We are proud to announce the latest 10mm structures for Between the Lines Models from Good Ground Miniatures. We have added the Rohrbach Bridge AKA Burnside's Bridge from the Battle of Antietam. The bridge is approximately 5 1/4" long and has separately cast abutments so that players wishing to use this piece on flat terrain may if so desired.

Rohrbach Bridge

The bridge is 1 1/8" wide in order to accomodate 1" wide Fire & Fury bases.

Carter Smoke House

Also new to the line is the Carter Smokehouse from Franklin. The building completes the five building Carter Compound which includes the Cotton Gin, the Carter Home, Farm Office, Kitchen and Smokehouse.

The bridge was created by Paul Bernardino and the Smoke House by Mike Randles.

Paul is now working on tents of various types while Mike is hard at work with the Tishomingo Hotel from the Battle of Corinth.


Tishomingo Hotel

Finally, in the process of casting are the first of the "So Far From God" line of 10mm Mexican-American War figures.

US Regulars

US Command

US Regulars in M1839 Forage Caps plus command. These will be available for sale in February. Of course, they can be easily adopted as early-war Confederates.

More to come in 2018 as the MAW line expands.