a tactical level two player game covering one of the pivotal battles during the War of Spanish Succession. Only £49.50


- The game, playable in one sitting, has a low counter density and is highly suitable for solitaire play. Just £56.50

FLAGS & STANDARDS OF THE GREAT NORTHERN WAR 1700-1721 1) Sweden 140p. large format hardback all colour illus approx 400 flags. A little text in German. £32.50

IMPERIUM: Classics

An asymmetric card-based civilization building game for 1-4 players, charting the rise and fall of some of the greatest civilizations from history and legend. Only £19.95

IMPERIUM: Legends -A Stand alone asymmetric card-based civilization building game for 1-4 players, charting the rise and fall of some of the greatest civilizations from history and legend. It is also fully compatible with Imperium: Classics for players wanting to expand their pool of civilizations even further. Just£19.99

AUSTRIAN LIGHT CAVALRY AND STAFF (1740-1765) [MILITARY COLOURS 14- SUMMERFIELD (S.) Large format full colour paperback Latest in the excellent series Out Now £18.00


WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 114: GERMAN BIG CATS ON THE PROWL theme Tiger, Panther, Puma, Lynx. The German WWII armour with a feline connection£5.50

NAPOLEON’S STOLEN ARMY: How the Royal Navy Rescued a Spanish Army in the Baltic Marsden 200 pages 6 b/w illustrations, 8 colour plates, 9 b/w maps 8 tables Out Now £19.99

H29340 Gas Warfare in the First World War : Anti-Gas Protection and Gas Masks in the Armies of the German Empire, Austria-Hungary and Italy. - Large format Hardcover with dustjacket, linen bound, richly illustrated, 504 pages; format 29.5 x 26 cm photos of over 200 existing examples £99.95

50531 Napoleon's Shield and Guardian: The Unconquerable General Daumesnil / Ryan, E 420p near mint hardback £7.75

50532 Napoleon's Waterloo Campaign: An Alternate History Vol I: / Marthinsen, Steven Hdbk, pub. 2002, 443 pages. VG cond, minor damage to spine. £18.50


50534 NARRATIVE OF THE FIELD OPERATIONS CONNECTED WITH THE ZULU WAR OF 1879 / War Office Intelligence Branch Hdbk, pub. 1989, 174 pages. VG condition, some yellowing to foreedges. £7.50

50535 NAPOLEONIC ASSOCIATION: THE PORTUGESE REGULAR ARMY 1806-14 / Howard, Richard A Pbk, pub. 1979, 47 pages, some line drawings. VG condition. £10.00

50536 NAPOLEONIC ASSOCIATION: SWISS IN THE SERVICE OF FRANCE 1803-15 / Embree, Mike Pamphlet, 26 pages. Very good condition. £8.00

50537 NAPOLEONIC SOLDIER / Maughan, Stephen Hdbk, large format, pub. 1999, 144 pages, colour photographs throughout. Like new cond, minor shelf wear. £22.50

50540 Napoleonic Wars in Cartoons - / Bryant, Mark. Large format near mint pbk 400+ contemporary cartoons, many in colour £5.25

50541 NAPOLEON'S MARSHALS / Dunn-Pattison, R. P. Hardback, originally published 1909, republished 1977, 373 pages. Very Good condition, ex-owners signature to flyleaf, in protective cover. £7.75

50542 NAPOLEON'S MERCENARIES: FOREIGN UNITS IN THE FRENCH ARMY UNDER THE CONSULATE AND EMPIRE, 1799-1814 / Dempsey, Guy C. Hdbk, pub. 2002, 351 pages, b & w illustrations. Like new, mint. £13.25

50543 NAPOLEONIC WARGAMING / CHARLES GRANT Near fine original hardback printing. 160p col illus. £25.00

50544 NAPOLEON'S CAMPAIGNS IN ITALY 1796-1797 AND 1800 (SPECIAL CAMPAIGN SERIES 15) / Burton, R. G. Brig.-Gen. Hardback, published 1951, 144 pages. Good. Ex Army Central Library. Usual library stamps etc. Some discolouration to pages. Complete with two loose maps in rear pouch. No dust jacket. £45.00

50545 Navies of the Napoleonic Era / Digby Smith 280p. wel illus near fine hardback £19.25

50546 NAPOLEON'S MILITARY MACHINE: OPERATIONS MANUAL (HAYNES GUIDE) / Johnson, David Hdbk, pub. 2019, 172 pages, colour illustrations throughout. Like new, mint. £9.95

