Lots of stuff below for you this week.

H29103 PAMWE CHETE : THE LEGEND OF THE SELOUS SCOUTS / Reid-Daly near fine large format pbk Bound POD copy, £63.50

H29104 BY SWORDS DIVIDED: CORFE CASTLE IN THE CIVIL WAR / Norman 80p. illus. Mint pbk £7.50

H29105 La Garde Imperiale 1804-1815 / Fallou 1975 facsimile of 1901 edition. Very large tome. 430+ illustrations Near fine in library style jacket. Ex- Libris CS Grant (signed) £125.00

H29106 ROYALIST BUT... Herefordshire in the English Civil War / Ross 190p. The city during the war including the six week siege and attack in December 1645 £12.99

H29107 CAVALIER STRONGHOLD: LUDLOW IN THE ENGLISH CIVIL WARS / Barratt Barratt, J 128p. well ill pbk Latest in a long line of superb ECW books by John. £10.00

H29108 ELEMENTS OF FIELD FORTIFICATION 1783 / Lochee, L. Master Royal, Military Academy 170p. 8 pull out plans. 1 only Facsimile of this classic Napoleonic How To. Printed on cream laid paper and hand bound, ideal re-enactment prop. Redoubts, Fortifying villages, Loop-holeing churches etc etc £35.00

H29109 UNIFORMES ALBUM 8 issues 61-66 (Inc British F-I infantry by EMbleton and French 1643 Infantry by Petard) / - - French Language magazine, (see Gazette of uniforms for other volumes)... Almost fine., damage to bottom of spine Hardback. . v well illus in colour. Largely C18th - C19th uniforms and weapons £47.50


H29111 UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE / Mollo, John & Boris 1 only very scarce near fine v well illus pbk. slight damage to spine £85.00

H29112 WILLIAM BAILLIE's VINDICATION : AN ANATOMY OF THE BATTLE OF KILSYTH 1645 (With Munro's ABRIDGEMENT OF EXERCISE FOR THE YOUNG SOLDIER, HIS BETTER INSTRUCTION / Reid, Stuart 128p. illus hardback. General Baillie insisted on calling a court of enquiry so he could give a detailed account of his actions.. This unique C17th dissection of how a General organised and fought a battle, coupled with Monro's drill book for embattling in the Swedish style, builds to create a rare narrative of not just what happened in the battle, but also how it was fought. Includes detailed analysis of both armies £25.00

H29113 SCOTS CIVIL WAR BATTLE BUNDLE: DUNBAR & KILSYTH / Reid, Stuart 2 illus Hardbacks - STuart'sNew book containing Bailllie's account + his edited version of CS Firth's Study of DUNBAR. £39.99

H29114 BELGIANS IN THE HABSBURG ARMY: Regiments and Military Personnel of the Austrian Netherlands, 1756-1815 / Colson 416p, Larfe format Hardback , approx. 1200 colour photographs and illustrations,. portraits, colour battle plans, weapons, pieces of equipment and uniforms. Important and sumptuous contribution to a study of the Austrian Army during the Seven Years, Revolutionary and Napolenic Wars £95.00

H29115 WARS OF THE ROSE GAZETTEER : LANCASHIRE / Jones & Pritchard 52p. 100+ colour coats of arms plus other illus. . People places and events by country £7.50

H29116 WARS OF THE ROSE GAZETTEER : LEICESTERSHIRE & RUTLAND / Jones & Pritchard 60p. 100+ colour coats of arms & other illus. . People places and events by country £7.50

H29117 WARS OF THE ROSE GAZETTEER : CITY OF LONDON, ESSEX & MIDDLESEX / Jones & Pritchard 80p 100+ colour coats of arms plus other illus. . People places and events by country £8.95


H29119 STARGRAVE: Science Fiction Wargames in the Ravaged Galaxy / McCullogh Space version of FROSTGRAVE. Released April £18.99



50081 HISTORY of the campaign of 1792, between the armies of France under Generals Dumourier, Valence, &c. and the allies under the Duke of Brunswick; . / Money 300p. facsimile of 1794 edition. near mint pbk £15.00

50082 Swords Around a Throne: Napoleon's Grande Armee / Elting P.back.750p. Paperback.Like new Small creasing to cover. £14.95

50083 TANKS AND HOW TO DRAW THEM / Cuneo 62p. original 1945 printing. VGC hardback,no jacket. £37.50

50084 T-34 IN ACTION / Drabkin & Seremet Hardback, pub.2006, 184 pages. illus . Mint condition. £7.00

50085 Tackle Model Soldiers This Way / Featherstone Hardback.Publ. 1963. 128 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Book cond. very good. Dust cover tatty. £35.00

50086 T-34 in action - Armor No. 20 / Squadron/Signal publications Paperback.Publ. 1981.50 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. good £10.00

50087 TACTICAL REALITY AN UNCOMMON LOOK AT COMMON SENSE FIREARMS TRAINING AND TACTICS / Awerbuck, Lewis Paperback, large. 1999, 258 pages. Good condition, some shelf wear, interior fine. B&W photographs throughout. £22.50

