Lots of new stuff for you below this week. ....Perry Austrian Hussars are riding off the shelves and our new GLORY 1861 rules seems to have captured the imagination as well.

H29057 BLITZKRIEG : SQUARE EDITION (Inc Nippon expansion) / Paolo Mori PRE-ORDER PRICE Reprint of the perfect wargame for gamers & non-wargamers! Two players battle across the war's most iconic theatres, winning key campaigns and building their military might. 20 minutes a game £26.50

H29058 Bagration: German (LW 100p A4 HB) - Flames of war / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £13.00

H29059 Tank-Hunter Kampfgruppe Army Deal (Plastic) - Flames of War - GEAB20 / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £70.00

H29060 Bagration: German Command Cards (55x Cards) - Flames of War -FW267c / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £9.00

H29061 Bagration: German Unit Cards (70x Cards) - Flames of War - fw267U / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £9.00

H29062 Firestorm Bagration Campaign - Flames of War - FW267F / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £31.00

H29063 FANTASTIC BATTLES : Fantasy wargames rules. / Wright, N large format full colour pbk. Fantastic Battles is a fast-play, mass-battle, wargaming system for any fantasy setting. The rules emphasise the tactical concerns of command friction and the fog of war through randomised initiative, tabletop mishap rolls and the impetuous decisions of unsupervised unit commanders.An all-in-one volume, this book contains the rules for stand-alone pitched battles as well as campaigns. Twenty-four example army lists are provided; £17.50

H29064 AUSTRIAN NAPOLEONIC HUSSARS : Perry miniatures / AN 100 BUY 2+ get then post free world wide £18.50

H29065 AUSTRIAN HUSSAR BRIGADE- Perry Miniatures / AN100B 3 box set- post free worldwide £50.00


H29067 OUR SONS AS WELL: Great War Spearhead scenarios / - large format full colour paperback. Scenarios, Maps orbat etc For any larger scale WWI rules, such as Bloody Picnic etc but can easily be adjusted for other sets £26.50

H29069 Military History of Late Rome 518-565 / Syvanne MInt HBk28 col and 20 b/w pics; 73 b/w maps & tactical diagrams. fresh analysis of the revival of Roman fortunes during the reigns of Justin I (518-527) and Justinian I (527-565). The book narrates in great detail the re-conquests of North Africa, Italy and southern Spain by Justinian's armies. It also explores the massive encounters between the Romans and Persians in the east, and the apocalyptic fights in the Balkans between the Romans and barbarians. The author pays particular attention to the tactics and battles so there is detailed analysis of all of the period engagement £26.50

H29070 PLAY the naval battle of Tsushima 1905 / - 50p. all colour pbk. Cut out ships and wargames rules for this battle £18.99

H29071 PLAY THE NAVAL BATTLE OF LEPANTO 1571 / - ful plus full colour cut out ships & Galleys plus some troops £19.99

H29072 SPQR: A Clash of Heroes Starter Set -REVISED EDITION Warlord Games Ancient Skirmish set / - Rules & Figures set. Post free world wide PRE-ORDER (WE SHALL BE PARTICIPATING IN THE FREE RULES SCHEME FOR THOSE ALRADY PLAYING) £35.00

49910 Waterloo Archive: British Sources v. 3 / Glover, Gareth. Hardback.Publ. 2011. 240 pages. Illustrated throughout with some colour illustrations. Cond. like new.Mint.Looks unread. £7.50

49911 Waterloo Archive: British Sources v. 1 / Glover, Gareth 265p. illus. Mint hardback.Looks unread. Essential stuff. £20.00

49912 Waterloo a Sequel to the Conscript of 1813 / Chatrin, Erckmann. Paperback. 342 pages. A few bl. and wh. plates. Like new. Slight shelf edge wear. Internally excellent. £11.50

49914 Washington's War: From Independence To Iraq / Rose, Michael H.back. Publ. 2007.212 pages. Cond. New.Pages lightly yellowed. Unread copy. £6.00

49915 WASHINGTON'S WARS / Hoffman, David R. Rules for the French Indian & AWI. Inc. Orbats, scenarios & painting guides. Popular set of US wargame rules. Cond. new.Unsealed cellophane. Ex. display. £12.50

