Simurgh is lucky, well the people who live there are lucky to be precise.
They have the all benevolent cult of Apis to help guide and protect them.

The followers of Apis have not only provided a wonderful shrine for them:

But they have also provided a watch tower so the good folk can see trouble before it arrives:

And not only that, but they have started construction on a small but very sturdy wall to help defend against undesirables:

But what if you don't live in Simurgh?
What if you don't have the selfless cult of Apis to look out for you?
What if you are under threat from the bad guys?

Well help is at hand for you normal people, you can now get the plain, unplastered, unpainted, dull but just as practical plain stone walls.

(Some say they look good in grey too)

Don't let the baddies inside your home, protect yourself with stone walls!!
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