50088 Sword in Two Hands: A Full Colour Training Guide for the Medieval Longsword Based on Fiore Di Liberi's "Fior Di Battaglia": Interpretations / Price, Brian R. Hardback.Publ. 2007. 257 pages. Illustrated throughout with full colour illustrations. Cond. new book.Unread, but ex. display. Slight surface scratch marks. £80.00

50089 Sword Of The Samurai: The Classical Art of Japanese Swordsmanship / Paculski, George R. Paperback.Publ. 1985. 129 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. very good. Crease down centre of front cover. £10.35

50090 TALES FROM THE KING'S AFRICAN RIFLES / Nunneley, John. Hardback.Publ. 2000. 213 pages.Some bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. good. Ex. library. £17.50

50091 TACTICA II _-2nd edition Ancient Rules Inc Lists / Conliffe, Arty. Mint.New rules, but a couple of pages loose from the wire binding £25.00

50092 Tabletop Wargames: A Designers' and Writers' Handbook / Priestley & Lambshead. Paperback.Publ. 2016. 157 pages. Illustrated throughout with colour illustrations. Cond.mint. £7.56

50093 MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR : UNIFORM PAINTING GUIDE TO THE MEXICAN & US ARMIES / OUTPOST Large format colour paperback. Diagrammatic uniforms showing facing and lace colours £15.00

50094 Tans, Terror & Troubles: Kerry's Real Fighting Story 1913-23 / Dwyer Ryle P/BK, PUB2001, 399 P, VERY GOOD CONDITION, slight marking to cover £12.50

50095 TEXT BOOK ON FORTIFICATION ETC FOR THE USE OF THE ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE, SANDHURST 1884 / Phillips, Col. G Pbk, modern reprint of 1884 original, 226 pages. VG condition. £10.50

50096 Tempest Over Mexico / Rosa E King. H.back Publ. 1936.First ed. Ex. lib.Cond. very good. £30.00

50097 Tamerlane: Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World / Marozzi Near mint hardback. £5.75

50098 Spad Two-seat Fighters of World War I (Flying Machines Press) / HERRIS JACK PAPER BK, PUB 2005,P 192, BLK &WHI ,COLOUR ILLUSTRATED, AS NEW.(Small crease to corner of front cover.) £0.00

50101 Swifter Than Eagles: The Biblical Middle East at War: No. 9 (Field of Glory) / Field of Glory Gaming Companion. Paperback.Publ. 2009. 84 pages. Illustrated throughout with full colour illustrations. Cond. new.Mint. £5.50

50102 HOW TO PAINT 1/72nd MILITARY VEHICLES / - 120p. large format full colour pbk. New but with shelf wear WWII & POST WWII £20.00

50103 UNITAF in Somalia: Vehicles of 'Restore Hope' 1993 / Beldam large format pbk of captioned photos, many in colour £16.95

50104 Panzer Vor! 3: German Armor At War 1939-45: German Armor at War 1936-1945 / De Sisto large format pbk Concord series. Mint but slight tear to spine. Repaired £15.00

50105 WARGAMING IN HISTORY VOLUME 10 (supplement) : THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY : - ADDITIONAL DATA. - / DREWENKIEWICZ (J.) & A.POOLE VGC Pbk but with damage to spine. There is always too much to put into one book. Additional data not immediately needed for the wargames. LIMITED RUN ONLY £7.50

50106 RAISING OF THE IRONSIDES / Firth, CH 60 page article in TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY 1899. Raisng, equipment, etc £25.00

50107 Elements Of Modern Tactics: Practically Applied To English Formations 1894 (8th ed) / Shaw, Lt Col the original 1894 printing 500p. 32 pull out maps. well thumbed!! Designed for officers & NCOS. Inc. V. very detailed tactical studies for pre-trench European warfare £49.50

50109 Sturmgeschutz III (Stug III) Assault Gun Manual: Ausführung A to G (Sd.Kfz.142) (Enthusiasts' Manual) / Haynes Hdbk, pub. 2019, 172 pages, colour and b&w photographs. Mint. £13.50

50110 Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär: 18 (Photosniper) Mucha, Krzysztof,Karmieh, Samir,GÅ‚adysiak, / Mucha, Krzysztof,Karmieh, Samir,GÅ‚adysiak, Paperback.Publ. 2015. Illustrated throughout full colour illustrations. Cond. mint. £27.00

50111 Strategy and Tactics of Air Fighting [unknown_binding] / Stewart Hardback.Publ. 1925 195 pages. Some bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond.good. £55.00

50112 Sue Laflin-Barker's Start Ancient Wargaming with DBA 3.0 / ed. Curry, John. The complete latest edition Rules WITHOUT the army lists but with a guide on how to play accompanied by a useful talk through of a battle . Ideal, given the latest hardback is once again unavailable!! £12.50

50113 Sunk and Damaged : Royal Navy Casualities in World War 2 / Kemp, Paul J. Pbk, pub. 1997, 138 pages, b&w photographs throughout. Like new cond, light shelf wear. £6.50

