A small list of stuff, and a quick note to say that CALIVER BOOKS will, as ever, be operating during lockdown.
Stay Safe, Stay Sane

H28963 Maneuver and Battle in the Mexican Revolution: 4) REBIRTH / Jansen 560p. mint pbk. The campaigns of 1915 & battles such as Celaya, El Ébano, and Trinidad £25.00
H28964 Strategy and Tactics of the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1915 / Jansens 290p. mint pbk. The slow spread and evolution of the fighting and tactics and how the Constitutionalists finally defeated Villa and Zapata £14.90
H28965 WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 47 / - 6 copies unearthed FREE QUATRE BRAS WARGAME and special also: Bastognes, making Spanish Houses; etc £7.00
H28966 IN DEO VERITAS - CAPTAIN GENERAL Wargaming the Age of Marlborough and the Great Northern War Series / Philip Garton 40p. 20 colour photos, 4 colour maps, numerous tables. 6-15mm gaming You will need IN DEO VERITAS to play this supplement £12.50
H28969 Maneuver and Battle in the Mexican Revolution 5) DEATH / Jansens 520p. mint pbk. Death of Villa's Army of the North, £25.00
H28970 BelloLudi Rifles : Skirmish rules 1860-1914 / - From 2- 40 players 20+ figures, 15mm, 28mm, 54,mmm etc £16.50
H28971 WITCHIN' HOUR / - Hardcover large format full colour hardback. A skirmish wargame that pits Witch Hunters and their retinues of righteous men against foul Witches and their henchmen. Medieval through to the C17th Century £29.50
H28972 WITCHIN' HOUR MEDIEVAL BUNDLE: / - Main rules plus a sprue each of NORTH STAR 28mm plastic SOLDIERS and CULTISTS £39.50