49916 WASHINGTON's ARMY : American War of Independence rules from PETER PIG / - Based on the very popular Bloody Barons system. Excellent for any scale.Cond. new. Ex.display. £11.50

49917 White War. Life and Death on the Italian Front.1915-1919. / Thompson, Mark. Hardback.Publ. 2008. 454 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new.Slight shelf edge wear. £7.50

49921 Wellington at Waterloo (Napoleonic library yellow cover edition) / Weller, Jac. Near mint hardback. Dustcover slightly sun faded. £16.50

49922 WELLINGTON IN SPAIN 1811 : The Battles of Fuentes de Onoro and Albuera / Grant, C S 150p paperback. On some of the plates the colour registration is a bit out, but text perfect so great for orbats., uniform description £12.50

49923 Wellington at War in the Peninsula. 1808-1814. An Overview and Guide. / Robertson, Ian C. Paperback.Publ. 2000. 351 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new .A few pages curled under. £4.00

49924 WELLINGTON INVADES FRANCE 1813-1814 / Grant, Charles Last in the series. NOTE 2 pages of photos of the area mispoirnted. otherwise a MInt hardback. ORbats plus colour uniform plates by Bob Marrion £18.50

49925 Wargaming on a Budget: Gaming Constrained by Money or Space / Dickie, Ian Paperback, pub. 2010, 163 pages, illustrated throughout.New book with corner turned under on back cover. £4.00

49926 We Shall Fight in the Streets / Cuthbert J. PAPER BK,PUB1985, 68p, BLACK WHITE ILLUSTRATED,. Mint.facsimile of WWII Home guard manual £34.00

49927 Waste of Blood and Treasure: The 1799 Anglo-Russian Invasion of the Netherlands / Ball, Phillip Near mint hbk. £7.50

49928 Wellington and Waterloo / Griffiths 280p. late format HBK . 1898 printing. V well illustrated with C19th military prints. Fairly scarce. Very shaken copy £20.75

49929 Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade / Reston, James H.back. Publ. 2001.364 pages.Illustr. in bl. and wh. Cond.like new. Unread book.Lightly yellowed pages £5.00

49930 Warriors of Christendom (Heroes & Warriors S.) / Matthews 200p. near mint hardback. v well ilus inc colour: Charlemagne, El Cid; Barbarossa and The Lionheart £16.00

49931 WARLORDS OF CHINA 700BC to 1662AD / Peers 180p Near Mint HBk. illus £7.95

49932 Warriors and Wenches: Sex and Power in Women's History (History Snapshots) Michelle Rosenberg / Michelle Rosenberg Paperback.Publ. 2019. 99 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new.Mint. £6.00

49933 WARLORDS: ANCIENT CELTIC - MEDIEVAL / Newark, T 440p. v well illus inc colour plates by Nagus McBride. near mint pbk £6.00

49934 WARRIORS OF EURASIA: FROM THE VIII CENTURY BC TO THE XVII CENTURY AD / Gorelik, Mikhael V. Pbk, pub. 1995, 48 pages, illustrated in colour. Like new. £20.00

49935 Warrior Generals: Combat Leadership in the American Civil War / Buell 450p. near fine HBK. Controversial study of three pairs of generals at different operational levels and how they worked. Refreshing look at ACW tactics and operations £20.00

49936 WARRIORS OF ARTHUR / Matthews 170p. Near fine hardback all colour plates by Richard Hook £6.00

49937 WARMASTER ANCIENTS / Warhammer Historical. Paperback.Publ. 2005. 144 pages. Illustrated throughout with full colour illustrations. Cond.good. £40.00

49938 WARHAMMER, THE FORGOTTEN WEAPON: ITS HISTORY THROUGH EXAMPLES / Roth, James Pbk, pub. 2012, 120 pages, b&w illustrations. VG condition. £3.95

49939 Warhorse: Cavalry in Ancient Warfare / Sidnell, P 362p. near mint hardback. Signed by author £35.00

49940 Warlord Advance Guard: Ancient and Dark Age Warfare-3,000 BC-1100 A.D. / Halsall & Harper. P.back.Publ. 2018. 86 pages.Full colour illustrations. Cond. like new. Ex. display. £10.00


