted by Alan Marsh (what a guy!) and painted by Paul Cubbin (also a guy!)
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