BORDERS OF BLOOD: Wargaming The Paraguayan War 1864-1870

Barone, Very large format full colour paperback. Rules and scenarios for any scale of figures. Includes photos and Painting Guides from the collection of the Perry Twins.

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FORGOTTEN BATTLES IN FRANCE & GERMANY: January - April 1945-Heath, Peter 23 scenarios, and 88 pages. Lots of background campaign details, Unit organisations, new troop type lists, guns and Armour. Bibliography of titanic proportions...

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RAVENFEAST: Viking Age Rules . Full-colour pbk, 36 pages designed by the team at LittleWarsTV as a gateway game for new players who want to try historical wargaming. Set in the Dark Ages, you'll lead a band of Viking raiders to pillage and burn your way across Saxon England with free rules, tutorials, scenarios, and videos to support the game. Just £7.50

NEVER GREATER SLAUGHTER: Brunanburh and the Birth of England

Livingstone. M, 224 pages well ill HBK. Late in AD 937, four armies met in a place called Brunanbur Generations later it was simply called the 'great battle,' but its location has been lost for centuries. Today, an extraordinary amateur and professional effort, uniting enthusiasts, historians, archaeologists, linguists, and other researchers may well have found the battle site of Brunanburh. This new book describes the discovery and delves into the battle. £18.50

BACK IN PRODUCTION OR NEW: Panzer IV/70 Platoon (GBX160) Flames of War 15mmIncludes five plastic Panzer IV/70 (7.5cm) or Jagpanzer IV Assault Guns and one Decal Sheet £30.00

Brummbär Assault Tank Platoon (GBX164). £25.95

Panzerwerfer 42 Battery (GBX165). £25.9

Armoured AA Tank Platoon (GBX166). £24.95

Ju 87 Stuka Flight (GBX173)

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ABSOLUTE EMPEROR: Napoleonic Wargame Rules from OSPREY

Absolute Emperor is a mass battle wargamel. SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE Just £10.00

AT THE POINT OF A BAYONET: The Peninsular War Battles of Arroyomolinos and Almaraz 1811-1812Griffith, R 204 pages 58 b/w photos & illustrations, 8pp colour plates, 9 b/w maps. Rowland Hill was one of the Duke of Wellington’s most trusted subordinates, known for caring deeply for the welfare of his men, but the battles of Arroyomolinos (1811) and Almaraz (1812) show that he was far more than just ‘Daddy Hill’ and a safe pair of hands. £19.99

Les Suisses Au Service De La France 1715-1820Jouineau 80p. Hardback. 450+ all colour uniforms & Flags. Some French text

PRICE: £22.50

H29235 SAATYLAISPUKU suomessa vanhemmalla Vaasa-Ajalla, 1550-1620. : The costume of the nobility, Clergy and burghers in the earlier Vasa period, 1550-1620). Pylkkanen, R.: / Pylkkanen, R.: 500p. very well illustrated FINNISH TEXT , small section in English . Good condition only 1956 pbk. SWEDISH & FINNISH COSTUME £92.50

H29238 Napoleon's Last Grande Armee: Portraits from the 1813 Campaign / Unhey 360p. very large format high quality ltd edition full colour. 1 only MInt but very slight shelf wear £345.00

H29240 MEMOIRS OF BARON DE MARBOT / Butler & Marbot Near fine half leather original 1893 printing . marbled boards, bright tooled spine slight foxing Super copy for it's age. 700p. single volume edition £59.50

H29242 Memoirs of the Empress Josephine, with anecdotes of the courts of Navarre and Malmaison / - 2 volume original 1828 printing. Very worn half leather and marbled boards. Damage to spine. Internally very sound. 1 set only £85.00

H29246 Treatise containing the practical Part of Fortification. In Four parts. I. The Theory of Walls. II. The Knowledge of the Materials. III. The Manner of tracing a Fortress on the Ground. IV. The method of Building Aquatics. Harbours, Quays, W. 1774 edition (ORIGINAL PRINTING) / Muller 320p well ill. 3rd edition original 1774 printing . 28 Pull outs complete, Lacks boards. In two parts still attached to spine. Almost disbound. Very useful for Seven Years war, War of Independence & Napoleonic artillery studies £295.00


H29254 TYPHOON Mks IA, F, Mk IB & FR Mk IB Aircraft / Minister of Aircraft Production int paperback reprint of a 1944 publication. 314pp. : The Typhoon got a deserved reputation in 1944-45 as a tank destroyer. This is a reprint in full of AP 1804A Volume I which covers the early Marks of the aircraft. The book gives complete details of every aspect of the aircraft. £30.00


