With BKC-III away at the printers we've found a few spare moments to get some more releases sorted out, so we've got a couple of WWII vehicles ready for you now.

First up is a Sherman for the Soviet range!  After the UK, the Soviets were the biggest users of Sherman tanks through the lend-lease program, and they took over 2000 of this M4A2 version with the 76mm gun.  As we've been giving so much attention to the Shermans recently it made sense to sneak this one in as well.

Our other release here is the oft-requested M11/39 for the Italians.  This one was moulded a short while ago but we'd not managed to get it photo'd up and released properly.

SV79    Sherman M4A2, early 76mm turret  £3.00

ITA26    M11/39 tank    £2.80

And the pics:

SV79 - Sherman M4A2, 76mm

ITA26 - M11/39