49942 WAR GAME RULES 1925-75 : INFANTRY / - Small interesting set1970s set of Infantry combat rules, US published (?), no author or publisher £5.00

49943 WARGAMING IN HISTORY 9 THE SEVEN YEARS WAR / Grant, Charles Near fine Hbk.Unread.Ex. display. £31.50

49944 FORGOTTEN WORLD: Medieval/ Fantasy Skirmish and large action rules / - Large format full colour. Near MInt £15.00

49945 Wargaming in History: Goths, Huns and Romans / MacDowall, Simon Paperback.Publ. 1990. 95 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new.Near mint. £15.00

49946 Warriors of the Pale: An Irish Saga / Butler. Raymond Reagan Mint Hbk. military struggle for Ireland from the C13th to the early C17th £5.95

49947 13th Century Baltic Crusades. Society of Ancients Booklet / Stein, Paul Very good paperback. Covers1147-1505. £12.00

49948 Wars of the Bruces: Scotland, England and Ireland 1306 - 1328 / McNamee Near mint. Looks unread. pbk 300p. illus.ib black and white. £16.50

49949 Warships after Washington:The Development of the five major fleets 1922-1930 / Jordan, John Hardback.Publ. 2011. 338 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new.Mint.Looks unread. £26.00

49950 Wargaming in History Vol. 3 Gettysburg 1863. / Drewienkiewicz & Poole Hardback.Publ. 2008. 245 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. new. Ex. display.Very slight shelf edge wear.Looks unread. £31.50

49951 Wars Of Empire (Cassell's History Of Warfare) / Porch, Douglas. H.back. Publ. 2000.224 pages.Illustr. in colour. Cond. like new. £6.75

49952 Wars Of The Roses: and the lives of five men and women in the 15th century. / Seward, Desmond Paperback.Publ. 2002. 412 pages. Illustrated with some bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new.Near mint.Looks unread. £3.50

49953 War of the Pacific 1879-1883 / Esposito & Pinto Paperback. 169 pages. Inc colour uniform plates. Cond. like new. Near mint. £14.25

49954 Wars Of The Ancient Greeks (CASSELL'S HISTORY OF WARFARE) / Hanson 210p near mint HARDBACK. v. wel ill. in colour £6.25

49955 Warship Anne / Endsor Large format HBK. 150p. V well illus in colour. The Anne was launched in 1678 and was lost in 1690 at the battle of Beachy Head. £9.95

49956 HAIL CAESAR: Warlord games ANcient rules / - near fine hardback £25.00

49957 TEAM YANKEE RULES 2017 edition / - near MInt £8.00

49958 FIRST EMPIRE MAGAZINE BINDER: Issue 1-12 on spine / - near mint binder only £10.00

49959 World Encyclopaedia of Model Soldiers / Garratt, John G. Hardback.Publ. 1981. 209 pages. Illustrated throughout with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new.Near mint. £6.00

49960 1756: War in Bohemia - Journal of Horace St.Paul (Seven Years War source material) / Cogswell, Neil Paperback.Publ. 2008. 245 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new.Near mint. £16.50

49961 An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War I: An Expert Guide to the Uniforms of Britain, France, Russia, America, Germany and ... Italy, Serbia, the Ottomans, Japan and More / Black, Jeremy. Hardback.Publ. 2012. 256 pages. Illustrated throughout with full colour illustrations. ILLUSTRATED WITH 700 DETAILED IMAGES OF UNIFORMS,KIT WEAPONS INSIGNIA ,MAPS,AND BATTLE PLANS.Cond. New.Near mint.-ex display. £10.00

49962 UNKNOWN ARMIES : PERSIA & IRAN. Organisation Uniforms & Insignia.Vol. 2. / Abbott, Peter Paperback, pamphlet booklet.Publ. 1988. 42 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. Cover shows slight marking and fading. £8.00

49963 Unit organisations of the american civil war / Zimmermann 70p. VGC pbk. cover loose £10.00

49964 United States Airborne Divisions 1942-2018: Rare Photographs from wartime archive. / Green, Michael Paperback.Publ. 2019. 216 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. and colour illustrations. Cond. like new. Mint. £8.50

