We've got a quick little release for the 20mm and 28mm WWII gamers, with some handy little bunkers now available. These come in small or large options and have removable roofs to get your troops inside. And for only £3-£5 each, they're great value for money as well!

Red Vectors
20mm WWII
RED-20W2-05 Small bunker £3.00
RED-20W2-06 Large bunker £4.00

28mm WWII
RED-28W2-03 Small bunker £4.00
RED-28W2-04 Large bunker £5.00

After the sales and feedback on our recent 28mm Sci-Fi releases, we've added a couple of extra products to the range, with a guard tower and compound now available! The tower is 225mm tall with a removable roof and internal floor sections as well. The compound is a rather large 460x320mm and comes in several sections, with the walls being 65mm high.

Red Vectors
28mm Sci-Fi
RED-28S-16 Guard tower £13.00
RED-28S-17 Compound £16.00