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HUAB01: Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery

Just £70.00 post free worldwide

HUNGARIAN STEEL - Hungarian forces in the mid war - flames of war FW254 An updated army book for Hungarian Forces during the Mid War period. Only £14.50

FOR KING & PARLIAMEMENT- Marlowe to Maidenhythe scenario bookAvery 66p. Large format full colour Fictional campaign based ECW scenarios. Each scenario contains a background briefing, separate briefings for each of the players, a deployment plan and orders of battle. The scenarios can be played individually or in sequence, as a campaign. Many of the characters and units recur throughout the campaign. Just £17.99

JOHNNY REB III: Regimental Grand Tactical ACW rules

Hill, John. New revised 'final edition' classic rules, play aids, quick reference sheet.1 vol, 68 pgs NEW-wirebound softcover, back in print. Now £24.00

: Hungarian Rifle Platoon

- Contains: 1x Formation 39M SMG Team, 1x Unit Leader 31M & 95M Rifle Team, 6x 31M & 95M Rifle Teams, 1x Panzerschreck Anti-tank Team, 1x 20mm Anti-tank Rifle Team (Mid War), 1x 50mm Mortar Team (Mid War), 1x Flame-thrower Team (Mid War) For Only £14.50

H29395 HU704 7/31 MG Platoon - flames of war / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £7.00

H29397 HU707 Anti-tank Rocket Platoon - flames of war / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £7.00



50671 Mercia: The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Central England / Zaluckyj,Sarah Pbk, Publ. 2001. 308 pages, b&w photographs throughout. Li8ke new. £7.25

50672 MERCENARIES OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS / Gould, Robert W. M.B.E. Hd.back. Publ. 1995. 246 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations.Cond. very good. £9.50

50673 MESSERSCHMITT BF109. The Later Years-War in the East to the Fall of Germany. / Goss, Charles P.back. Publ. 2019. 178 pages. Illustrated with bl.and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. unread.Mint £6.95

50674 Mexico under Fire: Being the Diary of Samuel Ryan Curtis, 3rd Ohio Volunteer Regiment during the American Military Occupation of Northern Mexico, 1846-1847 / ed.Chance, Joseph E. Hd.back. Publ. 1994. 307 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. like new. £21.50

50675 Michael Wittmann & the Waffen SS Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte in WWII: And the Waffen SS Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte in World War II:Vol 1 (Stackpole Military History Series) / Agte, Patriuck. P.back. Publ. 1996. 413 pages. Illustrated with bl.and wh. illustrations.Cond. very good. Some shelf edge wear. £15.00

50676 MICRO-FLEET WWI RULES / - Rules (no cover )plus British & German fleets to cut out £11.00

50677 Memoirs of Baron de Marbot, late lieutenant of the French Army (volumes 1 & 2) / Napoleonic Library. Hd.back.Publ.1988.920 pages.Cond. like new. £40.00

50678 Memoirs of Baron Von Muffling: A Prussian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars / Napoleonic Library Hd.back.Publ.1997.517pages.Cond. like new. £24.00

50679 Mercenaries of the Hellenistic World / Griffith, G.T. P.back.340 pages.Cond. like new. Some shelf edge wear. £18.99

50680 Memoirs of Marshal Oudinot / Stiegler, G & Oudinot Hd.back.Memoirs of this renowned Napoleonic Marshal and hero of the Russian & other campaigns. One of 14 printed on Japanese vellum.Publ. 1896. Cond. good. £35.00

50681 Mercenaries of the Ancient World / Yalichev, Serge. Hd.back.Publ.1997.296pages.Cond. like new. £5.95

50682 Marlborough's Sieges / Falkner, James full bl. and wh..Cond. new.Mint. £17.95

50683 MEMOIRS ON THE LATE WAR IN NORTH AMERICA BETWEEN FRANCE AND ENGLAND / Pouchot, P & Candy, M 560p. large format near fine hardback. Modern edition so well edited and annotated that it's not worth buying the facsimile reprints out there £45.00

50684 Memoirs Of A Fighting Captain / Cochrane 220p. mint hbk. col illus, Classic Napoleonic memoirs . Folio society quality reprint in pictorial slipcase £12.00

