CARLIST WARS BUNDLE: ARMIES OF THE CARLIST WARS + SAVAGE AND ROMANTIC WAR/Esposito & Cairns, Hardback uniform book and  the wargamers'  guide.-Armies of the Carlist Wars has illustrations on nearly every page,  mostly in colour. Detailed description of the armies, their uniforms  and equipment. A Savage and Romantic War gives the wargamer all the information needed to play games set in Spain in these tumultuous seven years, and to make and paint the armies that fought. £49.95

Chain of Command :FAR EAST HANDBOOK/Too fat Lardies. A comprehensive coverage of the campaigns in Malaya, Hong Kong, Burma and the Dutch East Indies.  Included is an historical overview of the campaigns, as well as whole raft of new rules to cover the events and terrain in the Far Eastern Theatre.  Includes nearly fifty individual army lists with support lists for each one. £27.50

The Silver Bayonet: Wave 7 Launch Deal (With Book)

Includes a copy of the new supplement for The Silver Bayonet: Egypt: Shadow of the Sphinx. Get one each of all the new figure Native Scout, Serpopard, Werejackals, Giant Scorpion, Uraeus, Skeletons, Sarcophagus, British Officer and Paranormal Investigator and French Occultist and Paranormal Investigator. Post free world wide! £107.50

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Hail Caesar Epic Battles: The Punic Wars Rulebook/This full colour, soft cover book contains everything you need to get started playing Hail Caesar Epic Battles: The Punic Wars. Included are the full . PRE- Order PRICE £18.50

Hail Caesar Epic Battles: Hannibal Battle Set/  plastic Figures + Rule book and more. PRE- Order PRICE - POST FREE UK & EUROPE Ask for quote world wide £185.00

Hail Caesar Epic Battles: Scipio Africanus Roman Legions-plastic Figures + Rule book and more. Filled to the brim with massed blocks of Hastati, Principes, and Triarii infantry, PRE- Order PRICE - POST FREE UK & EUROPE £75.00

Hail Caesar Epic Hannibal Barca's Carthaginian Army-plastic Figures + Rule book and more.   PRE- Order PRICE - POST FREE UK & EUROPE £75.00

Hail Caesar Epic Battles :ALL ADD ON PACKS  £27.50  post free world wide


H31457 CANADIAN OPERATIONS IN NORMANDY  June  6th - JULY 30th 1944  / - Mint paperback reprint of a 1947 Canadian Staff publication. 140pp. The story of Canadian Army operations in July 1944 covers the capture of Carpiquet, the fall of Caen, the threat to Falaise, Operation Spring and the offensive at the end of July 1944. Of great value because it clarifies operations which were a fundamental part of the land operations against the Germans after D-Day, yet are rarely covered in any detail. £22.50

H31458 Napoleonic Uniforms: v. 1 & 2    / John R. Elting,Herbert Knotel Original  white cover editions with the superior art paper 2nd hand , Excellent condition, slight tears to cover but in Plastic  library style jackets £225.00

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55611 AFGHAN WAR 1878-1880  / Anderson J H   Anderson J H  60p. Reprint of 1905 edn. good introductory account. Maps  etc £4.50

55612 BATTLE OF KONIGGRATZ, Battle of  / Walker, Col  48p. reprint of this near contemporary account. Mint pbk £6.25

55613 Die Armee Augusts des Starken im Nordischen Krieg  / - new 64p Osprey style  GERMAN TEXT v well illus Saxon army of the late C17th & Early C18th £15.00

55614 Die Langen Kerls: Die preußische Riesengarde 1675/1713-1806  / - The Prussian  Guard of Giants.  German text. exceptionally well illus in colour Osprey style £16.00

55615 Das Heer des Varus: : Römische Truppen am Niederrhein   2 volume set  / - 120p very well illus GERMAN TEX Osprey style.  Varuis' army  & the  Teutonberger Wald  campaign    1 lot of postage £38.50

55616 Die Heere im Alten Orient: Von den Stadtstaaten der Sumerer bis zum Weltreich der Assyrer  / - New Osprey style. v well ills in colour. German text. Chariot armies of the Orient  from Sumer to  Assyria £11.50

55617 LA GARDE ROUGE DE DAKAR : Spahis et gendarmes du Senegal  / Rosiere Very large format Hardback. near new (lacks jacket) 250p. French Text, exceptionally well illus.  1830 to 1980. Chapters on the earlier  Ottoman  troops £50.00