50547 BLOOD BILGE & IRON BALLS: NAVAL WARGAMES RULES FOR THE AGE OF SAIL / ABbey near mint hardback, SIngle ship to large fleet options, Colour counters £8.50

50548 NAPOLEON'S LINE CAVALRY, RECREATED IN COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS / Maughan, Stephen Softback, published 1997, 96 pages, colour photographs throughout. Very good condition. £7.50

50549 NAPOLEON'S LINE CAVALRY, RECREATED IN COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS / Maughan, Stephen Softback, published 1997, 96 pages, colour photographs throughout. Very good condition. £7.50

50550 Napoleon's Irish Legion / Gallaher, John G Hdbk, pub. 1993, 281 pages, New book. Mint. £127.50

50551 Napoleon's Campaigns in Poland 1806-7 / Petre Arms & Armour press reprint- Red cover. LIBRARY OF CHARLES GRANT WITH HIS SIGNATURE VGC with slight fading of spine £16.95

50552 NAPOLEON's CAMPAIGN IN EGYPT 2) BRITISH ARMY / Grant, C S 120p. all colour uniform plates MInt hardback, crease and small tear to cover £18.95

50553 Napoleon's Army / Rogersd, Col. H.C.B. P.back. Publ. 1982. 192 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. very good. £14.00

50554 Napoleon and Grouchy: The Last Great Waterloo Mystery Unravelled / Dawson, Paul L. Hd.back. Publ. 2017. 339 pages.Cond. new. Unread.Mint. £6.50

50555 Napoleon at Work ... Translated from the French, with a foreword, by G. Frederic Lees. With two maps of the Imperial epoch and a sketch-map, etc [unknown_binding] Jean Baptiste Modeste Eugène VACHÉE,George Frederic Lees,Napoleon / Vachee, Colonel Hd.back. Publ 1914.Title page loose.Gen. cond. good for age. £25.95

50556 Napoleon at Bay, 1814: No 26 (Napoleonic Library S.) / Petre,Lorraine Hd.back. Publ. 1994. 219 pages. Cond. very good. Unread. Small tear to dust cover. £19.95

50557 NAPOLEON AND THE WORLD WAR OF 1913: LESSONS IN COALITION WARFIGHTING / Riley,J.P. Hdbk, pub. 2000, 480 pages, maps. Like new, mint. £37.50

50558 NAPOLEON AND MODERN WAR: HIS MILITARY MAXIMS / Lanza, Col. C.H. Hd.back. Publ. 1954 158 pages. .Cond. very good. £15.00

50559 Napoleon and King Murat / Espitalier, Albert Hd.back.Facsimile reprint 1998. 509 pages. Illustrated with full colour/bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. like new. Unread.Mint. £12.00


50562 NAPOLEONIC GENERAL DE DIVISION/ MARECHAL DE L'EMPIRE / - large format near fine Pbk. Polemos Dual level big battle wargames rules £13.50

50563 PRICE OF GLORY: WWI Skirmish gaming rules / - Iron Ivan games. VGC condition large format pbk £15.00

50564 Malplaquet 1709 MARLBOROUGH'S BLOODIEST BATTLE / Macdowall near mint Osprey Campaign series £10.00

50565 OTTENFELD'S AUSTRIAN ARMY OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS (UNIFORMOLOGY NO. 16) / Cranz Paperback, pub. 2006, 48 pages, 24 colour plates. Good condition, rubbing and small tear to spine. £10.00

50566 OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN: Mujahideen Tactics in the Soviet-War / Col Jalali + Lt Colonel Grau 2 large format volumes - 1 + III only.70+ actions plus col maps for most of the same SUPERB SCENARIO MATERIAL Counter-ambushes Urban Encirclement Plus soviet accounts of many of the actions above by officers who took part. Best maps of all the available reprints £32.50

50567 PAINTING WAR 5: THE SPANISH civil WAR / - Large format all colour . Guide to painting figures. near mint, crease to back cover £12.50

50568 PAINTING WAR 2) : NAPOLEONIC BRitish ARMY / - large format full colour wargamers painting guide. Near Mint £13.50

50569 Ksiega kawalerii polskiej 1914-1947 / Smaczny very large format 520p Polish text. History and uniforms of the Polish Cavalry. Very wele illus in colour: UNiforms, insignia weapons, equipment, armoured trains, armour. etc etc £85.00

