We are delighted to announce the imminent publication of  Charles S Grant’s  reminiscences of  his wargaming life.

A WARGAMING RETROSPECTIVE/Grant, Charles S & Grant, Charles. Illustrated inc  colour. A personal reflection on the growth of wargaming, starting with Charles Grant's  descriptions of Pre  WWII gaming and then the Grant family's involvement in the hobby and  the  people they have  known. A very personal, and at times light hearted look,  at  the names and games  of modern  wargaming £26.50

GREAT HALL BURNING: Viking Age Adventure-large format  80p illus. Allows you to adventure during the Viking Age, You start in command of one warband. If you succeed in battle and raids, you can raise your Social Standing & gather more men. As your Fame grows, you rise in rank until someday, you become King.   Rules for small scale raids  to  large scale  battles.  Excellent SOLO PLAY £19.95

MARENGO CAMPAIGN: Wargaming the Late-French Revolutionary Wars with Miniatures/Garnett, J. 90p. large format ill pbk. Covers the lesser-known campaigns of the 2nd Coalition against France within the northern regions of Italy. This book only provides scenario information and some additional rules modifications design for a variant of the Regimental Fire and Fury rule system. The basic rulebook is needed to play these scenarios but they can easily be adapted for other rules.  Inc  maps  & full orbats, Val D'Aosta; Chatilion; Ivrea; Fort Bard; Romano-Chiusella River; Turbigo; Milan and the Po River; Casteggio-Mopntebello; and Marengo including Dessaix's Counterattack. £32.55

COMBAT GENERAL: Rules for War of the Spanish Succession/ Becker, J. The initial offering of the Combat General series is a set of rules for recreating battles from the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714). Based on the perspective of the brigade commander, rules set showcases the interaction between evolving methods of attack and defense as practiced by infantry and cavalry units of the time. The units in your brigade will not always use the ideal tactics if you fail to keep your formations in linear array and allow yourself to be attacked. Complete army lists as well as an original period scenario are contained to aid play. £45.00

Life of a General in Napoleon's Light Cavalry : The Memoirs of General Jean-Nicolas Curély/Andrew W Field. 230p. illus. First English Translation. THis officer rose through the ranks.  this reflects the role of the light cavalry; scouting ahead of the army, conducting reconnaissance to the flanks and launching raids. He did, however, take part in all Napoleon’s great campaigns, including Austerlitz, Heilsberg, Essling, Raab, Wagram, Beresina, Wachau, Leipzig, Craonne and Lao £18.50

Alexander the Great Avenger : The Campaign that Felled Achaemenid Persia/Manousos E Kambouris. 330p.  mint well illus hbk. With Alexander the Great’s invasion the rules changed. In Macedonia a new model army had been developed, taking the traditional hoplite heavy infantry in a new evolutionary direction and similarly transforming the heavy cavalry.. £25.00¬

BATTLE OF THE DNEPR The Red Army's Forcing of the East Wall, September-December 1943/Harrison, 344p. PBK edition. A pertinent focused tactical-operational study, dealing with the efforts of the front’s 37th and 52nd armies to expand their positions on the Ukrainian right bank into operational bridgeheads capable of supporting a larger offensive to the west in 1944. £21.50

02:00 Hundred Hours Desert Raid set - This expansion adds two opposing forces ready for night raids in the desert, plus the new Weather Events - battle the elements as well as the enemy! - set contains: • 14 28mm metal miniatures including: • The Ghost - SAS character • 3 LRDG / SAS Troopers • Erwin Rommel / DAK Officer • Luftwaffe Pilot • 5 DAK Sentries • DAK Sergeant• DAK Handler• Guard Dog • 12 Recruitment cards • 2 Requisition cards • 2 Veteran cards • 1 Order card • 6 Event cards (inc. Weather Events) • 1 Rules card • Bases  Post Free Worldwide £41.50

Fighting The Phoenix (Iran-Iraq War): Check your 6 Jet age scenario book- a scenario and campaign book for the popular Check Your 6 Jet Age  Air Combat and Campaign Rules. The book provides comprehensive coverage of the air war between Iran and Iraq from 1980 to 1988 under one cover with nine campaigns and 29 scenarios. The scenarios, featuring 22 different fighter, bomber, and helicopter types in 30 variants plus multiple SAM and patrol boat models, can be played individually, linked to form campaigns, or combined as one grand campaign.  £23.00

WAR IN THE AGE OF PERICLES: 500 to 400 BC Mandzy, Adrian and Tod Kershner. A fast play, small unit wargame. Plays in about two hours. Includes 12 army lists - no points needed. Additional Hand of Fate Cards keeps the game fluid and introduces random events. Designed for 28mm but can be played for a variety of scales. Hoplites units are 16 figures strong, skirmish units usually are 8 figures. £26.50

We have as always some second hand a Books, Figures and Rules

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54410 Cromwell's Wars at Sea  / Barratt, John new hardback. illus.  Fighting the Royalists and the Dutch £17.95