55618 European Arms in the Civil War (ACW)  / Schwalm large format 190p. v well illus  new pbk £39.95

55619 First Afghan War 1839-42 and Its Causes -  / Durand, Maj-General Sir Henry P.back.195p large format reprint. Near mint. Important source £11.50

55620 EXPLANATION OF THE DUTIES OF THE SEVERAL ETATS-MAJORS IN THE FRENCH ARMY  / Thiebault, P New.  Large format pbk. Translation of a Napoleonic guide to the duties and role of Staff Officers. The author was an experienced staff officer in the French army £13.50

55621 PRUSSIAN INFANTRY 1808-1840  2) Jager Reserve & Friekorps 1813-1840  / Summerfield, S 202p. New slight  bump to bottom corner  Hardback  200 + col ill of uniforms, flags etc. Inc Organisational tables & Orbats £27.50

55622 ARMY OF THE KINGDOM OF WESTPHALIA 1807-1813  / Street, G 150P Mint hardback but  bumps  to  foredge  top corner UNIFORMS; ORBATS; FLAGS. The usual highly detailed study from PARTIZAN PRESS £25.00

55623 ALBION TRIUMPHANT 1)  & 2) - Black powder Waterloo &  Peninsular  campaign  supplement set  / - 2 volumes.   taped tear to  volume  1  but otherwise  both excellent. counts as one postage £35.00

55624 EVERY HAZARD AND FATIGUE The Siege of Pensacola, 1781  / Provan, J New ar new pbk218p: 36 b/w illustrations, 2 b/w maps, 18 colour illustrations, 4 colour photos £13.50

55625 NAM 1965-1972 : Battlefront rules  / - near new  hardback well illus £22.50

55626 ROUGH STUFF FOR HOME GUARDS AND MEMBERS OF HM FORCES  / Duffield & Elliott near new  facsimile reprint of 1942 work.  Bayonet  and hand to hand  fighting £6.00

55627 BATTLES FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN 1940-1944 :plus  BATTLES FOR THE EAST  / Brown, Dave 2 near  VGC  large format WWII scenarios for  Panzer Grenadier or O group. Counts as one  posting £19.95

55628 FRANCO- PRUSSIAN WAR: A GUIDE  / Shann 60p. Anschluss publishing 60p. VGC pbk. Inc extensive orbats £4.50

55629 WARGAMES FOUNDRY COMPENDIUM & PAINTING GUIDE 1)  / - large  format all illus  some  page sin colour., near new  paperback £45.00

55630 AGE OF VALOR: FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WARS 2) THE REPUBLICAN PERIOD  / - supplement  to  AGE OF EAGLES New but slight damage to cover £11.50

55631 French Arms: France, Belgium & Luxembourg   / Tarnstrom like new hardback 850+ pages illus. This comprehensive reference describes the development of all French, Belgian and Luxembourg armed forces from prehistoric times to the 20th century. The text includes orders of battle specification and line drawings of weapons. Campaign narratives are also provided for everything from Celtic swords to sailing warships in the 15th-18th centuries to the full range of small arms, artillery, tanks, aircraft and warships in the campaigns of World War I and World War II. In addition, it aims to investigate post-war "colonial" engagements throughout the world including Vietnam and Alg £17.50

55632 French Forces in America, 1780-83  / Kennett 200p. E/C hardback. £22.50

55633 Fortescue's History of the British Army: Volume X  / - near new pbk. covers 1814-15 £0.00

55634 Forgotten Battlefield of the First Texas Revolution : the Battle of Medina 1813  / Schwarz, T 200p.like new hardback. illus  First US invasion of Mexico and the bloody battle that stopped it £25.00

55635 First Phase of Napoleon's 1796 Campaign in Italy  / - Large format P.back . 103 pages. Cond.  like new.  Translation of 1905 French work £27.50

55636 FRANCO - SPANISH WAR OF 1823  - Carlist war  / Hugo, A mint pbk. 2 volume 300 pages. ill First English translation of the 1825 edition. A French army supports a deposed Spanish King. The author was the brother of the famous Victor. He had served in Spain under Napoleon £37.50

55637 Fuentes de Onoro 1811: Wellington's Liberation of Portugal (Praeger Illustrated Military History)  / Chartrand, r Osprey campaign but in hardback £13.50

55638 GENERAL QUARTERS  3.3- Naval rules  1930-1950  / - excellent condition/ Loose leaf of course £29.50