I hope you are all well and bearing up under the international lockdown. Caliver Books is still going strong seven days a week now and despite the mania, we’ve found time to send you a quick list of the latest stuff

Oathmark has finally come in and sent on it’s way- We have a limited stock of the new Elf Sprues for you fans.

Rick Priestly has kindly made up an Army List for his EREHWON fantasy rules exclusive via us for anyone using- or wanting to use- the Minifigs classic fantasy Pig orcs. f you want a copy, just send us an email.

Stay Safe

H28308 French Napoleonic Imperial Guard Lancers : Vicytrix 28mm figures / - post free world wide £26.50

H28309 French Napoleonic Imperial Guard Lancers : SPRUE OF 3 TROOPERS & HORSES / - - £7.50

H28310 BELLO LUDI: Fast Play 1700-1900 Wargames rules / - Billed as an Entry level set of rules, this card based system is fantatsic for fast play multiplay big battles - or EVEN SOLO PLAY £27.50

H28311 KDM 17121 : HEAVY DRAPES. - Resin Curtains for Your Wild West game / - - £10.00

H28312 Elf Light Infantry 28mm plastic - Single Frame / - OAKP302a - OATHMARK Plastic figures. Single Frame of 5 miniatures £4.99

H28313 BASE25 - 25mm Diameter Recessed Movement Tray (20 Spaces) / - - £6.00

H28314 BASE26 - 25mm Diameter Recessed Movement Tray (10 Spaces) / - - £5.00


H28316 Modelling and Painting WWII US Figures and Vehicles (Crowood Wargaming guides) / Haskins 188p illus in colpur £14.99

H28317 SPECTRE OPERATIONS: MODERN SKIRMISH GAMING / - The game mechanics within this book are realistic, fast paced and quick to learn, optimised for 2+ players with 4 - 40+ miniatures each side. . 152 page softback A4 rulebook, full colour throughout. This is the second edition of Spectre: Operations, released in 2019. £25.00

H28318 Fashioning Regulation, Regulating Fashion vol II) The Uniforms and Dress of the British Army 1800-1815 / - 470p. mint hbk. col ills. 2nd volume of this fascinating look at Napoleonic uniforms £34.50

H28319 Mongol Conquests The Military Operations of Genghis Khan and Subeetei / SVerdup 392 pages 25 maps. Detailed look at teh m,ilitary operations £19.50

H28320 Instrument of War: The Austrian Army in the Seven Years War Volume 1 / Duffy, C Mint hardback reprint £35.00

H28321 I AM MINDED TO RISE: The Clothing, Weapons and Accoutrements of the Jacobites in Scotland 1689 to 1719 / SCott 84p. col illus £12.50

H28322 IN DEO VERITAS : Fast Play Rules Seventeenth Century Battles in Smaller Scales / - mint pbk. col illus £13.50

H28323 Perfection of Military Discipline :The Plug Bayonet and the English Army 1660-1705 / - 180p. Ilnc col illus £15.00

H28324 British and the Sikhs : Discovery, Warfare and Friendship / Singh Mann 100p. coll ill £9.99

H28325 Italian Wars Volume 1: The Expedition of Charles VIII into Italy and the Battle of Fornovo / Alberici MInt pbk136 pages 39 b/w ills & photos, 8 colour plates, 3 b/w maps £15.00

H28326 Legion Condor 1936-39 The Luftwaffe develops Blitzkrieg in the Spanish Civil War / - Osprey ACM 16 SHIPPING NOW £13.99

H28327 Tanks in the Battle of the Bulge New Vanguard 281 / - Osprey shipping now £11.00

H28328 Browning High-Power Pistol : Osprey Weapon 73 / - SHiping now £12.99

H28329 Naval Siege of Japan 1945 : War Plan Orange Triumphant (Osprey Campaign 348 ) / - SHipping now £14.99

H28330 Ragnarok: The Abyss / - Osprey Fantasy rules supplement Shipping now £18.99

H28331 SWEDISH INFANTRY OF THE GREAT NORTHERN WAR: Zvezda 1/72nd plastic / 80848 - £9.99

H28332 SWEDISH DRAGOONS OF CHARLES XII - Zvezda 1/72nd plastic figures / 8057 - £9.99

H28333 SWEDISH ARTILLERY OF CHARLES XII: Zvezda 1/7nd Great Northern War plastics / 89066 - £9.99

H28334 GERMAN ARMOUR PAINT SET: Flames of War / CWP110 FEW ONLY £13.99

H28335 GERMAN INFANTRY PAINT SET: Flames of War / CWP111 FEW ONLY £14.99

H28336 ITALIAN ARMOUR PAINT SPRAY: Flames of war / SP02 FEW ONLY £12.99

H28337 AFRIKA KORPS PAINT SET: Flames of War / CWP112 FEW ONLY £14.99

H28338 BRITISH PAINT SET: Flames of War / CWP130 FEW ONLY £14.99

H28339 US PAINT SET: Flames of War / CWP120 FEW ONLY £14.99

H28340 DESERT RATS PAINT SET: Flames of War / CWP131 FEW ONLY £14.99

H28341 SOVIET PAINT SET: Flames of War / CWP140 FEW ONLY £14.99

H28342 AVANTI: ITALIAN PAINT SET: Flames of War / CWP150 FEW ONLY £14.99


49105 WAR AND CONQUEST: Ancient RUles / - near fine hardback £13.50

49106 Henry V's Navy: The Sea-Road to Agincourt and Conquest 1413-14 / FRiel 220p. near mint hardback £8.50