Second hand - New in


50310 SAGA OF THE SAMURAI 6) SHINGEN: THE LAST CAMPAIGN / Solum nera mint. slight tear to cover (complete set in stock new) £29.50

50311 Russia in the Age of Peter the Great / Hughes, Lindsey Hdbk, pub. 1998, 602p, b&w illustrations. Like new £15.00

50312 ROYAL NAVY AND THE PERUVIAN-CHILEAN WAR 1879-1881-Rudolph de Lisles Diaries & Watercolours / Lisle,de, Gerard Hdbk. Shrinkwrapped. New. Mint. £7.50

50313 Steel Fortress: The Russian T-28 Medium Tank / Mikhail Baryatinsky (Author), James Kinnear Paperback.Publ. 2000. 128 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new.Mint. Unread. Rare. £35.00

50314 Russia's Empires: Their Rise and Fall from Prehistory to Putin / Philip Longworth

  1. back. Publ. 2005.398 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh. Cond. Like new. £12.00

50315 Russian Imperial Cavalry / Emmanuel, V. Paperback. Publ. 1989.Illustrated with full colour illustrations. Cond.Near mint. £23.00

50316 SALAMANCA 1812 / Fletcher Near mint hardback. Osprey Campaign series £6.00

50317 Romance of the Tall Ships / Eastland, Jonathan Hardback.Publ.1990.96 pages. Illustrated with full colour illustrations. Cond.very good. £6.00

50318 Rome: Republic into Empire: The Civil Wars of the First Century BC / Chrystal, Paul Hardback.Publ. 2019.243 pages. Illustrated with some full colour illustrations. Cond. new. Mint. £12.50

50319 Rommel's Desert War: Waging World War II in North Africa, 1941–1943 (Cambridge Military Histories) / Kitchen, Martin. Hardback.Publ. 2009.598 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new.Mint. £23.50

50320 Routledge Companion to Medieval Warfare (Routledge Companions to History) / Bradbury, Jim. 380p. Near mint. Large hdk. £8.99

50321 Roundhead to Royalist: Biography of Colonel John Birch, 1615-91 / Heath Hardback.Publ.1977.246 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. very good. £14.00

50322 Rorke's Drift / Greaves 450p. near mint HBK £6.50

50323 Roman Army: The Greatest War Machine of the Ancient World / Mcnab, Chris Hd.back. Publ. 2010. 280 pages. Illustrated with full colour/bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. Unread.Mint. £6.00

50324 Roman Barbarian Wars: The Era of Roman Conquest / Dyck, Ludwig Heinrich Hd.back. Publ. 2008. 246 pages. Illustrated with full colour/bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. like new. Unread.Mint. £5.00

50325 Roman Empire from Severus to Constantine / Soiuthern, Pat. Hd.back. Publ. 2001. 400 pages. Illustrated withbl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. Unread.Mint. £53.00

50326 Roman Imperial Armour: The production of early imperial military armour / Kaminski, J.& Sim, D. P.back. Publ. 2012. 180 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. Unread.Mint. £9.50

50327 Roman Imperial Army.Third Edition. / Webster, Graham. Hd.back. Publ. 2008. 246 pages. Illustrated with full colour/bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. like new. Unread.Mint. £18.50

50328 Roman Legions, the (Europa Militaria Special 2) / Peterson, Daniel P.back. Publ. 2008. 96 pages. Illustrated with full colour illustrations throughout.Cond. unread.Mint £6.00

50329 Roman War Machine. / Peddie, John Hd.back. Publ. 1994. 169 pages. Illustrated withbl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. like new. Unread. £11.00

50330 Roman Warfare (CASSELL'S HISTORY OF WARFARE) / Goldsworth, Adrian. Hd.back. Publ. 2000. 224 pages. Illustrated with full colour/bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. like new. Small crease to front cover. £13.25

50331 ROAD TO CORUNNA / Grant., C.S 160p pages Print on demand paperback. ,Plates came out a bit dark . HARDBACK LITHO PRINTED EDITION AVAILABLE _ see website./ 40 colour plates, most by Bob Marrion. The latest in the Peninsula Campaign series from Partizan Press. Uniforms, battle orbats maps etc etc. £14.00

50332 Robert E. Lee at War: Volume One: Tragic Secessionist / Bowden, Scott Hd.back.Shrinkwrapped.Cond. new. Unread.Mint. £15.95

50333 Roman Army - The Greatest War Machine Of The Ancient World / McNab, (ed) 280p. near mint hbk.. very well illus in colour. compilation from a large numnber of Osprey titles. £9.00