54411 Wellington in the Peninsula, 1808-14  / Weller 400p. excellent condition pbk £5.00

54412 GREAT BATTLES OF 1870 AND THE BLOCKADE OF METZ  / Franklyn near Mint pbk reprint. 320p. reprint of 1887 ed. £17.50

54413 With Napoleon's Guard in Russia: The Memoirs of Major Vionnet, 1812  / Vionnet 210p. near new  illus hbk £6.00

54414 Wars Against Napoleon: Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars  / Franceschi, General near fine  wel illus  hardback £7.50

54415 War of 1812 in the Age of Napoleon: 21 (Campaigns and Commanders Series)  / Black, J 280p. near new  hardback. Campaign  history from te British perspective £13.50

54416 FORTRESS EUROPA : AXIS MILITARY HISTORY IN OCCUPIED EUROPE VOLUME 1 NUMBER 2   / - Soviet air power: Hungarian armour  etc.  Scare  military magazine £25.00

54417 FORTRESS EUROPA : AXIS MILITARY HISTORY IN OCCUPIED EUROPE VOLUME 2  number 7  / - German defensive operations; Operation Roundup 1943:  Why the Red army collapsed in 1941 £25.00

54418 BRITISH UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR  / Bodsworth 450p. MINT  but damage  and  fading to spion every large format pbk. Very well illustrated  inc colour photos of  uniforms. Unrivalled detail on uniforms and artefacts based on the authors extensive collection and catalogues of the period.  £45.00

54419 Military Modelling Guide to Solo Wargaming  / Asquith, Stuart 130p. ilus  Excellent condition pbk £8.50

54420 Western Front, 1914-1918  / Banting, Daniel Richard, Embleton, G. A. Scarce ALMARK series pbk. Internally excellent but slight wear to loosse cover £9.50

54421 ESPRIT DE CORPS: Fast Play rules  1790-185-  / Halsall. Trevor large format pbk. VGC £9.50

54422 Fanticide 28mm Fantasy Skirmish Game Of Homicidal Warbands Core Rule book  / - large format  near new  fully illus in colour hardback (In general section of 2nd hand) £25.00

54423 Napoleon's eagles against the Tsar's flags, 1799, 1805-1807, 1812-1814. (Russian flags captured  by the French, French  Flags taken by the Russians.)  / Andoelnko 300p Very large format  VGC  hardback . FRENCH TEXT. Descriptions; B&W photo & Drawings of captures.  £75.00

54424 EDMUND LUDLOW & THE ECW   Plus THE COTSWOLDS IN THE  CIVIL WAR  / - 2  Large format  ECW pamphlets. 50p  20p £6.00


54426 WELLINGTON's FIRST BATTLE 1794  / WIlls, G near mint. Wills, G 64 pages large format v well ill in colour.  Story of the Duke of Wellington's involvement in his first campaign, the Duke of York's defence of Belgium and Holland in 1794 and early 1795. During this campaign, the Duke of Wellington fought his first battle, the combat of Boxtel on the 15th September 1794.  Also takes a look at wargaming the battle with three different rules sets. Superb scenario detail £13.95

54427 Blenheim 1704: Marlborough's Greatest Victory (Battleground GUIDE Books: )  / Falkner near mint140p. v  well illus £5.00

54428 Blucher and the Uprising of Prussia Against Napoleon: 1806-15  / Henderen 350p. near fine  hard back reprint £8.00

54429 BRIENNE January 1814  / Heath, Peter Great battles refought Anschlusss series £7.50

54430 Ciudad Rodrigo 1810 : el desafío de Herrasti  / Mas 120p. v well; illus inc  colour uniform plates  SPANISH TEXT £12.50

54431 We Are Accustomed To Do Our Duty: German Auxiliaries with the British Army 1793-95 (From Reason to Revolution)  / Demet 250p. near mint hbk, slight mark to cover.  illus in colour uniform & flag plates. Arranged by country £16.00

54432 With the Guards in Flanders: The Diary of Captain Roger Morris, 1793-1795   / - 170p.  illus  . nearly new pbk £12.50

54433 GERMAN ARTILLERY IN THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR  / Hoffbauer Mint pbk facsimile reprint. 380p. text perfect and complete but spine missing a few letters of titles. A cheap way to get the info. New perfect copies available Incredible detail on the use of artillery- even down to number of horses lost and types of ammunition used by battery. Essential  F-P war and wargames reading £20.00

54434 MI5: British Security Service Operations, 1909-  1945: The True Story of the Most Secret counter-espionage Organisation in the World  / West, N 310p. illus  like new  £5.00

54435 War Along the Bayous: The 1864 Red River Campaign in Louisiana  / Brooksher 2809p. illus near mint HBK. The campaigns to  drive the Confederates  from Louisiana and ARkansas and to forestall any French  territorial ambitions £11.50

54436 Wellington's Army RECREATED IN COLOUR PHOTGRAPHS  / Leonard 90p. all colour photos £5.00

54437 FACE ANOTHER FOE  BUNDLE : VOL 1 : Rules for Wargaming the Lace Wars  1660-1795    Vol 22)  Scenarios and army lists  / - Near new colour pbks.  Slight wear to covers Based on the best selling MAD DOGS Indian Mutiny rules. Medium to large scale battles. Inc sample army lists and scenarios. Inc Jacobite Wars and War in the Eas £21.50

