Today we've released several new 15mm detachment packs for the Hammer's Slammers:The Crucible ruleset. The Alaudae Legion is a Frankish armoured unit which uses mainly French built hover vehicles, but with some new hybrid hovertanks utilising Hiroseke-built turrets. We have three detachment options for the Alaudae, each consisting of eight elements.

The West Riding Yeomanry use similar vehicles but with different turrets and armament. The Strike Detachment pack has 10 elements - seven vehicles and three infantry teams.

Each detachment pack includes vehicles, infantry, crew figures, stowage packs, infantry bases and other accessories to make a complete HS force.

Detachment Packs
HS15-201 - West Riding Yeomanry Strike Detachment - £62.00
HS15-301 - Alaudae Armoured Detachment - £75.00
HS15-302 - Alaudae Heavy Armoured Detachment - £66.00
HS15-303 - Alaudae Infantry Detachment - £47.00

New Vehicles
HS15-414 – Larminat Heavy Tank – £11.00
HS15-415 – Shamont Hovertank – £8.00
SF15-401f – Weygand Missile Tank – £8.00
SF15-401g – Montsabert Gatling Tank – £8.00