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BILLHOOKS FANTASIA or NEVER MIND THE WARLOCKS/Callan, Andy. A fantasy supplement for Never Mind the Billhooks, Fantasia (or Never Mind the Warlocks) provides gamers with the rules required to set their Billhooks small battle games outside a historical setting and in a fantastical land of their choosing. The Never Mind the Billhooks Deluxe core rules* are required for play, along with two warring factions (around 80 figures per side) of Elves, Goblins, Humans or any other typical fantasy army. Wizards and monsters also play a role in the outcome of Fantasia games, although their touch is light; skilful, or lucky, the use of blades and arrows should win the day. PRE-ORDER £5.99

Solo Wargaming A Practitioner's Guide- Shipping now/

Heading, D. 200 pages. Illustrated hardback. This practitioner's guide to solo wargaming offers comprehensive coverage of the subject, showing how it can be a fascinating complement to social gaming or an entire hobby in its own right. This book integrates ideas from across the hobby to discuss various aspects of gaming alone across all manner of conflicts, whether land, sea or air and in any historical period or imagined setting. £18.50

Stargrave: Dead or Alive/A Stargrave supplement devoted to generating and running solo scenarios in which players hunt bounties across the Ravaged Galaxy… or perhaps become hunted themselves! With the random scenario generators in this volume, players can set up a great number of games of Stargrave with no two being the same… all without an opponent! £15.99

Twilight of the Emperor: Wargame Rules for European Battle in the Age of Napoleon: 1800 - 1815/Dorrell, Nick. Napoleonic  version of this popular  mass battle set of rules  £28.00)

Crépuscule de l'Empereur – Règle de Jeu - Version française

(no extra Vat /Handling  fees). Les règles sont conçues pour rejouer de grandes batailles de Napoleon sur une table de taille et avec un nombre de figurines raisonables. £28.00

NOVELTY AND CHANGE : New research, ideas, thoughts and interpretation on the British Civil Wars and the military history of the 17th century-Mint illus pbk  David Flintham - ‘Seats of Simon Marsh and Sam Wilson - ‘In a plain or common near Stow’ - finding the battle of Stow on the Wold 1646  Dr. Andrew Abram - 'Dragoon Warfare in the Welsh Borders during the British Civil Wars'  Dr. Pádraig Lenihan - ‘Countermarches, Caracoles and Charges: Firearms against Shock in Ireland 1641-43.’   Dr. Ed Furgol - 'Montrose's Army 1644-1646'  Andrew Robertshaw - ‘The Civil War Career of Marmaduke Rawdon 1643–46’ £19.50

Wargames Atlantic  NEW RELEASES  BY  2 +  get them, post free worldwide

Light Horses 28mm Hard Plastic Designed with a clever separate rein system say goodbye to the big blob of plastic under the horse’s head with these models! These horse are suitable for a wide range of uses to represent horses throughout history, fantasy,…and beyond! Each sprue includes six horse halves, four heads, three tails, and four reins.

Box set includes 18 horses. These are the same horses used in the Afghan Cavalry and Mounted Serjeants sets.  £21.50

Wargames Atlantic - Bronze Age Chariots - 28mm Hard Plastic

WAAFE002. This model is typical of the type used in the eastern Mediterranean and Northern Europe during the Bronze Age.

This set features six multi-part horses and three chariots that can be built in two ways (enclosed or open sided). Add a crew of your choice whether they be Bronze Age, later, or fantasy warriors! Crew are NOT included. Box includes 3 multi-part chariots and 6 multi-part horses. £21.50

Wargames Atlantic - Samurai - 10mm Hard Plastic-- This hard plastic box set allows you to field up to 192 10mm infantry and 32 cavalry equipped with yari (spear/pike), naginata (pole arm), yumi (longbow), and katana (sword).There are also 12 casualty figures included to use for scenic basing or as markers. Due August 2024 £21.50

Wargames Atlantic - Ashigaru - 10mm Hard Plastic- This hard plastic box set allows you to field up to 328 10mm soldiers equipped with yari (spear/pike), naginata (pole arm), yumi (longbow), and teppo (musket). Due August 2024 £27.50

Wargames Atlantic - Werewolves - 28mm Hard Plastic - WAACF008. This 20 figure box set gives you a variety of poses, arms, and heads to create a deadly pack of werewolves .£21.50

Wargames Atlantic - SneakFeet - 28mm - This set allows you to build up to 24 SneakFeet with both sniper rifles and their standard SMG. A large selection of heads and other bits allows for massive customization.  £21.50

H31537 Armies of the Scythians and Sarmatians 700 BC to AD 450: Weapons, Equipment and Tactics  / Esposito, G Discusses the armies of the Scythians, which then later became the Sarmatians, analysing what made them such formidable opponents to their neighbours over the centuries. Describes in detail their weapons, armour, equipment, and tactics. Supported by dozens of colour photographs of replica costume, arms, and equipment in use. Over hundreds of years the Scythians fought, and often defeated, such notable opponents as the Assyrians, Medes, Persians, Greeks, and Macedonians. Their Sarmatian successors continued the tradition, being among the Romans' most dangerous opponents. Contains 80 colour illustrations.  £22.50