50570 Lessons of War as Taught by the Great Masters and Others; Selected and Arranged from the Various Operations of War / Soady 560p. larger hardback size. Original 1870 edition. Internally fine but battered spine and boards. Tactical principles using largely Napoleonic , ACW and War of 1866 examples £55.00

50571 TACTICS & GRAND TACTICS OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS / Jeffrey, G 160p. well illus with diagrams VGC pbk £20.00

50572 MONMOUTH CAP / Buckland, Kirstie Pamphlet booklet. 15 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations.Cond. very good. £28.00

50573 Montcalm and Wolfe / Woodward, C. Vann Hd.back. Publ. 2008. 246 pages. Illustrated with full colour/bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. like new. Unread.Mint. £8.75

50574 Mortal Wounds: The Human Skeleton as Evidence for Conflict in the Past / Smith, Martin. Hd.back. Publ. 2017. 290 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations.Cond. like new. Unread.Mint. £12.99

50575 Most Unfavourable Ground: The Battle of Loos, 1915 / Cherry, Neil Hd.back. Publ. 2005. 378 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. New. Unread.Mint. £35.00

50576 M2/M3 Bradley: No 1010 (Firepower pictorials 1000 series) / Green, Michael,Stewart, Greg Pbk, pub. 1996, 64 pages, colour and b&w photographs. Like new. £5.50

50577 Moodie's Zulu War (The Anglo-Zulu War series) / Moodie, D.C.F. Hd.back. Publ. 1988. 264 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations .Cond. very good. £16.95

50578 Mexico at the Hour of Combat: Sabino Osuna's Photographs of the Mexican Revolution / Osuna, Sabino Hd.back. Publ. 2008. 120 pages. Illustrated with full colour/bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. internally like new. Dust cover ripped and tatty. £69.50

50579 Nana Sahib and Rising at Cawnpore / Pratul Chandra Gupta Hd.back. Publ. 1963. 227 pages. Cond.ex. lib. good. £29.50

50580 Napoleon a Waterloo / Moerman, Yves. Hd.back. 275 pages. French text.Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. new. Unread.Mint. £45.49

50581 MUSTER BOOKS FOR NORTH & EAST HERTFORDSHIRE 1580-1605 (HERTFORDSHIRE RECORD PUBLICATIONS VOL. 12) / King, Ann J. (Editor) Hardback, published 1996, 267 pages. Like new. £8.50

50582 Murder Of Charles The Good / Galbert of Bruges P.back. Publ.1991. 348 pages.Cond. very good. £11.00

50583 Munda 45 a.C. : la última batalla de César / Lago, Jose Ignacio Softback, pub. 2007, 111 pages, illustrated. SPANISH TEXT. Like new, slight shelf wear. £13.50

50584 Much Recorded War: The Russo-Japanese War in History and Imagery / Sharf, Frederic A. et al Pbk, pub. 2006, 92 pages, colour and b&w illustrations. £5.00

50585 My Wound is Deep: History of the Anglo-Scottish Wars, 1380-1560 / Paterson, Raymond Campbell. P.back. Publ. 1997. 238 pages. Cond.Looks unread.Light yellowing to pages. £5.00

50586 Mutiny and Insurgency in India 1857-58: The British Army in a Bloody Civil War / Heathcote, T.A. Hd.back. Publ. 2007. 230 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations Cond. new book.l Tear to dustcover. £6.50

50587 Military Memoirs of the Great Civil War: Being the Military Memoirs of John Gwynne.Ken Trotman Military History Monographs 9 / - P.back.263 pages.Facsimile reprint.Like new. £8.00

50589 Battle Story: Maiwand 1880 / Yorke Mint pbk. £3.95

50593 Military Technology of World War One: Development, Use and Consequences / Fleischer, Wolfgang. New book.Publ. 2017. 221 pages.Fully illustrated in bl. and wh.and colour. throughout. Like new. Ex. display. £9.00

50594 Memoirs of Colonel Bugeaud from his private correspondence and original documents 1784-1815 / - near mint hardback 190p. £5.00

50595 Leningrado 1941-1944 : la División Azul en combate / Canales mint pbk 110p Very well illus. Nearly 400 photos plus colour plates SPANISH TEXT THE AZURE Division in Russia £11.50

50596 Military Actions of Colonel Marinus Willet : MEMOIRS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1) / WIllett near fine Hardback facsimile of the 1830 edition. 160p £20.00