50685 Memoirs of a Pilot in Peace and War / Jackson, Charles P.back. Publ.2000.233 pages.Cond. like new. £30.00

50686 MEMOIRS OF SIR ANDREW MELVILL (Includes a copy of Wars of the C17th ) / - near fine copy of 1918 edition. 300p. maps. A Scot in French service, Melvill served in low countries 1647-1680. (His own regiment wore green with Red facings) £25.00

50687 MEMOIRS OF LIEUT. HENRY TIMBERLAKE-(Who Accompanied the Three Cherokee Indians to England in the Year 1762: Containing Whatever He Observed ... to and From That Nation / Timberlake 200p. Near fine hardback FIRST AMERICAN FRONTIER series. Inc pull out map £30.00

50688 Mediaeval Military Dress, 1066-1500 / Rothero, Christopher Near fine Hbk. All colour illus. 160p. £9.50

50689 Memoirs of Napoleon's Egyptian Expedition, 1798-1801 / Moiret, Joseph-Marie bl. and wh. Cond. like new. £15.00

50690 Men of War: The Changing Face of Heroism in the 19th Century Navy / Crane, David. Hd.back.Publ2009.480 bl. and wh..Cond. like new. £6.25

50691 MEMOIRS OF THE VERNEY FAMILY: VOL III DURING THE COMMONWEALTH 1650-1660 + IV 1660-1696 / Verney VGC Hardbacks. 2 vols, 1 flat rate postage 1,000 pages £15.00

50692 Austrian military border in Croatia, 1522-1747 / Rothenberg near fine POD pbk reprint £39.50

50693 Memoirs of the Invasion of France by the Allied Armies, and of the Last Six Months of the Reign of Napoleon: Written at the Command of the Emperor by Baron Fain / Fain. Baron near mint hardback facsimile 420p £6.00

50694 FIFTEEN DECISIVE BATTLES OF THE WORLD FROM MARATHON TO WATERLOO / Creasey 3rd ed, 1900 printing. maps. Classic work, nice full leather binding with gold tooling and coat of arms but some wear to spine £15.00

50695 Memoirs of a French Napoleonic Officer: Jean-Baptiste Barres, Chasseur of the Imperial Guard (Napoleonic Library) / Jean-Baptiste Barres Hd.back.Modern reprint.Facsimile 1988.llustr.Cond. like new. Minor shelf edge wear. £24.99

50696 Medieval Warfare Source Book, Vol. I: Warfare in Western Christendom: Warfare in Western Christendom v. 1 / Nicolle, David bl. and wh. throughout.Cond. very good. £650.00

50697 Medieval Fortress: Castles, Forts and Walled Cities of the Middle Ages / Kaufmann bl. and wh.Cond. like new. Light shelf edge wear. £12.00

50698 Medieval Military Technology. / Kelly Robert DeVries P.back. Publ.1998.340 pages.Illustr. in some bl. and wh.Cond. very good. Some yellowing pages. £21.00

50699 Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-century Manual of Swordfighting and Close-quarter Combat / Talhoffer, Hans. P.back. Publ.2004.317 pages.Illustr. in bl. and wh. Cond. like new. £19.50

50702 Memoirs of a Polish Lancer: The Pamietniki of Dezydery Chlapowski (Ancient Empires Series) / - Hd.back.Publ.1992.158 bl. and wh. Cond. very good. £15.00

50703 MERRY HEARTS MAKE LIGHT DAYS - 1812 War Journal of Lt john le Couter 104th Foot / Graves, Donald(editor) P.back. Publ. 1993. 308 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. l illustrations throughout .Cond. unread.Mint £12.95

50704 Memoir of Lieut. Col. Tench Tilghman (Eyewitness Accounts of the American Revolution. Series III) / Tilgman Hd.back.Publ. reprint of full colour and bl. and wh.Cond. looks unread.Yellwoing of pages. £50.00

50705 MEIN PANZER CORE RULES SYSTEM-- 6mm-15mm 1914-C21st combined arms rules / - Used but near mint loose leaf . Very under rated gaming system £18.00


50707 MEDIEVAL WARFARE MAGAZINE 2015 SPECIAL EDITION, 1415: THE BATTLE OF AGINCOURT / Various Magazine, 2015, 80 pages. Very good, slight crease to cover. £9.50