50334 Recollections of Colonel De Gonneville Vol I & II / Countess De Mirabeau Paperback. Publ 1988. 634 p (collective) 2 volume set. Slight storage wear and little creases to both covers in corner. Internally mint condition. £15.00

50335 Red Army Order of Battle 1941 - 1945. / Madej, Victor W. Paperback, pub.1983, 198 pages. B&w charts and diagrams throughout. Cover scuffed and creased, otherwise very good. £35.00

50336 Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armor: Unraveling the Linothorax Mystery / Aldrette, Gregory S etc. Hardback. Published 2013 , 277 pages. New.Illustrated with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations. £18.50

50337 Recollections Of Rifleman Harris / - Hardback.Publ. 1928..191 pages. Ex. lib. Unknown binding. Cond. good. £10.00

50338 Recollections of the Peninsula (Spellmount Library of Military History) / Sherer, Moyle Hardback, pub.1996 (first pub. 1824), 262 pages. Like new £8.00

50339 RAF ON THE OFFENSIVE: THE REBIRTH OF TACTICAL AIR POWER 1940-1941 / Baughen, Greg Hardback.Publ. 2018.304 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. £13.75

50340 Raid on Zeebrugge: 23 April 1918, as Seen Through the Eyes of Captain Alfred Carpen / Decaluwe, Carl etc. Hardback.Publ. 2008.145 pages. Illustrated with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. £6.00

50341 RAILS TO THE FRONT: THE ROLE OF RAILWAYS IN WARTIME / Veenendaal, Augustus J Hardback.Publ. 2017.250 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. £13.50

50342 RANDOM SHOTS FROM A RIFLEMAN / KINCAID, CAPTAIN JOHN Like new. Hdbk. 343 pages.Like new. £7.50

50343 Ranks and Uniforms of the German Army, Navy and Air Force ... Largely based upon Uniformen der Deutschen Wehrmacht, / Erlam. Denys. Hardback, published 1942, 159 pages, illustrated throughout, Some colour plates. No dust jacket. Very Good. £35.00


50345 Retrospect of a Military Life During the Most Eventful Periods of the Last War [hardcover] / Anton, James. Hardback, published 1991.395 pages. New, slight rubbing to dust jacket. £18.50

50346 RETREAT: HITLER'S FIRST DEFEAT - / Jones, Michae Hardback, pub. 2009, 328 pages, b&w photographs. Like new. £11.50

50347 RETURN OF THE NAMES OF THE OFFICERS IN THE ARMY. War Office 30th April 1818. / Palmerston H. Back, Publ 1998, 27 Pages, Condition very good . Small tear to dust jacket. £14.00

50348 Richard the Lionheart / Bridge, Antony. Hardback.Publ. 1989.259 pages. Illustrated with some bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. very good. £14.50

50349 Revolutionary Pilgrimage, Being an Account of a Series of Visits to Battlegrounds, and Other Places Made Memorable by the War of the Revolution / Peixotto, Ernest S.back, Publ.1999, 385 pages, Bl.and.Wh. illustrations, condition as new £15.00

50350 Rivers of Gold: The Rise of the Spanish Empire / Hugh Thomas P.back. Publ. 2003.604 pages.Illustr. in colour. Cond. new.Like new. £10.50

50351 RISE OF THE ROMANS: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, A CHRONOLOGY VOLUME ONE 753 BC - 146 BC / Taylor Near mint hardback, Small cut out to front endpaper £38.50

50352 RAPID FIRE D-DAY Campaign Guide Scenario book / - near fine , fading to cover supplement to RAPID but useful for any WWII rules £35.00

50353 WATERLOO LETTERS / Siborne MINT Hardback facsimile KEN TROTMAN LIMITED EDITION reprint- number 5 of 100 £20.00

50354 HISTORY OF THE CAMPAIGN OF THE BRITISH, DUTCH, HANOVERIAN AND BRUNSWICK ARMIES..AND OF THE PRUSSIANS IN THE YEAR 1815 / Muffling Near Mint Limited edition KEN TROTMAN REPINT of this 1816 account of the Waterloo campaign. number 5 of 250 Inc pull out map £25.00

50355 Journal Of a Regimental Officer During The Recent Campaign In Portugal And Spain Under Lord Viscount Wellington / Hawker, P MINT HBK REPRINT Of 1810 account. KEN TROTMAN LIMITED ED. 219 of 250. inc PULL OUT MAP OF TALAVERA £35.00

50356 INFAMY INFAMY : Ancient rules Plus Card set / - 2nd hand but unplayed £28.50