OSPREY SPECIAL OFFER  - 10 metres worth of new and 2nd hand  Ospreys  is getting a  bit silly.  So in an offer that ends Midnight  Friday April, we are selling them all at HALF the current Osprey prices  plus £3 UK, £4.50 EU,  £5 Rest of the world postage (Plus £1 for each extra book) . We have titles in every Osprey Series, INCLUDING the blue wargames  and BOLT ACTION pbks. You will be sent the best condition  version we have- about 2/3rd are NEW. It’ll be pot luck so no  “I only want this is new” time wasting searches  please!

Just email us the series, title and number you want and we’ll get back to you.

SEVEN YEARS WAR RUSSIANS will be added to the CRANN TARA website over the next day or so

P26/40 Heavy Tank Platoon - IBX21   Includes four P26/40 (75mm) Tanks, one 8 Million Bayonet dice and three Unit Cards.  £19.75

Semovente (Long) SP Battery - IBX22 - FLAMES OF WAR

BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - Includes three Semovente (long 75mm) Self-propelled Guns, one 8 Million Bayonet dice and two Unit Cards. £14.95

Semovente 90 Battery - IBX23 - FLAMES OF WARBATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - includes three Semovente (90mm) Self-propelled Guns, one 8 Million Bayonet dice and two Unit Cards. £19.75

Third World War : Designer Signature Edition Board wargame

Chadwick, Frank One of the largest and ambitious game undertakings to date covering not one but FOUR true wargaming classics by Frank Chadwick, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, deluxe edition. Hailed by many as one of the finest and playable game series covering the NATO and Warsaw Pact, Third World War brings together all four games of the series into one, comprehensive package.This edition of The Third World War features many new enhancements and larger counters £179.50

FOR KING OR EMPRESS RULES: War of Austrian Succession Supplement-New and optional rules covering the War of Austrian Succession period, as well as updates for the Seven Years War. Also included are Army Lists and Troop Values for 4 major and 9 minor combatants of the War of Austrian Succession. There are army commander ratings for 50 historical personalities, as well as ways to generate random commanders. A complete scenario with troop lists, special rules, and more covers the Battle of Mollwitz. £15.00

M27 Tank Platoon- UBX95 -FLAMES OF WAR - includes two M27 (76mm) tanks and three Unit Cards. £14.50

M6 Heavy Tank Platoon - UBX96 - FLAMES OF WAR

BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - M6 Heavy Tank Platoon - includes two M6 (3-inch & 37mm) and two Unit Cards. £14.50

T55 Interceptor Tank Destroyer Platoon - UBX97 - FLAMES OF WAR

BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - T55 Interceptor Tank Destroyer Platoon - includes two T55 Interceptor (3-inch) Tank Destroyers and two Unit Cards. £14.50

Hell Over Korea

An Expansion Module for B-29 Superfortress-Legion Games - Solitaire Hex Board Wargame Expansion.. £34.95

H29950 Contemporary Account of the 1799 Campaign in Germany and Switzerland - 4 volume set / Lynedoch, General Thomas Near mint large format pbk Reprint, 500+ pages in set. Lynedoch was an eyewitness for the Italian part of the campaign, being with the Austrian Staff. He later served in the Peninsular. 1 only £75.00

H29952 L'armée marocaine, traditions et ouverture : Exposition du 14 avril au 5 septembre 1999, / - 220p. Near Mint Very large format hbk. FRench text. 100+ colour illus of Weapons, artefacts & uniforms of the Moroccan Army. Largely C19th & C20th £49.50

H29953 COLOURS OF NAPOLEON'S ARMY 1807-1815 / - 4 page A4 Card with photos of 20 swatches of cloth giving nearly exact colour shades for uniforms and facings. Checked against cloth samples in other museums and institutions to provide cross-references. The goal of this four-page painting guide was to authenticate the color Imperial Blue used on all French infantry and artillery uniforms. FEW ONLY £7.50

As always, we have a bunch of 2nd hand and shop-soiled stock newly available.

