Boon Town Metals are thrilled to announce the release of our latest 15mm range, the degenerate mutants, known throughout the galaxy as the “Warp Renegades”.

Currently available in 4 packs of 5 unique, white metal miniatures, these are intended to add a real “old school” fun feel to your table-top

You can find these, along with our other current ranges here

These miniatures were great fun to sculpt and even more fun to paint. I’m really happy about how they came out (and I say that as a very amateur painter) – these were all painted with very cheap craft shop acrylics, each shaded and highlighted with our own range of inks and glazes. The glazes are still in the experimental stages (but seem very promising), but the inks are available on the site for a bargain basement price of £1.25 per bottle.

We have also added a new pack to the Sci-Fi Dwarf Clansmen line, a random selection of 6 miniatures (mainly riflemen) to bulk out your forces. Available in store for a slightly reduced price compared to the standard packs





Finally, please note that the T-26 Walker for the Dwarf Hearthguard range is in need of being re-moulded.

Hopefully, I will have this done in a couple of weeks and I can add these back into the store.

Until next time,