50114 Sun Tzu and the Art of Modern Warfare / Kemp, Paul J. H.back. pub. 2001, 304 pages, b&w photographs. Like new cond, Light shelf wear. £8.40

50115 SWEDISH REVOLUTION UNDER GUSTAVUS VASA / watsoin 300p. 1889 hardback ed. Ex-; Belmont Abbey library. VGC. Classic study of Sweden in the early C16th £27.50

50116 Subaltern Officer: A Narrative / Wood, Captain George near mint hbk. The author, a subaltern of the 82nd Regiment, gives a vivid description of daily garrison life, the exhausting trekking from place to place, and at the sites of such famous campaigns and sieges as Ciudad Rodrigo, St. Sebastian, Vittoria and as a reserve brigade in the battle of Nivelle. This edition is limited to 300 copies only £20.00

50117 SWORD AND THE FLAME COLONIAL RULES 3RD EDITION / - Boxed set of the sought after rules. Revised edition plus supplemental rules in one, + Sets of QRF. Missing plastic figures and regular card deck and dice. Wear to box on front £32.50

50118 Waffen SS in Russia 1941-44: Concord 6535 / Fowler, William K Paperback.Publ. 2012. 52 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. and colour illustrations. Cond. new.Ex. display. Near mint. £20.00

50119 Operation Little Saturn: Infantry Battles of Heeresgruppe Sud December .Concord 6530 / Fowler, William K Paperback.Publ. 2010. 252 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. and colour illustrations. Cond. new.Ex.display.Near mint. £17.50

50120 DON TROIANIS CIVIL WAR / Davis & Troiani 190p large format VGC hardback. all colour illus. by this well known artist £8.50

50121 STRATEGY OF THE SEVEN WEEKS WAR 1866 / Major A.D. Gillespie Addison P.back. reprint 43 pages. Publ.2000. Bl. and wh. illustrations. Pull out map. Cond. new. Slight shelf edge wear. £11.75

50122 SHORT VICTORIOUS WAR : Russo-Japanese war. The Russo-Japanese Conflict 1904-5 / Walder David H/BK, PUB 1974, 321 P, Slight yellowing of pages £7.50

50123 Struggle for a Vast Future: The American Civil War by Ospr / Sheehan-Dean, Aaron. Hardback.Publ. 2006. 272 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new. Mint.Looks unread. £20.00

50124 Strategic Survey 1986-87 -IISS / - P.back.Covers strategic policy issues-the challenge of democracy Publ.1987.Cond. like new £14.00

50125 STRATEGY OF SADOWA / C. Holmes Wilson P.back.-pamphlet booklet.24 pages.Cond. new. £6.00

50126 Stuart Tracts 1603-1693: An English Garner. / Firth, C. H. Hardback, facsimile, published 1964, 550 pages. Like new. £35.00

50127 Studies in the Napoleonic Wars: 6 (Napoleonic library) / Oman, Sir Charles. Hardback.Publ. 1987. 284 pages. Cond. like new. Dust cover is faded. Looks unread. £13.00

50128 Stuart Light Tank In Action (12055) / Doyle and Ervin Paperback. 80 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. Near mint. £55.00

50129 Stug. Abt. 197 ( Sturmgeschutz - Abteilung 197 ) / Munch, Karlheinz Hardback, pub. 2007, 320 pages, heavily illustrated. New, mint. £145.00

50130 Dead Was Everything: Studies in the Anglo-Zulu War / Smith, Keith. Hardback. Publ. 2014. 292 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. Mint. £4.75

50131 Buccaneer King: The Story of Captain Henry Morgan / Thomas,Graham. Hardback. Publ. 2014. 228 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new. Mint. £4.00

50132 War in East Africa 1939-1943: From the Campaign Against Italy in British Somaliland to Operation Ironclad, the Invasion of Madagascar (Despatches from the Front) / Grehan & Mace. Hardback.Publ. 2015. 253 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new. Mint. £6.00

50133 Monte Cassino: A German View / Bohmler, Rudolf Hd.back.314 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. mint. £6.50

50134 KUROPATKIN'S CAMPAIGN IN THE RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR 1904-5: A PERSONAL ACCOUNT / - large format 140p. near mint pbk. Important eyewitness account £20.00

50135 Information in War; Its Acquisition and Transmission / Furse, Col Print on demand. Facsimile from 1895 original.323 pages. Cond. new. Ex. display. Slight shelf edge wear. facsimile pbk manual of scouting, reconnaissance, light cavalry, spies etc etc. fascinating study of the art of intelligence in war. Uses examples from the ACW and Franco-Prussian war £18.00

50136 ITALIAN CAMPAIGN OF 1859: THE CAMPAIGN, BATTLES & EQUIPMENT / Summerfield, S. (ed) 130p. v well ill inc olour. Chapters cover the contending armies, a contemporary assessment of the campaign by Major Miller, additional chapters by Ralph Weaver of the Continental Wars Society.Ex. display. Slight shelf edge wear. £14.00