50708 Medieval Warfare: Rules for Medieval Battles 450–1515 Ad [hardcover] Terry Gore,Bryan Ansell,Peter Denis,Kevin Dallimore,Kevin Dallimore [Jun 26, 2009]… / Gore,Terry-Foundry. Hd.back.Publ.2009. 160 bl. and wh.and col. Cond. like new. £50.00

50709 MEDIEVAL CITY UNDER SIEGE / Corfis, Ivy A. & Wolfe, Michael (Eds) Pbk, pub. 1995, 292 pages, b&w photographs. Vg cond. £7.50

50710 MEDIEVAL MILITARY COSTUME: RECREATED IN COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS. Europa Militaria Speciel No 8. / Embleton, Gerry Softback, pub. 2000, 96 pages, colour photographs throughout. Good condition, crease to final ten pages and rear cover. £20.00

50711 Medieval Fighting Man: Costume and Equipment 800-1500 / Hill 100p. all colour illus of re-enactors. NOTE- mostly Dark Age and Feudal plus C13th Crossbowman, C14th ARcher and C15th Man at arms �5.14 - Medieval £5.00

50712 Medieval Surgery / Hunt, Tony. P.back. Publ.1999.104 pages.Cond. like new.Looks unread. £9.99

50714 MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR 1846 1848 (History of Uniforms) / Field, Ron. full colour and bl. and wh.Internally, cond. very good. Dust cover tatty. £25.34

50715 MAXIMILLIAN 1934: PULP-AGE ROAD RAGE RULES 1934. / Teal, Harwood & Gehling. Fantastic set of rules. So you can't afford to flky a Fokker? so Customise your jalopies, Big-gun your Bikes, roll out the Armoured Cars. Most gamers have something lurking in a box they can use, several companies are already cranking up production of even more suitable vehicle. Check out LENTON GAMERS facebook page for inspiration. Cond. new but some shelf edge wear.Ex. display. £19.00

50716 Maps Of Chickamauga: An Atlas of the Chickamauga Campaign, August 29 - September 23, 1863 (American Battle) [ / Powell, David H/BK, PUB 2009,319P, ILLUSTRATED COLOUR PHOTOS. New book. Slight shelf edge wear. Ex. display. £25.50

50717 Matter of Honour: The Life, Campaigns and Generalship of Isaac Brock [paperback] Jonathan Riley / Riley, Jonathon. P.back.Publ.2011.335pages. Some bl. and wh.illustrations.Cond. new.Slight knock to a few back pages. £9.25

50718 MASSACRE : AnAccount of the Massacre of Major Francis L. Dade and His Men by the Seminole Indians in Florida, December 28, 1835 / LAUMER FRANK P/BK, PUB 1991,188 P,BLK WHT ILLUSTRATED,VERY GOOD CONDITION £25.00

50719 Marston Moor, 1644: The Campaign and the Battle (Civil War S.) / Young Peter Hd.back.Publ.1970.307 bl. and wh. Cond. good.Dust cover a bit tatty. £25.00

50721 Medieval Arms and Armor: A Pictorial Archive (Dover Pictorial Archive) / Alteneck, J.H.Hefner. P BK, PUB.2004, 100P, ILLUSTRATEDin BL. AND WH. Like new. Small knock to corner. £7.00

50722 Making of the Tudor Dynasty / Griffiths & Thomas. P BK, PUB.1985. 258P, ILLUSTRATED in BL. AND WH. New book. Pages yellowing. £5.51

50723 James Falkner's Guide to Marlborough's Battlefields (Battlefield Guide) / Falkner, James Pbk, pub. 2008. 254 pages, illustrated throughout, maps. Like new. £12.00

50724 Making The News:: An Anthology Of The Newsbooks Of Revolutionary England 1641 -1660 / Raymond Joad,forword of Hill Christopher P/BK,PUB1993,491P £6.50

50725 Making Terrain and Buildings for Historical War Games. / Hall & Sutherland. P.back. Publ.2006.192 pages.Illustr. in colour throughout.Cond. like new. £28.00

50727 Masks Of Christ: Behind the Lies and Cover-ups about the Man Believed to be God / Picknett,Lynn & Prince, Clive. P BK, PUB.2008, 430P, Cond. Like new. £6.00

50728 Making of a Stormtrooper / Merkl, Peter H. bl. and wh..Cond. good.Tear to back cover of dust jacket. Internally in excellent condition. £11.99