52992 SWEDISH ARMY IN THE GREAT NORTHERN WAR 1700-1721 : Organisations, Equipment, Campaigns and Uniforms / Wolke Near mint pbk. 100p. v well illus in colour. Uniforms plus Flags by Les Prince £7.50

52993 Narrative Of The 1792 Campaign India, Which Terminated The War With Tippoo Sultan / Dirom 140p. large format near fine pbk £12.50

52994 First Phase of Napoleon's 1796 Campaign in Italy / Fabry Large format P.back . 103 pages. near mint Translation of 1905 FRench work £31.50

52995 RENAISSANCE SWORDSMANSHIP: Illustrated use of Rapiers & Swords / Clements near mint. 143p. PNK. Based on European Swordsmanship both as a reference work & instructional guide. W ill. Mint IN STOCK! £12.50

52996 SOULDIERS POCKET BIBLE / - Atkins [ed].16p- facsimile on quality paper with notes . Great Re-enactment prop Widely known as CROMWELL'S POCKET BIBLE, supposed to have been carried by NMA £2.95

52997 ORIGINS & DEVELOPMENT OF MILITARY TARTANS / J. Scarlett Partizan Press Origins and development . Covers the C18th & Napoleonic era Well Ill inc colour £9.50

52998 LAST SCOTS ARMY 1661-1717 / Reid, Stuart near mint pbk. Stuart Reid. 72p. Inc colour uniform & Flag plates. (SCOTS 4 to the old hands!) £11.50

52999 SICILY YELLOW: Flames of war official spray paint / - few only £6.95

53000 PRINCE RUPERT: PORTRAIT OF A SOLDIER / KItson near mint HBK. The bets military biog of Rupert £12.50

53001 WATERLOO ARCHIVE II : THE GERMAN SOURCES / GLover near mint hbk. 250p. mint hbk many never before translated accounts from the German allies fighting in the British lines £9.50

53002 STORMING THE REICH / - Excellent glossy large format set of WWII rules in the Rapid Fire/ Flames of war mould 15-20mm. Playable yet with plenty of detail to keep most WWII anoraks/ Geeks happy £16.50

53003 ARMY PAINTER WHITE PRIMER SPRAY / - SPECIAL OFFER : under GENERAL in 2nd Hand list £6.75

53005 CRUSADER SAND SPRAY : Flames of WAR British WWII spray / - few only £6.95

53006 MACEDONIAN & PUNIC WARS: Army lists for CRUSADER wargames rules / - nar mint large format full; colour £7.50

53007 EAGLE'S PREY : The Wars for North America 1824-1888 / - near mint . A Complete and comprehensive tactical and campaign system for 5 players to manage and wage war in 19th century North America. England, France, Spain, Russia, the United States and Mexico all join in the land grab!. Includes seven tactical scenarios, and two campaign scenarios with dozens of rated leaders, all the major and minor nations of the period and native warriors represented. Refight the American Civil War, The Mexican-American War, The Seminole wars, The Texas War of Independence, The Mexican Civil War, The Spanish Intervention into Mexico, The French Intervention into Mexico, the Mexican Indian wars, and the American Indian wars. 126 Pages £17.50

53008 GOOD DUSTING : WARGAMES RULES FOR WARGAMING THE SUDAN CAMPAIGNS / Bickley, D near fine. Any scale, any sized games. A4 Colour rules includes a mechanism for auto-generating the Mahdist forces for Solo games £9.50

53009 BASIC IMPETUS 2.00- Rules and all army lists in one volume / - near mint pbk £21.50

53010 HOLY HACK: Biblical warfare 3,000 BC : 600 BC Wargames rules. / - Near mint large format pbk 1st ed £12.50

53011 BB235- DESTROYED BRICK FACTORY - Painted - Flames of War 15mm scenery / - BOx damaged but contents perfect £25.00

53012 Personal Narrative of Those Transactions in the County Wexford, in Which the Author Was Engaged, During the Awful Period of 1798 / Cloney 100p. near m int pbk POD reprint £11.50