H31538 Teutonic Knights Strike East: The 14th Century Crusades in Lithuania and Rus  / Urban, W 224p. illus HBK. This book explores the crusade aimed at Lithuanian pagans in the Middle Ages, when crusaders from the Holy Roman Empire, France, England and Scotland came to Prussia to fight alongside the Teutonic Knights. What ensued was a long-drawn out, many-sided struggle, with Lithuania and Poland first becoming powerful states, then expanding into Belarus and Ukraine, where the Mongols and Tatars had long held sway.  £22.50

H31551 BRIGHT EYES OF DANGER An Account of the Anglo-Sikh Wars 1845-1849  / WHitburn 344p  New pbk. 73 b/w illustrations, 3 b/w photos, 24 colour plates (illustrations & photos), 10 b/w maps £26.50

H31552 British Lend-Lease Warships 1940-45 The Royal Navy's American-built destroyers and frigates  / Konstam, Angus Osprey NVG  330   Shipping now £11.99

We have as always some second hand and shop soiled Books and Rules
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55757 PAINTING WAR 6 - FEUDAL JAPAN wargame painting guide  / - damp  damaged  but all pages  readable £10.00

55758 HAIL CAESAR 2nd edition rules  / - new but slight scratch to cover £28.50

55759 BATTLEGROUP MARKET GARDEN  / - PSC  supplement.  New  but slight damage to cover £12.50

55760 History of the Peninsular War Volume I 1807-1809  / Oman 660p.  AMS  press. near  fine  red cloth hardback. no jacket as published inc maps   CS GRant signature £11.50

55761 Imperial Bayonets: Tactics of the Napoleonic Battery, Battalion and Brigade as Found in Contemporary Regulations  / Nafziger Hd.back.Publ.1996.312 bl. and wh..Cond. like new. Some shelf wear. £11.50

55762 History in Three Keys' The Boxers as Event, Experience & Myth : The Boxers as Event, Experience, and Myth  / Cohen 440p.  E/C  hardback with slight fading to spine £19.00

55763  LITTLE ORC WARS : Quick play rules   / Wells, HG  et al Fantasy tribute version of HG Well's classic.   £6.00

55764 Fort Lyon To Harper's Ferry : On The Border Of North And South With Rambling Jour The Civil War Letters And Newspaper Dispatches Of Charles H. Moulton  / Lee C. Drickamer  Mint hardback.  £9.50

55765 Army of Sweden 1802-1814  / Rawkins original Rawkins  pamphlet. illus £7.00

55766  English Civil War Recreated in Colour Photographs: No. 4  / Honeywell excellent condition large format pbk. all colour photos £6.50

55767 Fredericksburg 1862: Clear The Way  / smith Osprey Campaign  - in hardback £4.50

55768 THE WAR GAME RULES-   / Grant, charles new  near larger format pbk . now out of print.  Compilation of  Rule sand  amendments for this classic  set £16.50

55769 Kawanishi H6K 'avis' and H8K 'Emily' Units  / Young Osprey Combat aircraft  153 - 1 only  advance copy £16.50

55770 British Army, 1783-1802: Four Lectures Delivered at the Staff College and Cavalry School  / Fortescue original 1905  hardback.  £10.00

55771 Life and Times of a Victorian Officer: Colonel Benjamin Donne,   / Donne, Col 200p. E/C HBk. illus  with his own sketches  of  actions and topography, inc colour. Was at El Kebir,  with the Camel Corps  in the Gordon Relief column  and  commanded  Sudanese  battalions  at Suakin £18.00

55772 Battle Honours of the British and Indian Armies, 1695-1914  / Leslie 150p. large format hbk. Regiments listed  by  battle  £8.50

55773 History of Newark-on-Trent; being the life story of an ancient town (Volume II)  / Brown, cornelius 380p. large  format near new  facsimile hardback. illus.   half the book on the C17th and siege £20.00

55774 Historical Maps of the Napoleonic Wars  / forty, simon large format 150p.  near new hardback.  100+ contemporary maps, many  £16.50

55775 GATLING GUN  / Wahl & Toppel 180p large format well illus  hardback. History of  , and use in  battle £29.50

55776 Hannibal's Last Battle: Zama and the Fall of Carthage  / Carey 20p. illus  near new hardback £8.50

55777 HISTORICAL RECORD OF THE 14TH KINGS HUSSARS 1715-1900  / Hamilton, colonel 650p.  very large format  hardback. well  illus in colour. Actions Peninsular war, The Punjab, India, South Africa etc. Superb  regimental history £21.50