54438 WAR ON THE GROUND : WWII RULES BATTALION LEVEL GAMES  / - VGC arge format pbk. Specifically designed for 10mm, 12mm and 1/144th but scalable down to 6mm and up to big battle 15mm £12.50

54439 PRINCESS RYAN'S  SPACE MARINES: Squad combat in the 23rd century  / McLaughlin, Mark Allegedly the Infamous  1991 SF skirmish rules rules that  Games Workshop tried to sue and ended up  buying  up the stock to destroy £25.00

54440 DE BELLIS VELITUM   / Barker, Phil near mint pbk  small unit skirmish rules for Ancient/ Medieval period £7.50

54441 DEALING IN DEATH : The Arms Trade and the British Civil Wars 1638-52  / Edwards near fine hardback 210p.  illus £25.00

54442 REGIMENTAL FIRE and FURY : QUICK REFERENCE SHEET x 2  / - The rules are out of print never to return £0.01

54443 WARGAMES FACTORY ANCIENT GERMANS-30 plastic  28mm figures  / - Mint in tatty box £19.99

54444 The Church of Dagon Posse : Dracula’s America.  8 x 28mm  figures  / - new in tattybox (in general section of 2nd hand list) £19.50

54445 3-in Smith Gun and It's Tactical Handling in  Town fighting  / - 42p. illus. facsimile. Mint paperback reprint of a 1942 publication. 42pp. Like the Northover Projector, the Smith Gun was a stop-gap weapon introduced during the Second World War to give the Home Guard some form of artillery. This publication includes the original pamphlet on the weapon plus extracts from MTP 53 on the tactical use of the gun. Valuable to all enthusiasts of the Home Guard and for anyone interested in this 'Heath Robinson'-type weapon. £11.50

54446 WAR DIARY 1939  / - Paperback. Andrew Etherington, 2005, 150pp. . It relates day by day the political, social, economic and military events that occurred during the year in which the war broke out. It covers all European countries and the Americas, and tells of a world expecting war and sometimes planning for it. The events in Czechoslovakia and Poland are provided as well as in those in other countries in Europe, and  details of happenings in America at that time. Military coverage includes the German campaign in Poland, the Russo-Finnish 'Winter War' and preparations in France and the Low Countries for the German attack - the so-called  'phoney war' or 'Sitzkrieg' £12.50

54447 TACTICAL HANDLING OF ANTI-TANK REGIMENTS 1939  / - Reprint of a 1939 pamphlet. : A pamphlet of guidance for the anti-tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, giving basic details on tactical handling at the beginning of the war. £4.50

54448 SUPERIORITY OF FIRE : A short history of  Rifles & Machine  guns  / Pridham, Maj near Mint paperback reprint of a 1946 publication. 162pp.: An interesting and engrossing history of rifles and machine guns first published in 1945. The book is of particular interest because of the coverage of the early use of machine guns, particularly in the Russo-Japanese War and the First World War. It covers the First and Second World Wars and is a good analysis of how superiority of fire could be achieved and maintained. £12.50

54449 DAMNED NICE THING..THE NEAREST RUN THING : A Peninsular amd Waterloo anthology  / - near mint pbk. 183p large format well ilus inc colour essays on the campaigns and eyewitness accounts £8.50

54450 FORGOTTEN HBEROES:  PIQUET SUPLEMNET FOR THE VIETNAM WAR  / - Good condition pbk. Weapons tables;  Orbats;  Scenarios. Inc 1st Indo China  War £15.00

54451 GUN MAGAZINE  BUNDLE - 4 mags  / - -TRIGGERS (Booklet on  making Flintlock triggers- Inc  scale  plans) ARMS COLLECTING MAG 22/3- ,INc development of the Dog lock & British  C17th/C18th artillery :   ARMS COLLECTING  25/4 Inc Popham armoury  flintlocks  &  1812  mortars: TRADE GUN SKETCH BOOK- Plans for making  C19th Flintlocks- email us  if you want this £25.00

54452 DE BELLIS CIVILE : ECW  Scenarios  1644-45  / Lander 17 battles of various sizes ,  maps  etc. VGC  pbk £10.00


54454 Dictionary of Explosives  / Cundill 120p.  original  18898 edition. Querter leather binding with blue  cloth £20.00

54455 Projectile Weapons of War and Explosive Compounds  / SCoffern, D 90p.  Original  1845  printing. Greek fire,  rockets,  discussion of gunpowder  mixes etc £35.00

54456 MANTIC GAMES  MARS  ATTACKS  PLASTIC  28mm:   SOLDIERS x 10  &  ZOMBIE  MARTIAN x 1  / - in GENERAL section of 2nd hand £9.50

54457 WARGAMES ATLANTIC: BULLDOGS  / - S/F Figures. Contents perfect, crushed box. IN GENERAL section of  2nd hand £15.95

54458 WORLD OF TANKS/ FLAMES OF WAR  Ready Made & Painted  15mm TANK:  CHURCHILL MARK  VII  / - - £5.00