49965 Umternehmen: Meerkur. The Conquest of Crete 1941 / Yebra P.back.In unopened cellophane. New.Mint. £32.00

49966 UPFILL-BROWN COLLECTION : AUCTION CATALOGUE OF ORDERS, MEDALS &DECORATIONS / Buckland Dix & Wood Hardback, 1991, 163 pages. B&W Photographs throughout. Like new. £43.00

49967 US Army Light Forces: Panama to the Middle East. Concord. / Green, Michael. Paperback.Publ. 1990. approx. 70 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh.and colour illustrations. Cond. like new.Near mint. £12.00

49968 US Armor Camouflage & Markings WWII - Specials series (6090) / Mesko, Jim Paperback.Publ. 2005. approx.70 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. very good. £29.25

49969 US ARMY AND MARINE CORPS ORDER OF BATTLE PACIFIC THEATER OF OPERATIONS 1941 - 1945 (VOLUME 1) / MADEJ, W. VICTOR P. Back, Publ 1984, 176 pages, some black and white illustrations, condition very good. £10.00

49970 US Armor-Cavalry: A Short History, 1917-1967 / Crow, Duncan. Paperback.Publ. 1973. 63 pages Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh.and colour illustrations. Cond. very good. £6.00

49971 US AIRPOWER AT SEA / Drury, Richard S Paperback, 1991. B&W Photography. Very good. £5.00

49972 US BATTLESHIPS 1941-1963 AN ILLUSTRATED TECHNICAL REFERENCE / Scarpaci, Wayne Pbk, pub. 2009, 142 pages, illustrated throughout. Like new, ex display copy. £15.00

49973 US Marine Corps in WWII. / Smith, Andrew Paperback.Publ. 2008. 134 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. £28.00

49974 PLAY THE SEVEN YEARS WAR: 2 Volume set / - full colour cut out approx 25mm armies. plus rules and scenery. MInt mint un cut £32.50

49975 U.S. Cavalry, 1865-90: Patrolling the Frontier (Historical Warriors): 05 / Mayoralas, Antonio Paperback.52 pages. Illustrated throughout with colour illustrations. Cond. like new.Near mint. £19.00

49976 WHAT BRITAIN KNEW AND WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT U-BOATS (U-BOAT ARCHIVE SERIES VOLUME 1) / Mallmann Showell, Jak P. (Ed.) Hdbk, pub. 2001, 104 pages. Tatty dust jacket otherwise like new. £47.50

49977 USMC Uniforms & Equipment 1941-1945. / Bruno Alberti Hd. back.Ex.library.Very good condition.Full colour illustrations of kit and uniforms throughout. £85.00

49978 US MARINE CORPS: WWII DIVISIONS, BRIGADES AND REGIMENTS / Rottman, Gordon self published large format pbk this expert. Detailed breakdown of orbats, organisation, weapon types & numbers. signed?? £17.50

49978 UNIFORMS OF THE GERMAN SOLDIER AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY FROM 1870 TO THE END OF WORLD WAR I / Quesada, Alejandro M. De Hardback.Publ. 2006. 192 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. & Wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. £11.00

49979 Uniforms of the Imperial German Army of 1914 / Smith, Digby Hardback.Publ. 2016. 175 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh.and full colour illustrations. Cond. Mint.Slight damage to spine-ex. display. £10.00

49980 Uniforms of the Indo-China and Vietnam Wars / Thompson Near fine hardback.160p. v well illus inc colour plates. £13.95

49981 Uniforms of the Seven Years War: Prussia (Uniform reference series) / Greenwod & Ball 24p inc colour plates. Very good condition- reprint. Excellent series. £11.50

49982 Uniforms of the Seven Years War (Uniform reference series)Austria / J. Braithwaite Paperback.Publ. 1975. 24 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. Very good. £7.00

49983 Uniforms of the SS Volume 4 SS-Totenkopfverbande 1933-1945 / Mollo, Andrew Hardback.Publ. 1971. 52 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl.& wh. illustrations. some shelf wear round edges to hardcover, pages are clean. 51 pages 1971 edition published by Historical Research Unit. first edition.. £35.00

49984 United States Coastal Charts, 1738-1861 / Peter J. Guthorn Hardback.Publ. 1984. 225 pages. Illustrated throughout with bl. and wh.maps. Cond. like new. £25.00