New Wargaming Magazine Launching Q3 2021

Gettysburg, PENN. (July 23, 2021) - North American miniature wargamers will soon have another outlet to turn to for all their wargaming news and tips. Epoch Xperience (Epoch XP), a subsidiary of SJR Research, is launching a new magazine dedicated to historical military miniature wargaming in the United States. Military Miniature: The Voice of American Miniature Wargaming will cover a broad scope of topics within wargaming, from creating unique scenarios based on historical events to spotlighting the visionaries of the industry.

Military Miniature will start as a digital publication, with its first issue launching October 15, 2021. A print publication is planned for the future. Jason Weiser, Epoch XP’s wargaming specialist and content writer, will serve as a contributor and Editor-in-Chief. Managing Editor, and Epoch XP Principal, Samantha Rife will oversee the operations of the periodical magazine. Along with internally written articles, Military Miniature will be open for guest submissions from experts in miniature wargaming and history.

We are currently accepting submissions for our first issue until August 15th, and for our subsequent issue to be published in the 1st Quarter of 2022.

The official Military Miniature and Epoch XP’s websites are currently under construction but will be available soon with more information.

For more information about submitting to Military Miniature or general information, please contact Editor-in-Chief, Jason Weiser via E-mail

For more information about advertising in Military Miniature, please contact Managing Editor, Samantha Rife via E-mail


About Epoch XP

Epoch XP, a division of SJR Research, LLC, is a historical research company that focuses on the development of video games and wargames rooted in historical settings. The company consults with game developers to help create authentic, interactive experiences that integrate the world’s history. From narrative design to world and character building, Epoch XP will help at all stages of independent game development to craft an immersive and entertaining historical experience.

About SJR Research

SJR Research is a research and administrative support consulting firm founded in 2005. It provides a wide array of administrative, research, and writing consultancy services for public and private firms. SJR Research has worked with a variety of clients, including academics, students, businesses, authors, filmmakers, and family historians. Its consultancy service package delivers sound, timely, and cost-effective research in historical, genealogical, military, general, legal, and provenance research, as well as administrative support.